March 12, 2013

Richard Armitage:New Interview(see below) + Giz the Gunslinger Fanvid + Thanks for Twitter Fans Support + Twitter Fan Casts RA as 007 + Upcoming Drama + List of Happiest Facts(see link) + AlexElora's Lovely Fanart + Game of Thrones Recap + Listen to Full Radio Leics Interview Thanks to link)

Holliday Grainger appeared opposite RA twice:Sparkhouse & RH..
Sharing the latest clever comments from Sue and Cleo:

Sue said...
I'm sure Dawn would have preferred a good snog with Richard as opposed to the ginger guy. (Who wouldn't!)
I fear it is because of filming that darn movie!!!! March 15, 2013

Blogger cleopatraascreenplay said...
RA's ideal 007? I say a combination of Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, John Porter, and Lucas North! The elegant sophisticate of Brosnan, rough and tumble of Dalton, and the straight-forward spy-solider of JP and Lucas, perhaps with just a touch of indignant Sir Guy? It would certainly work for me!!! :) :)March 15, 2013 

Following new interview available thanks to

This is the best list of all time:

BBC is working with HBO on the small screen adaptation of Hilary Mantel's historical novel WOLF HALL.  Mark Rylance will take the lead role  in the story about  Thomas Cromwell,  Henry VIII's adviser.  Story chronicles his rise and fall in the Tudor court. The mini series will have six episodes.
CW found the lead actress for their new period show REIGN! Australian actress Adelaide Kane will play Mary Queen of Scots. The series is set at the time when she arrived in France as the future wife of Prince
 Francis.  REIGN will show Mary as a warrior queen with three ladies in waiting.  Their's is a world of sexual intrigue plus terrifying enemies. 
NEWS: Full radio Leics interview. Listen here:
The following fan art is by Alexelora - it represents Guy and Meg:
Dallas star Josh Henderson is obviously multi-talented. Do you agree he could be  a clone of The Tudors series Henry--Jon Rhys Meyers?


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! And top of the morning to you :) :)

I LOVE the new pix. This time, it's the second half that are my favorite -- from the N&S video on. Very nice. Oh, my goodness, that rose garden painting/drawing is just gorgeous. So beautiful. It pulls you right into that place. (And it looks like a very nice garden!!!)

And I suppose we RA fangurls CAN run fast, can't we?? ;) :) But we have such dignity....we wouldn't.

:) :) :)


Ricrar said...

Hi Cleo, here's the link where you can listen to the full radio Leics RA interview. He says he's planning to attend next year's Richard III reinterment:

Good to know you enjoyed today's photo selection and that unbelievably romantic piece of fanart. I was amazed to stumble upon it only yesterday after it had been first posted 2 years ago. Thought I'd "seen everything", as Violet says in Downton Abbey, but that stirring fan tribute somehow escaped me until now.

Have always felt the cover alone, on the N&S dvd, probably initially lured many females to watch that delightful story about the Industrial Revolution.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar!! Thanks so much for the link to the full interview. The tidbit that we got on Sunday did make me want more! I missed the broadcast this morning (this pesky little thing called work, you know....)....

I do imagine that the N&S cover must certainly have attracted viewers. It is alluring, somehow....

Yes, that fanart is amazing. Am about to finish season one of Game of Thrones. I think I will go to Downton Abbey next before turning to season two of GoT. I've seen the first season of Downton Abbey but have season two ahead of me yet!

Ricrar said...

Had a great chuckle at a fan's remark re RA:)

"Richard Armitage's voice is borderline inappropriate"

cleopatraascreenplay said...

How funny. Works for me!

LOVE the new fanart. Wow. That is so romantic and sweet. And gut-wrenching at the same time. :) :)

Did you notice, on the RAblogger twitter site there is a picture of RA where he looks like he's in a lineup. Looks exactly like The Usual Suspects! Made me think they should do a remake of that movie! He could play next to Benicio del Toro and Kevin Spacey. Now, wouldn't that be a nice team?

Ricrar said...

Pirates of the Caribbean and the romantic fireside artwork are new to me as well. AlexElora is really talented.

Isn't that lineup photo funny. Only Richard could make that situation look glamorous;D

Would be great to hear he's been cast in any type of film, although we do have Black Sky coming up.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Can't wait for Black Sky! Any word on when it is coming out??

