May 28, 2015

Richard Armitage: See Ep 1,Hannibal3,Thurs,Jun 4 + Game of Thrones to Cast a Pirate!! Allelulia! Finally!(see link to article) + New Guysie fanvid + Hannibal Writer Remarks about Dolarhyde

HBO published their casting call list for Series 6 AND it includes a pirate :D
Pirate, man in his 40s to late-50s. He's "an infamous pirate who has terrorized seas all around the world. Cunning, ruthless, with a touch of madness." He’s a dangerous-looking man. A very good part this season.

Following excerpt from:
New Guysie fanvid - He always seems to release the "good girls go bad" in Guy of Gisborne fans

If you could choose a number of songs to form a positive playlist, what tracks would you include? 

Just The Way You Are 
Bruno Mars 

I Got A Feeling 
Black Eyed Peas 

Best Day Of My Life 
American Authors 

One Day Like This 

Make You Feel My Love 

John Legend 

I Really (really really really really really really really really really) Like You 
Carly Rae Jepsen 
(Not quite Shakespeare is it!!!) 

May 23, 2015

Richard Armitage:Urban Soundtrack Chosen(see link) + Excerpts from Recent Fangoria Intv + Compliment from a Peer on Crucible Performance(see excerpt) + Was it a Clue?

NEWS:Listen to songs chosen for Urban and the Shed Crew soundtrack:

                      Above comment made in this interview:

Did RA tweet a clue as to which project will be next for him?

May 21, 2015

Richard Armitage:First Glimpse of Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal 3 Trailer + Game of Thrones:The Musical Vid

And a medieval tease from Pilgrimage shooting in The Ardennes, Belgium.  We can see either fog enveloped Raymond de Merville or perhaps his shadow.
The director of RA's upcoming movie, Clearance,will also direct a tv series focused on the Easter Sunday uprising that resulted in today's Republic of Ireland (southern counties)

May 15, 2015

Richard Armitage:Game of Thrones5 + Pinter/Proust Clip,NYC + Excerpts on Spooks Series(see link to entire article)

          Excerpts from this article--
Game of Thrones5 had some extremely dark hbo writer created scenes in last episode.However, those between Tyrion and Jorah were uplifting moments..

Discover the brilliant Victor Davis Hanson.  He writes on a wide variety of topics. His latest:
                               Pilgrimage fanart by talented Tanni...
   Upcoming tv series reported by Dezzy at

May 9, 2015

RichardArmitage:Announcement of New 'Clearance' Film:Shoot starts Nov 2015 + Consensus Seems to be Kimono below belongs to Red Dragon/Dolarhyde

NEWS: RA will star in an action film titled 'Clearance' by Danish director Aku Louhimies. He and his pregnant companion must navigate a vast minefield. Shoot starts Nov 2015 in So Africa. Hollywood Reporter adds: "Clearance tells the story of a hardened mine clearance expert Ray (Armitage) and his pregnant partner (Harris), who are kidnapped in South Sudan by a notorious warlord. To secure their freedom, Ray is forced to cross a vast minefield to retrieve a mysterious case for the warlord."
The French actor, Stanley Weber, playing Geraldus in Pilgrimage apparently can't get enough of Ireland. He's already crying in his Guinness that they'll leave soon..

Recommended if you're seeking a fast moving film to watch with an action loving special someone:

May 4, 2015