March 21, 2013

Richard Armitage: Recent Interview(see vid) + US writer, Anne Rice, Praises RA(see below) + Best Collection - The RA Kiss

Information for Spooks fans: The writer with the original idea for the Spooks tv series is David Wolstencroft.  He was born in US, grew up in Scotland and attended UK schools.  As of today, he has two published novels.  Hubby received both from me for Christmas - he's currently reading the second; therefore, I'm hoping the writer is at the moment scribbling away on another;D - because hubs is a difficult person to buy gifts for and he is thoroughly enjoying Wolstencroft's books.

A springtime kiss to THE HOBBIT:An Unexpected Journey. If you want to cut to the RA chase, you'll find him throughout but especially at 8:00, 11:00 & 15:00
Anne Rice has mentioned several times that she believes RA would be perfect as one of her vampire characters.  Today she posted this at Twitter & Facebook..
"Just watched The Hobbit. I thought Martin Freeman did a really great job as Bilbo; and loved Richard Armitage as Thorin. "
There are fine art collections, historic artifact collections, but none better than the *RA kiss* collections..

Daydreaming about Richard III...
PBS Masterpiece Theatre:History of Boudicca, Celtic warrior queen..
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cleopatraascreenplay said...

Wooow!!!! That is a whole lot o' kisses!!!! Thank you, Ricrar! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sleep tonight, though, through all the wheezing...where's that ventilator again??

The Kiss. Truly a thing of beauty :) :)

Ricrar said...

One of the movie channels has a Reese Witherspoon film, 'This Means War', in which her fav painter is yours as well. In fact his 'The Kiss' is included in a scene when an FBI agent is trying to impress her with his fine art credentials. It's a rom com--good for anytime you're in the mood for some romantic silliness.

Ricrar said...

Short time ago Anne Rice posted on twitter and facebook that she's just watched the Hobbit and complimented Richard and Martin's performances. It's not the first time she's mentioned Richard's name. Several times in the past she's stated that RA would be perfect as one of her vampire characters.

Ricrar said...

p.s. forgot to add that Anne also posted a link to this blog in one of her past messages about RA. My pageview count suddenly spiked higher than average. Naturally I wondered why, until someone who follows Ms Rice on FB told me she had posted the link.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good morning, Ricrar. I did notice Anne Rice's post about RA and The Hobbit recently. Of course, I like him as the sexy spy best. And to answer the "Sir Glamour Guy" video question: Yes, it is in fact illegal for a man to be so sexy.

Just to report, over my morning tea, The Kiss photos are just as swoonable this morning. I did not get the chance to see the Sir Glamour Guy video last night, though. Wow. It is very nice! It has a lot of my favorite images of him. Just can't get enough! :) :)

Oh, a while ago, you asked what I thought of RA's statement in his TheOneRing interview that he doesn't get recognized because he doesn't go out. My first thought was -- how much do we have in common! I don't get recognized either, and I don't go out! (Of course, I am not a movie star, so this might be less than surprising.) My second thought was -- I wonder if he owns his own monastery, like me? The David Byrne song, "Wild Wild Life" comes to mind (unfortunately, pure fantasy in my case; not even any science-fiction!). Thank goodness for RA movies and television and videos! :) :) :) And "The Kiss" displays! You are an artist, Ricrar! A gallery exhibit is very much called for, I think....

Ricrar said...

Re "owning a monastery" - I can give you an idea how RA would look as a monk. Will post pic above.

I just read this description of a CBS pilot series and thought your southern belle heart might be interested in checking it out. Does the premise sound familiar to you?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good afternoon, Ricrar! I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Yes, well, my monastery is officially called "Home Sweet Home," although we have considered naming it "Appaloosa Farms" after our ponies.... :) :)

I LOVE the RA-as-monk photo. I can't tell -- is he Franciscan? Or Tibetan?? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

I have made some changes to my writing blog and have a new short story that delves into mythology! (What fun!)

I've had a lot of page views recently from Latvia, Russia, Germany, and Sweden, of all places. Go figure. But I'm happy about it!

Love the new "Dreaming of Richard III" photo. BTW, what was your favorite RA wine label?

I absolutely ADORE the John Porter-with-flowers photos. So sweet.

Cheers! :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Oh! I do have a Southern Belle heart. Who would have thunk it. The new CBS series does appeal. Now, just make Jamie played by Richard Armitage and I will certainly watch it! :) :)

Ricrar said...

