November 30, 2015

Richard Armitage:Writer Reveals Bridget Cleary Co-star + German Studio Lures US Film Makers with Tax Breaks(see link) + Outlander Season 2 Banquet Scene

True story of what happened in Benghazi. Americans were told a lie..
Actress Romola Garai will co-star with Richard Armitage in 'Bridget Cleary'
A North and South fanvid revisit...
Berlin Station Mention:
                         ahhh, "Bless you" too Richard! (Listen for it)...

Stanley Weber plays the Benedictine monk in RA's film 'Pilgrimage' Stanley can be seen in Outlander season 2 as well. At this dinner table, he's seated on Claire's right (in gold jacket)..
Most avid Outlander fans are prob wondering "where's Jaime?" He's at other end of the table..

November 22, 2015

Richard Armitage:New Narration & Selfie + Happy Thanksgiving USA! + First Photos of Agent MILLER + North and South Cotton Mills Petition(see link)

Today's RA tweet in reference to narration: "A short story from a favourite novelist in progress from Berlin"

November 16, 2015

Richard Armitage:EPIX Tweets Official Start of Berlin Station + Ayaan Hirsi Ali Advises Where to Find Anti-terrorism Answers + Ends Berlin Station Day 1 bike racing with Director

Sleepy Hollow will return in Feb 2016. Ichabod salutes Christmas Holidays
Radical Islamic terrorists have a bounty on her head because she dares to criticize them. What is the world coming to - women with opinions!!;)
RA stated his favorite dance is a tango. Here's Donny Osmond on Dancin w Stars

James Norton tweeted the following publicity pic for Jan 2016 War and Peace

November 7, 2015

Richard Armitage:Reading Assignment from Agent Meyer + Urban Film on Leeds Top 20(see link) + Urban Review(see link) + Another Bond Endorsement(see link) + Greeting Wellwishers today & Sunday for Urban and the Shed Crew Premiere

Leeds FF Top 20 Films including Urban and the Shed Crew:
RA tweeted this article in The Economist..
QUOTE: "With that baritone voice Richard Armitage could suit up and shake the martini"
Chop and Tyson - Urban and the Shed Crew cast members..
Urban Review:
Not the first pair of hi-top sneakers. RA wore a black pair for Hannibal intv..
Remember the following blue shoes as he departed Toronto after Hannibal's Dolarhyde was a wrap..
Leeds photo: