August 31, 2010

Collage Toasts to a Wonderful Macho Male & a Very Sexy Spook

These collages are a big hit today on Twitter..

Was hoping this was the pre-RH3 interview when Richard passed judgement on Sir Guy w/the 'get it in the neck' verdict (he wasn't far off was he...the neck joints connected to the back joint...or something like that;) Well, (another deep subject) as it turned out, it's not that particular interview but it is an interesting one - so without further adieu...

Spooks 9: Will We Get a Hint in the Next Few Wks of the Fate of Our Fav Spy?

How can Richard be available for filming SB2 plus Spooks10?  Doesn't the timeline for both shows already answer that question for us?
Comments on the topic plus others in a below post....
"Can his more recent "Lucas is not all that he seemed" message be filed under that same interview category?" Noo! I remember Richard saying that about Guy and so this 'last' message could be a warning, at least he has stopped saying him wanting Lucas to go decapitated :S Guy shortcomings? What are you talking about? He is an angel, you said so yourself ;) :P People weren't in 'denial' it was more that by 2nd half of S1 he was showing he could be good/he wasn't just evil like the Sheriff and that was more important that hs worngdoings without denying them, IMO. OML :)

By onemorelurker1 on Richard Armitage + Female Co-stars on 8/31/10

OML, I listened to a 10-15min recent Laila interview on that same radio network and discovered at the end it was the wrong one:) They blathered on about a celebrity dance program in minute detail...suffered through it hoping the interviewer asked the Spooks question at some point, but it never happened. The most pointed remark he made to her in that particular interview was "I must say you really looked wonderful while dancing." Not exactly deep stuff;)

That's true, OML, I'd forgotten about Geraldine. She & Margaret appear to be beyond criticism...taking the cloth & living within the narrow lifestyle restrictions afforded Victorian females might have something to do w/their revered status. What about criticism of RA characters themselves? During my early days as a follower(today that sounds like a word from the modern Twitterish language:) I was surprised how many fans did handstands over Guy without mentioning his short-comings *cough*(trying to be diplomatic;) - those were the pre-redemption days prior to RH3. Apparently 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' can even be applied to deceased fictional characters; because compared to John Mulligan the prince of black leather seemed angelic. Saint Guy..haha

At one of the comment boxes below, we exchanged a few posts re Richard's pre-series RH3 remarks. He seemed, IMO, to want not to spoil enjoyment of the upcoming series while simultaneously trying to somewhat soften the blow for Guy's fans.

RA Junior Crush is Interviewed in Latest GQ Magazine..

Not crazy about the accompanying photo(or the hat:) - there are far hotter pics of Matt Bomer...
See if he impresses you as he does me as being one of those rare handful of actors who manage to keep their ego in check despite intense public adulation.  (In the learn something new every day dept...I thought GQ was an American Mag:)
p.s. discovered he and RA have something else in common - they've both  had reason professionally to say the word 'vagina' in the past 12mos. HA!)

Matt Bomer Exclusive by Liat Clark
There are plenty who attempt to emulate the Rat Pack, but few can pull off a fedora quite as well as American actor Matt Bomer, star of stateside show White Collar. Effectively Catch Me If You Can has a Thomas Crown Affair, Bomer plays ex-con Neal Caffrey, who benefits significantly from his character's gruelling wardrobe - in Paul Smith suits or Hugo Boss casuals he helps the FBI track down art thieves. decided to find out what we could learn from this modern-day cad, and Bomer was only too willing to share his thoughts on seduction, surviving New York City in style and channelling Paul Newman...

GQ: Who did you base your character's style on?

MB: Dean Martin specifically was a big influence - both in style and personality. That's why there's a bartender at craft services. Cary Grant in To Catch A Thief is someone else we borrow from. Even Alain Delon in Le Samourai.

What did you learn from Caffrey's style?

The most important thing I've learned from the entire experience style wise is that every man should have a great tailor, and visit him or her often. If you're wearing suits and you want to create your own sense of style, get to the tailor. Our costume designer (Stephanie Maslansky) always pays close attention to the colour of the shirts, pocket squares, vintage cufflinks, tie bars, and fedoras. And, of course, the tailoring. Those are all very specific to the Rat Pack style. As are cigarettes and gin.

Paul Newman is your favourite actor - did you draw on any of his films specifically?