Cleo, the new CBS series reminds me of Dennis Quaid's film 'The Big Easy' - he and the northern female attorney faced off in more interesting places than court.

It's really just a generic monk but his hood reminds me of the robes worn by the unfortunate Lindisfarne holymen.

Good to hear your blog is bringing you so much enjoyment. In the past our ancestors had to be content with paper diaries to record their daily thoughts. Are we not very fortunate to have so many bells and whistles as we basically do the same.

Spring has sprung here although temps are still a bit chillier than usual. However, as long as it's no longer below freezing, we are happy campers;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! I like that image of RA in a Lindisfarne monk's habit. You know, I would love to see RA play one of the early English kings in an Offa or Alfred sort of King Arthur-meets-Avalon story. But set in Ireland at Lindisfarne. Wouldn't that be lovely?

I am glad to hear you finally have warmer weather! It is spring here, too, although this past week we had unseasonable 30s most nights! It is very late for us. I am holding on to the chilly, though, because come May we start our less pleasant season (just as some of you are getting your most beautiful one!). Cheers!!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, Lindisfarne is actually part of England--it's located off the coast of Northumberland County. The word Lindisfarne is indeed Celtic because England was a Celtic land before invaded by the Romans.

You've no doubt heard of the warrior queen Boudicca? She was, in modern terms, *harrassed* by the Romans - but in typical Celtic woman style fought back with tooth and nail.

Ricrar said...

Back when this blog was almost a pup we focused on Boudicca. Believe there was a film at that time dealing with the Romans in Britain.
More background information:

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good morning, Ricrar!! Oh, how funny. Well, there goes my UK geography aptitude score.

Wow. Boudicca sounds like my kind of woman! Can't wait to read more....and to see the film! Thanks!!!

Re: Oppressive nanny-state poll. I seem to remember a similar poll some time ago. I think I mentioned then, too, the lack of a potentially important poll option (shall we say, "Option D"). That is, My right to start a militant opposition group to assert my rights to keep all of my RH dvds, together with my rights to view my RA images on said dvds.

Any chances? :) :)

Happy Sunday! Cheers. :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. I think for some reason I was mixing up Lindisfarne with a set of castle ruins I found/saw on-line on the northern coast of Antrim, when we were discussing Irish ancestry.... Oops! ;) :)

Ricrar said...

Actually Cleo, if I lived in NY today would be convinced a militant opposition group is called for against mayor Bloomberg. Don't let the R beside his name fool you - NY is filled to the brim with radical liberals, therefore it's almost impossible to find a political candidate other than a Democrat. Michael Bloomberg might have a few slight more moderate views but he definitely has oppressive liberal nanny state insincts.

Within the past few wks he put in place restrictions on the size of soda New Yorkers can buy. He outlawed jumbo size cokes, etc. This is the latest example proving he's really an elitist control freak Democrat at heart and definitely does not qualify to keep that R beside his name.

Currently the White House shares Bloomberg's silly, elitist *we're brilliant so we can insist you follow our guidelines* government curtailment of citizens natural rights.

BTW, the sophie's choice type polls train us to make difficult decisions in life;) Best to get in training with non-life threatening situations in case we need (gawd forbid) to face one someday. I'd definitely keep RH2 becuz Guy was so sizzling hot as he persistently pursued Marian.

A more difficult one for me would be to choose between N&S and Strike Back.
I luvvv Thornton--first time with RA;D BUT, Porter is delish as well. hmmmmm, when pushed I'd have to choose Thornton because that was my choice in real life.

Hubby is a businessman whose principals have often guided his professional actions. Very mindful of John's conscientious decision not to jeopardize his workers paychecks, despite the fact taking a gamble might've resulted in enough profit to buttress the mill's bottom line indefinitely.

On second thought, if I'm already living with a JT type why not keep the Porter dvd for a visual change up whenever I'm in a a shoot 'em up and put some manners on those terrorists kinda mood;D

Ricrar said...

Cleo, the film I referred to in last comment was 'Centurion' however Boudicca is barely in that one.

Hollywood is missing the Iceni boat, so to speak:) when it comes to covering this period of western history.

Following seems to be the best effort so far to explain Boudicca's travails and valiant effort to prevent the Romans from taking control of Celtic Britain. She almost destroyed their settlement Lundonium(whatever the correct spelling might be).

