May 9, 2015

RichardArmitage:Announcement of New 'Clearance' Film:Shoot starts Nov 2015 + Consensus Seems to be Kimono below belongs to Red Dragon/Dolarhyde

NEWS: RA will star in an action film titled 'Clearance' by Danish director Aku Louhimies. He and his pregnant companion must navigate a vast minefield. Shoot starts Nov 2015 in So Africa. Hollywood Reporter adds: "Clearance tells the story of a hardened mine clearance expert Ray (Armitage) and his pregnant partner (Harris), who are kidnapped in South Sudan by a notorious warlord. To secure their freedom, Ray is forced to cross a vast minefield to retrieve a mysterious case for the warlord."
The French actor, Stanley Weber, playing Geraldus in Pilgrimage apparently can't get enough of Ireland. He's already crying in his Guinness that they'll leave soon..

Recommended if you're seeking a fast moving film to watch with an action loving special someone:

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