Definitely. I watched The Hustler and The Sting several times when I was preparing for the role. The tone of those films, especially The Hustler, is quite different from White Collar, but the specificity of Newman's acting is a constant source of inspiration for me. He knew his characters inside and out. And of course there's Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which is an essential film to watch if you're going to do a buddy show.

What is your best recent fashion purchase?

My style could not be more different than Neal's. My standard uniform is a T-shirt and jeans. Most recently, I picked up a pair of comfortable summer slacks from Freemans Sporting Club, and some short-sleeved button-down shirts from Band of Outsiders.

What is the key to wearing black tie well?

Go commando underneath. It adds an air of mystery.

Have you ever smooth talked your way out of a situation or stolen anything like your character?

Many, many times. I think anyone who's ever gone through adolescence and wanted something from their parents knows the basic tenets of a con. The difference between myself and Neal is that it usually always comes back to bite me in the ass.

Your character is a serial flirt - can you give us some advice?

One of Neal's gifts is that he is a master at thin slicing someone. It's a pretty important tool in the social engineering game. Confidence, intelligence, and a sense of humour go a long way, but you also have to know who you're dealing with, and adjust your tactics accordingly.

What should every man know about women?

They have vaginas. Seriously, my dad taught me to always (at least try) and be a gentleman. I think chivalry and respect will always go a long way. And listening. If you can remember a key detail from a story you've been told six months ago, you've just earned major points.

In an early White Collar episode Neal shows off how to flag down a New York cab - have you got any insider tips for surviving the city?

New York City is one of the greatest places on the planet. You have the best in food, art, theatre, and definitely people-watching. We shoot there during the summer, and the only way to survive the city that time of year is to have a really good air conditioning unit, and get out to the incredible parks they have around the city. Between the High Line, and the incredible job they've done on the West Side Highway, there are plenty of places to go to get some fresh air.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

Thankfully, I've gotten a lot of great advice over the years. But when I first graduated college and came to NYC, I was having a hard time scraping two pennies together. My pockets were pretty thin, so I called the old man. He was very straightforward with me. He said, "I paid for college. You're on your own now." It was a harsh lesson, but it really lit a fire under my ass. From there on out, it was all bets off. I knew I was going to have to make my own way in the world.

What can we expect from White Collar season two?

Season two has a lot of the same fun, light, Howard Hawks-type tone, with an intelligent procedural thrown in. And the focus is always on the characters and how they relate to one another. Neal's character is in a darker place, but it never drags the show down. He's a proactive guy. His MO is to find out who killed Kate, and avenge her death, no matter what it takes. The struggle is between what he feels is right and what the FBI feels is right.

Questions from the fans:

I love Matt's glasses - can you ask where he got them from?

They are by a company called Initium, and the specific style is called 7th Son.

We've read you really enjoy ordering elaborate drinks from Starbucks for yourself and the White Collar cast. Do you currently have a favorite drink you would recommend we try?

Unfortunately, that is pure myth. I like a venti iced Americano, sweetened with stevia, a natural sugar alternative.

What is Matt's favorite band/song?

Right now I'm really loving the new-ish LCD Soundsystem album [This Is Happening], as well as the new Arcade Fire album [The Suburbs]. My favourite band of all time is probably The Eagles. I'm even a sucker for Henley's solo career. "Heart of the Matter" is one of my all time favorite songs.

Any truth to the rumour that you are playing Frank Sinatra on Broadway?


White Collar season two airs on Bravo later this year.
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August 30, 2010

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne Pix + Your Game of Thrones Role Poll

Game of Thrones Poll: Assuming you are an actress, which of the following roles would you prefer?...
They are from L to R 1. Cersei Lannister        2. Melisandre         3. Sansa Stark
Non-poll related Extra:  Sean Bean as Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell...

Twitter News

This possible new service to be provided by youtube might be good news for everyone, IF they'll include the best drama everywhere on the globe and not just Hollywood's mostly lame offerings...

YouTube eyes pay-per-view films  -  Aug 30, 2010 - Google's YouTube video service is in talks with Hollywood studios to launch a streaming pay-per-view movie service by year's end.

The Financial Times reported that the service is expected to launch in the U.S. and then get rolled out globally. The move would put YouTube into more direct competition with Apple and others, such as Hulu and Netflix, as players try to become the preferred destination for distribution of content in the digital age.

Hollywood seems intrigued by the idea of YouTube's big reach, according to the FT report.
It said newer film titles would cost about $5 on the planned on-demand streaming service.

The news of the planned YouTube film service launch comes after Google top executives wooed studios and guilds during a chat with reporters on the sidelines of Herb Allen's annual Sun Valley media mogul gathering in July.

August 28, 2010

The Best Foot Forward Poll

Lucky you have been invited to attend an upcoming RA charity auction AND he'll be present for the event:O  What will you wear?
                            1.                                                                        2.

4.                                                             5.
6.                                                                     7.

8.                                                                         9.

August 27, 2010

New Movie: Centurion - Review Without Mercy + Most Gorgeous Eyes Contest

Remember to cast your vote for our fav blue eyes at thehunkies website..
If this reviewer knows of what he speaks, we'd be wise to avoid Centurion.  Sounds as though it's heavy on blood & gore and light on history...

By Peter Rainer, Film critic / August 27, 2010  -  If you thought "300" was one of the greatest films ever made, if slo-mo arrows piercing armored chests is your idea of a good time, by all means make haste to "Centurion."

Set in the 2nd-century Roman Empire, when men were men and launderettes were scarce, it's about a mud-caked band of Roman soldiers who are pursued across what is now Scotland by the local barbarian horde, the Picts. Given how scurvy they look, the Picts should have a scarier monicker. I felt the same way about the Sith in the "Star Wars" series.

Scariest of the Picts is Etain (Olga Kurylenko), a temptress in animal furs who works for the Romans only to reveal herself as a double agent and the deadliest of trackers. She's more she-wolf than wench. Because the Romans cut out her tongue years before, she's mute – not entirely a bad thing given the caliber of dialogue in this film.

Her opposite number is centurion Quintus Dias (Michael Fassbender), a survivor of the Roman Ninth Legion, whom we first see in a flash-forward sprinting half-naked through snow. Fassbender clearly worked out for this role, and he wants us to know it. His Quintus can also speak perfect Pictish (which, according to the press notes, is actually Scots Gaelic). Speaking of press notes, I pass along a quote from the film's producer, Robert Jones, extolling its singular virtue: "Gore, a bit more gore, then a sprinkling of blood on top."

Actually, he's selling his film, which was directed by horror maven Neil Marshall ("The Descent"), a bit short. In some ways "Centurion" is closer to what its effects designer terms "a Roman 'Die Hard.' " It also, in some of its torture sequences, seems to be reaching for contemporary, war-on-terror relevance. This part I could have done without. When in Rome, let's not drag in Abu Ghraib.

"Centurion" is essentially a chase film, with Etain and company in pursuit of an ever-diminishing cadre of Roman warriors – including stalwart Bothos (David Morrissey) and goofy Thax (JJ Feild) – led by Quintus. Since Etain isn't exactly love-­interest material, the filmmakers work in a witchy woman, Arianne (Imogen Poots), to do the honors. She's a banished Pict, hence a potential friend. It's amazing the lengths to which filmmakers will go to work a little nuzzling into a scenario that's about as potentially romantic as a sumo wrestling match.

Marshall is big on desaturated imagery, which imparts to the film's copious amounts of hemoglobin the look of squid ink. He also favors speeded-up helicopter shots of vast vistas and slow-motion carnage. He fetishizes violence, it's true – the close-ups of throat slashings and body piercings are almost abstractly rendered. But compared with, say, Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto," which featured this sort of stuff in practically every frame, Marshall's film is downright Disneyish.

Kevin Macdonald, the director of "The Last King of Scotland," is soon coming out with "The Eagle of the Ninth," which also dramatizes the mysterious fate of the Roman Ninth Legion. The blood-bucket quotient, one hopes, will be lower. No word yet about the fate of the Picts. Grade: C+ (Rated R for sequences of strong bloody violence, grisly images, and language.)

Richard Armitage: Animated Icons by BCCMEE + Vid: The Heart Asks Pleasure First by PioggiaNelVento +Time for Me to Ride by delicateblossomvideo

Here are animated RA icons by BCCMEE - she made them available for anyone who wants to use them w/a note saying credit would be nice but not necessary...

Richard Armitage + Female Co-stars