Yes, he does make that lineup pic look very, very fine, indeed. :) :) It made me think of The Usual Suspects, which made me think it would be great fun to see RA paired up with a Kevin Spacey and Benicio del Toro in some sort of who-dunnit, detective story with a comic twist. Something like The Usual Suspects, or even the next iteration of Ordinary Decent Criminal! The only comedy I can think of where we've seen RA is The Vicar of Dibley (are there others?). He was beautiful and very funny in that. Wouldn't he be great in a serious detective/comedy next to a Spacey and del Toro? :) :) I would enjoy it, anyway!! :) :)

Love the new photos. The horse-back one, and the one with the single backpack are somehow very, very -- oh, something nice.

Cheers! :) :)

Ricrar said...

Quite a coincidence that you ask about VoD, Cleo. I've just read UK report that RA's co-star in that show is doing an annual charity event as the vicar with Damien Lewis.

Wonder if Richard was asked and had to refuse. If so, it might mean he has already returned to NZ. That wouldn't really surprise me, since Thorin will play an extensive part in the most involved battle of Hobbit movie #2. Here's the article

We've not yet received a release date for Black Sky. Would be bliss if it's planned to show earlier than The Hobbit(Dec).

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, let it be this Spring, please!! I'm fresh out of new RA material!!! :) :)

Happy lunch time, Ricrar! I am taking a little lunch break to read your blog after my morning of work in comparative politics....would you like to hear all of the pedantic details? (I'm kidding!)

Boy, do I love love the AlexElora pieces. They are so beautiful and uplifting.

Listened to the RA BBC-Leicester interview. Lovely and thoughtful, as always. How terrible about VoD. I am sure Damien Lewis is wonderful, but....

I hope RA enjoys New Zealand!! I'm hoping to be in Jerusalem this summer myself....hope springs eternal! Cheers :)

Ricrar said...

I'm a political creature Cleo--learned it at my daddy's knee. I was born into a liberal family and evolved into a moderate conservative. If your comparative politics class is totally fair towards both US major parties, I'm all ears;D If it pushes the usual virulent far-left agenda that at this point is almost predictable from members of US's academic community, I'd suggest we keep RA as our main focus.

It wouldn't surprise me if your personal political convictions are not nearly as radical as most members of academia, because you've displayed a great deal of tolerance on many topics these past few mos.

I've learned as a long-time RA fan that even though we may have strong differences in other areas of life, somehow we're all sympatico when the topic is Richard:)
Fangurling conquers all! comes to mind.

Ricrar said...

Have another recommendation altho this time w a caveat - first 2hrs were terrific, last hour dragged and was extremely melodramatic. However, the reason could be ascribed to the resource material - Thos Hardy's classic 'Tess of The d'Urbervilles' - it's an A&E adaptation.

The following reviewer at amazon said the original tv series was 4hrs long but my version is 3hrs, which is just as well considering how much the writers seemed to struggle with bringing their version to a conclusion. As I said, initial 2/3 of the story is very compelling but I found myself thinking more than once for final 60min "get on with it!"

If you've read the novel you already are aware what a tragic story Hardy tells, so you will be prepared for the drawn out ending.

My tendency is to get teary eyed during such a romantic tale but that didn't happen this time, because poor Tess endures so many tragic disappointments it was difficult to see her as a living, breathing human being.

Great cinematography, costuming, dialogue etc - I can honestly say it is above average quality entertainment - just not on the same level as North and South or Wives & Daughters.

Here it is:

Sue said...

Just a quick update on the Richard III burial.

It seems that his re-interment will be marked by a simple ledger stone. This goes against what the Richard III society wanted, which was an embellished tomb.

Would our Richard approve do you think?

Personally I think for one of the last northern kings it should be something a little more in keeping, but then money may well be a concern in these austere times.

He may be buried in May 2014.

Lets hope they make up their mind by then!

One thing, it's got to be an improvement over a grotty car park which was his last resting place!

Sue said...


Here's the link:

Ricrar said...

Thanks for the interesting news Sue. I can't say whether the type of memorial marker would matter to Richard, although his father prob has a strong opinion on the matter:)

I'm more concerned about why we won't see RA at the annual charity event as Dawn French's hubby Harry - how could she so easily replace him with a redheaded actor more famous for his American roles than those in British drama?;D Reference is to Damien Lewis of course.

Almost the only excuse that would be understandable for the vicar's fickleness would be that Richard was unavailable after being invited to participate. Sincerely hope that was the case.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar. If the political spectrum is a circle rather than a line, I fit somewhere in the space where the left and the right overlap (which people usually think of as at the extremes, although it happens in the center as well). So, I don't fit well in the U.S. political spectrum. On some issues, I am very conservative. On some, I am very liberal. I tend to be fairly libertarian, usually on the left, but I make neither left nor right happy in my classes :). Fortunately, I don't teach U.S. politics, so it usually doesn't matter.

Am agreed that fangurl seems to override these more mundane questions, or perhaps it is that RA is a uniter of peoples? :) :) :) Or am I taking the lionizing of his characteris a little too far....? :) :) I don't know! Maybe not! :) :)

Love the new photos. Cheers!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Loved reading Tess. I was only ever sad that they didn't stay together in that grand mansion. Never understood society's issue with them. Will check out the film adaptation! Thanks for the recommendation!!!

Sue said...


I'm sure Dawn would have preferred a good snog with Richard as opposed to the ginger guy. (Who wouldn't!)

I fear it is because of filming that darn movie!!!!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

RA's ideal 007? I say a combination of Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, John Porter, and Lucas North! The elegant sophisticate of Brosnan, rough and tumble of Dalton, and the straight-forward spy-solider of JP and Lucas, perhaps with just a touch of indignant Sir Guy? It would certainly work for me!!! :) :)

Ricrar said...

Hehe -- Tickled so much by these last comments from the two of you that they must be included in latest post - for the enjoyment of all those who visit All Things RA.

Enjoy your weekend.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Wow! I love it!! :) :) What an honor. A happy weekend to you as well, Ricrar!

That new Sir Guy video is incredible. Intense. I love it. That is so creative. I think it may be the most intense one I've seen yet. Love the music and the message!


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! I have to just add that I love that photo of Peter the Great in the chapel. It's hard not to love seeing any photos of RA in a chapel -- romantic images and whatnot. But I am particularly partial to his Russian aristocracy poses, of which I count this as one :). Makes me think of War and Peace again. Any news?

:) :)

Ricrar said...

Peter the Great, Cleo? Does suit clad Richard strolling toward t camera remind you of the Russian aristocracy?

Be prepared to see him interacting w Lucretia Borgia in near future;D The promo pics for The Borgias season 3 are stunning. He's naturally a fine addition to the cast. What role might RA play among the powerbrokers of medieval Italy? He'd have plenty of time to enjoy Italian cuisine and tour the eternal city.

As I recall, you were taken w Meg & Guy's brief encounter - might a more intense relationship w Lucretia be his best modus operandi? Actually, it would feel almost incestuous to see RA and Holliday in an onscreen love affair. As a young teen, she played his step-daughter in Sparkhouse.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, naturally, Ricrar, I see him for Cleopatra, or Iselde. But who knows. Are you saying he is casted for The Borgias?? Or is this part of our collective dreaming for (of) him? :) :)

I don't know about RA playing an affair with someone who was marginally too young for him in RH, and played his daughter in Sparkhouse. I still see her in that role next to him ;)

Yes, there is something about RA's suit in that chapel backdrop that reminds me so much of Russian aristocracy. Is it the vest? The stride? Not sure.

Who are some femme fatales who could play next to him for a love affair? I'm thinking Scarlett Johansson. She's very young, but at least they haven't played step-father and daughter on the screen! I think they could light some sparks on the screen. Or if he wants to play it conservative, I am sure they could find some new forty-something Sophia Loren to play next to him! :) :)

I would watch that....

:) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Just to clarify, Ricrar -- I was taken with Guy and Meg's brief encounter. But more so for how human and substantial and feeling it made Sir Guy, rather than necessarily for the suggestion of a possible romance (which became impossible when she died). Guy seemed to treat her very much like a child -- or someone from a younger generation -- which I understood. He was very sweet and paternal with her, even in their kiss. So, a full-on romance with her might be jarring for some. But who am I to say? I suppose these things happen. I haven't seen the Borgias, but Lucretia does seem to be a very hard-edged character. Is RA really cast in it?? I wonder what his character will be like.... It would be WONDERFUL to see him in something new!!!!! A serial especially!!!

Roisin said...

Hi Ricrar

I can't find any information on RA being cast in the Borgias. I've checked the promo pictures and he is not in them.

Would you be kind enough to say where you heard this?

Thank You