July 30, 2016

Richard Armitage:Will Attend Berlin Station Premieres NYC & LA + Berlin Station Ep 1&2, Oct 16, 9pm + Avalanche of New Berlin Station Promo Photos + New Selfie + Berlin Station Promos on Twitter, etc + Epix CEO Explains Original Series Strategy(see link)

MI5's Lucas North and CIA's Daniel Miller spotted together again (on secret mission) by wellwisher Annabell on twitter. Term forever young comes to mind..

Nice one of Berlin Station cast..
FanTeresa Armitage shows proof the CIA and MI5 are collaborating

Is this tall shadowy figure agent Daniel Miller? Screencap from Berlin Station trailer..
Sling TV - 

July 25, 2016

Richard Armitage:Berlin Station Trailer + Link to Interactive Website + Spotlight on John Thornton(see link) + Kenneth in Love,Love,Love..play previews Sept + Spythriller tv series Berlin Station in Oct

Link to new Berlin Station trailer..
EPIX is channeling Jason Bourne with its first drama, CIA spy series Berlin Station, and ET has the exclusive (and thrilling) new trailer and first scene from the upcoming show.
British star Richard Armitage (Hannibal, Alice Through the Looking Glass) plays Daniel Miller, a newly-appointed CIA officer recruited to be an undercover spy in the Berlin bureau. He is tasked with finding the mole within the agency, known only by the alias, “Thomas Shaw,” who's been leaking classified intel.
The 30-second trailer, which will play in theaters ahead of Matt Damon’sJason Bourne starting Thursday, depicts just how intense and dramatic things are about to get for Daniel as he begins his dangerous mission.
From the Berlin Station interactive website..
Interactive Website: http://www.berlinstation.com/
. This is no 'nostalgic stroll through the archive of espionage' this is about NOW!
Spotlight on John Thornton - 
Following blogger wants to see RA in another period drama..

July 17, 2016

#RichardArmitage:New Berlin Station Banner + Roundabout Theatre Entrance + Kenneth in Love, Love, Love

Roundabout Theatre entrance..

Playwright Bartlett describes Kenneth as constantly wearing his robe all hours
         Bartlett also describes Ken's brother's leather jacket as dated - so 50's!
                   While the cool kid on the block, Kenneth, wears tie dye..
Bartlett dialogue described as "a sporting contest"  Older brother Henry is brooding and threatening while Kenneth dances around him with flourishes of his robe...
As time marches on, at one point Ken's daughter Rosie (during an intergenerational showdown) exclaims "I want you to buy me a house!" Mum smiles, Ken laughs.

July 11, 2016

Richard Armitage: Official Announcement RA is Kenneth in Love, Love, Love + Playwright, Director Former Projects - Love, Love, Love Details

RA's perceived role is Kenneth. The play venue will be the Roundabout Theater

Part 1 of a 2012 review, when it played in London..
                                                              Part 2

July 3, 2016

Richard Armitage:Announcement Soon on Next Project + James Bond Poll(see link) + Happy Independence Day USA! Enjoy the 4th of July!

Following by an RA fan on twitter - Hilarious! thought I'd written down her name to give credit but can't find it.  If you know who created it, pls let me know RAblogger @armitageblogger
Great results so far in the Next James Bond Poll:
             Fireworks provided by RA fan Heathra and Lucas North: