February 27, 2014

Richard Armitage:Today's AngloPhile Award Photos

Preview of what's to come..
Accepting the Award:
Signing LA British Consulate guestbook:
Chair races...
The Award for Favorite British Artist of the Year:
The original--very first Strike Back series...

February 23, 2014

Richard Armitage:VOTE(See Link Below)New Upcoming Narration Performance of 'Hamlet:a Novel'(see links,etc)

Vote RA as Best Supporting Actor in Jameson Awards:
Georgette Heyer--RA narrations at audible.com:
Agree wholeheartedly with following remarks about Oscar nominations,  particularly when the writer says "acting performances in The Hobbit:Desolation of Smaug were terrific, especially Richard Armitage.." The point is made that the viewing public agreed both with their feet and wallets with this writer's movie opinions:
Nothing quite as delicious as seeing justice being served to someone who deeply  deserves it.  Alec Baldwin could get away with almost anything(probably including murder) with the liberal media, until he finally committed the ultimate sin on their moral compass...
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The revolution always devours its own, as Alec Baldwin just learned. See if you don't feel sorry for him by the end:
An interesting Wall St Journal article explaining how the audiobook market has skyrocketed in recent years.  I personally can recommend Jake Gyllenhall's narration of 'The Great Gatsby' and Phillipa Gregory's 'The Kingmaker's Daughter'.  Here's an excerpt from the article describing writers' reinterpretation of Hamlet in audiobook: "Their take on "Hamlet," which Audible will release this fall,(has been fast tracked to May20) features a punchier Ophelia, a less gloomy Hamlet, and swaps in snappy dialogue for Hamlet's famous soliloquies."
Hamlet:a Novel co-writers websites:

Richard Armitage to perform Hamlet: A Novel

I’m delighted to say I’ve another audiobook exclusive on the way. After the very successful adaptation of Macbeth to an original audiobook a couple of years ago, written with A.J. Hartley, the two of us are back reworking Shakespeare again.
armstrong-headshotThis time it’s Hamlet. That wonderful British actor Richard Armitage, right, was in Audible’s New Jersey studio recording our adaptation last week. I’ve already had the chance to listen to some of the early takes. As usual Audible’s team, led by Steve Feldberg who masterminded Macbeth, have picked the right man.
The audio will be available worldwide through Audible on May 20th. Armitage has a history of playing Shakespeare but is probably best known internationally for his portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield in the recent Hobbit movies, as well as Guy of Gisborne in the BBC’s Robin Hood, Lucas North in Spooks and John Thornton in North and South.
Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit series

Tweet to RA well wishers  from the other 'Hamlet:a Novel" writer:
A.J. Hartley

nice to hear from you. Delighted that you are interested in the Hamlet book and are enjoying the Macbeth. I’m happy to share what I get (with Audible’s permission) as things become available. I believe there will be some short studio videos released in advance. I THINK my Mysticon interview will be available on video soon.
Just as we did with Macbeth, a Novel, we’ve set out to retell Shakespeare’s story in the style of a modern novel, full of intrigue and excitement, giving Armitage a full cast of characters with which to demonstrate his considerable reach and power as an actor, as well as utilising the rich musicality of his voice.
The story is set in Renaissance Denmark but told in modern, approachable prose. While we retain the core of Shakespeare’s version of the Hamlet myth you can expect plenty of surprises along the way as we turn the famous play into a more conventional book narrative.
Can’t wait until May 20. There’ll be more news and clips closer to the release date.

February 19, 2014

Richard Armitage: What Might Richard Want?...the III that is(see link to article)

Very interesting discussion about Richard III's upcoming burial.  The Catholic bishop of Nottingham says he'll be there if invited.  Love how all our recent dramatic (plus historic) interests have merged in this fascinating and controversial event:
Heads up--season 3 of Dallas starts on Mon..couple very compelling reasons to watch can be found in this ad..

February 13, 2014

Richard Armitage:Video Assembled by the Anglophile Ch including Many Well Wisher Greetings + "played Swann with melancholy dignity"..Thx to Myri for Heads Up on Another Pinter/Proust Review

Quote from translation of Japanese interview: RA: "Yes, I wanted to get into human psychology more deeply. My desire to study Shakespeare 
seriously became strong. That’s why I first studied classic drama again at LAMDA (London Academy of 
Music and Dramatic Art) and then another two years with the Royal Shakespeare Company. After that 
my work expanded to TV and movies. Currently I am thinking about studying silent movies. I am 
interested in the reactions of viewers to movies without words." 
See entire translation at www.richardarmitagenet.com

NEWS - Pinter/Proust Review: Quote: "Charles Swann, one of the novel’s heroes, was played with melancholy dignity by Richard Armitage, while the object of his desire, Odette de Crécy.." http://www.theaterscene.net/ts/articles.nsf/(AlphaP)/451F8C8218B5E1CE85257C6E001A3E3D?OpenDocument

Davinci's Demons returns on Mar 22 - watch for Mr Hale and Guy's sister moonlighting and time traveling:

February 3, 2014