See post above for part 1 of PBS Masterpiece Theatre's production a few years ago.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar!!! First, I cannot choose. It is a matter of principle. I want *all* of my RA dvds, and rational government, too!!

It is my sometimes humble and sometimes not so humble opinion that the political spectrum in the U.S. is so limited, both Democrats and Republicans are, almost to a one, in favor of big government. They just want the government big on different sides of the political spectrum (more policing, for example, or more jails, on the one hand; more government programs on the other). Historically, since the feudal era (which had its hitches, to be sure) the size of the state, especially the executive or administrative branch, has expanded so much in the West it is difficult even to quantify. We the People are as much at fault as the institutions themselves, in that we ask the state to do more and more for us. And then we were a bit shocked with our own Western authoritarian moments (early 19th and early 20th centuries), and we scream at one another from across the aisle for promoting big government. The late modern nation-state *is* big government. I think the real argument is, where to put the “big” in big government, and how to constrain it without losing too much. My not so humble opinion, as you can see. :) :)

That New York soda ban was **crazy**. If they come for my RA dvds, I will guard them with whatever tools I have at my disposal, leftie though I am. (I’m pretty good with a pitch fork.) :) :) Between my Alaska birth and my Southern present, I think that pretty much explains everything....

I cannot WAIT to see Boudica Warrior Queen. You're right. We in the U.S. are so behind the ball when it comes to anything, history about AD 1 - AD about 1250. Really, we start to get good about 1680. And we're ok pre-AD 1. But that's just my opinion. Our historians are amazing, we just don't teach it much anymore.... :) :) :) (government funding, you know, he-he-he)... :) :)

In short, I humbly submit that I will not choose between John Porter, John Thornton (*sigh*), and Sir Glamour Guy. I ask that you cast your vote in the same direction.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. I think the reason we are usually good post-1680 in the U.S. is that we tend to like Oliver Cromwell, having the strong anti-monarchist tendencies that we do here. I don't like Oliver Cromwell, personally. I am a feudal Monarchist, and a strong supporter of diffuse Ottoman imperial, limited bureaucracy tied with communal self-rule.

(True story. I think you did ask me once where I fit on the political spectrum. Is there a place for that these days?)

:) :)

Ricrar said...

Where did you find an American who likes Oliver Cromwell?? Thought you said you have some Irish DNA Cleo?;D

Cromwell attempted a brutal *ethnic cleansing* of Ireland(tried to eradicate the native stock). To this day Irish Americans usually mutter expletives whenever they hear his name. That cruel b#%tard!!! haha

Quote: "history - we just don't teach it much anymore - government funding"

I know - instead of teaching young Americans about their heritage and other valuable information, public schools today spend half the day teaching political correctness. I've seen it with my own eyes.

Until my niece started to attend the local public school, everyone in my family attended parochial private schools. It was an absolute shock when I saw the amount of time daily devoted to dispensing this type of socially engineered indoctrination:

Instead of educating young Americans they're being programmed as politically correct robots who can't think for themselves. Terrible waste of public education tax revenue.

Naturally, it's always wise to take time to teach the younger generation to be tolerant of our differences, but the amount of daily classtime now expended on all sorts of nonsense is really a disgrace.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Re: Oliver Cromwell. You might be surprised the people I meet, Ricrar. I lean more toward the Divine Right of Kings myself. :) :)

Ricrar said...

I just noticed Porter won the sex appeal poll over Lucas by 3 votes. Those burqa clad "women with guns" must've managed to cast their ballots at the last minute.

Meant to answer couple days ago - I chose the Smirnoff whipped cReAm vodka because it sounds sinful. Althoug I really hope I never happen upon it -- sounds as though there are probably about 1000 cals in every glassful.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I chose RAinstorm Pinot Passion, since I tend to like either Pinot Noir or Port. I wonder if Porter liked Port? Inquiring minds and so forth... :) :)

Porter and Lucas and sex appeal....these are just terms that are synonymous.... Did love the burqa clad women with guns. So cool.

Ricrar said...

Enjoyed this headline in today's news. Will leave the link here for Sue's perusal the next time she stops by for a visit:

Prince Harry will visit US again but wisely avoid Vegas. He'll attend events supporting injured war veterans. Obviously the prince has his priorities in order, when it comes to causes deserving of his advocacy. Very much looking forward to his next visit.