September 26, 2012

New Hobbit Tshirt Logo(Thorin Looks Fierce:) + THE HOBBIT Poster Credits + Thorin Sings Misty Mountains + Strike Back DVD(see below)

THE HOBBIT Poster Credits..

Thanks to Fabo for another painting Thorin vid. The music is very apropos..

Google introduces street view from ocean's floor?? huh? We'll know our GPS systems are compromised if we hear nothing other than *gurgle..gurgle,gurgle*
A reminder for any RA fans planning to order his Strike Back series.  Be certain it is this DVD, because he appears for only a few minutes in the second series.

September 22, 2012

Richard Armitage Becomes Thorin Oakenshield + Happy Birthday Tolkien

Just received this treat from maraiad and I'm ready to enlist. It looks like a Navy dress uniform. Believe he's standing in front of the National Gallery in WashDC. I've been there--grand architecture filled with exquisite works of art

RA fan maraiad has been designing her vision of military eye candy..

John Porter Mabelized..similar to carmelized--extra yum added..

Past Post: August 2011

RA German fan captures essence of Thorin in Trailer #2:
Anyone currently watching the presidential campaigns in the US, should see clearly that the choice is between those who prefer the archaic socialist attitude of the population works for the collective good of the state. OR the one that RA exemplified in his career - Yes, you the individual did "build that" with your own blood, sweat, tears and hard work. Excellent fanvid demonstrating how RA built a successful career..

Here's one of the early Guy of Gisborne fanvids that received much attention, among many, from certain quarters at that time. That's because one of the main characters, in the updated thousand year old legend Robin Hood, was garnering more enthusiasm from the audience than the classic hero of the piece.  Many viewers with a traditional sense of values didn't seem to understand how an evil henchman could suddenly become the character driving the storyline.  Perhaps it's necessary to actually see the BBC's Robin Hood to understand that phenomenon..

September 19, 2012

Gandalf Moves It! + BLACK SKY & THE HOBBIT Photos + Thanks to for Screencaps + New Trailer: THE HOBBIT:An Unexpected Journey

                                              Orcrist in Splendour:
Musa's compilation of RA TV interviews when he has mentioned his Richard III thoughts. There are other comments in written interviews. Keep volume turned up--the loudness fluctuates for each excerpt..

September 17, 2012

Who Has More Stunning Blue Eyes..Smeagol or(see poll) + Thorin Oakenshield Pic Plus Quote From The Hobbit Film Exec in USA Today

Actor above stars as Thorin in The Hobbit.  Here's another star of that film-Smeagol. Which one has the more stunning blue eyes;)  See Poll..

New Thorin Oakenshield photo:Considered X-large:) needs cropping..

Quote from Phillipa Boyens, The Hobbit exec, about Thorin Oakenshield..(see below link to USA Today)..
Have to take short breaks from all the flowing hair--stubble is usually my limit:)


THE kiss is still in demand as John Thornton continues to conquer the world -- one woman at a time...
Comment by Cleo prompted posting of following painting.  She says John and Margaret's *Kiss* rivals that of famous painting by Gustav Klimt, 1907/08..
As if *the kiss* wasn't hot enough..Whew!...did you ever wonder if Tolkien dwarves wear undies under their heavy looking capes,etc? ;D Evidently they do---whispering *shhhhh...take a peek at Thorin's middle earth not-so-briefs:)* and  well-toned doubt the result of running through burning forests and numerous swordfights.

Past posts - Nov, 2011:

September 12, 2012

Are You Watching Copper?(see vid) + Middle Earth Recipes(see link) + RA Included Among Most Influential in Leicester + THE HOBBIT Monopoly Game + Sunne in Splendour Review + Richard III Dig Article + Richard Armitage

What if The Hobbit actors were cast in other roles? ;D haha
No need to worry - RA is indeed hair-enveloped Thorin.. 

Middle Earth recipes:

Mabel pours some sugar on...

Taste of what you're missing if you are not watching Copper on bbcA:

Thanks to Sue for the wonderful news (and also to  

CORRECTION: It's the Top 200 Most Influential
Surely he's among top 10 under Culture category:)

Some fans have planned a group read of The Sunne in Splendour. Following is an interesting review of the novel..