September 12, 2012

Are You Watching Copper?(see vid) + Middle Earth Recipes(see link) + RA Included Among Most Influential in Leicester + THE HOBBIT Monopoly Game + Sunne in Splendour Review + Richard III Dig Article + Richard Armitage

What if The Hobbit actors were cast in other roles? ;D haha
No need to worry - RA is indeed hair-enveloped Thorin.. 

Middle Earth recipes:

Mabel pours some sugar on...

Taste of what you're missing if you are not watching Copper on bbcA:

Thanks to Sue for the wonderful news (and also to  

CORRECTION: It's the Top 200 Most Influential
Surely he's among top 10 under Culture category:)

Some fans have planned a group read of The Sunne in Splendour. Following is an interesting review of the novel..


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Beautiful new video as always, Ricrar! Top of the morning to you! :) :)

Ricrar said...

Here's my all-time fav RA fanvid, Cleo.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Map of the problematique. Wow, that is intense. So, is Lucas North equally haunted as Sir Guy? A very different editing style than the romantic videos. Much more action-intense rather than knock-you-down-silly-romantic intense :) :)

What a nice break from grading. Ugh. So, how does RA feel about all the grading in his new teacher role? And what shoes is he going to have as his signature personalty item for his students? Inquiring minds want to know! :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Ricrar, I keep getting these nice emails from people saying they're reading my blog/stories. Thank you so much for that!! :)

And THANK YOU for the eyelashes photo. Enough said.

On Lucas North and the microchip theory -- yes. Possible. Another possibility: hypnosis. Perhaps he went under hypnosis? Or, perhaps he was really under cover all his life after all?? Ooooooh. The horror! (I still love him!)

:) :) :)

Ricrar said...

Appears poll respondents feel Gary is a history teacher, Cleo - so he'll definitely have many papers to grade. I suggested on Twitter that he'd also have perfect attendance from all female students in his class. A fan replied that she'd probably get F due to staring at teacher when she should be completing assignments:)

Stumbled upon the reason for Dezz's recent "Dickey" remark. Scroll almost to bottom for newspaper clipping that explains the Orcrist connection:

Great to hear about your blog visitors. Always a warm, fuzzy feeling when people drop in, isn't it;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Yes, a warm, fuzzy feeling, indeed. Thank you. Really.

Re, Gary: Do we know yet? Boots or jacket? (For me it's Middle Eastern jewlery, but it has to be something!)

And what is hubby's response to the hypnosis thesis??

Ricrar said...

I've copied today's comment from Sue in comment box under post below. It's interesting information about RA being included in newspaper's list of "most influential people from Leicester" and latest re Richard III dig.
Sue said...

Not sure on how the testing will be done exactly but I have seen a TV clip of one of the known descendants of Richard III having his DNA taken with what looked like a cotton bud being rubbed around the inside of his mouth. Regarding the bones, I think probably something like a scraping of bones and putting it in a test tube, revealing the DNA or something similar will be done. (I suspect it will be more technical than that, but you get the general idea).

An ideal time to film the story of Richard III is it now?

The skeleton reportedly did have a deformed spine, but not as badly as portrayed by Shakespeare I suspect!

Just read on another website that Richard has appeared in the Leicester Mercury newspaper in an article about the most influential people in Leicester. Not sure Richard would agree with being dubbed 'influential' in relation to his Leicestershire roots, but I bet his mum was pleased and bought a copy to frame (Well I would do if he was my son! I would be as proud as punch).

September 14, 2012 7:57 AM

Ricrar said...

Cleo, would John Porter wear MidEastern jewelry? Wasn't he far too macho to care about wearing trinkets;)

All hubby has ever worn, in that category, is a watch and a gold medal and chain. The latter was passed along to him by his deceased mother. It was a gift from his grandparents to their daughter on her First Communion day. So, answering my own question;)..yes, if there's strong personal significance to an ornament, a truly masculine man will indeed wear it.

See latest comment from Sue about recent RA news. A newspaper located at his birthplace has deemed him of their most influential favorite sons. What an honor that must be for him and his family. Sue includes Richard III details as well.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Ricrar, Hello! I hope you are having a very lovely lunch hour. I am still grading (since yesterday), so let RA know what he's in for!

Is John Porter in touch enough with his feminine side to wear jewlery? I wish I knew! The DVD arrived, but it's in DVD-9 format. It's like a cruel trick! :) :) Does anyone know how to make it readalbe in the U.S.?

What a lovely story about your husband's family hierloom jewlery. He sounds like a great catch, indeed! Were that every man were sentimental about family history and people like that.

RA's family should be proud, indeed, as should he. That's a really lovely honor.

I was in Leicester once! (I had to interview someone at the university for my research -- I do mostly law and social movements in the Middle East, and there was a wonderful man there in the law school who I interviewed...) I am QUITE sure that I saw Richard Armitage himself on my walk back to the train station!!! Do you think he remembers??? It was 2004, June....

:) :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oops! I misspoke! What I MEANT to say is not is he in touch with his feminine side. What I meant to say is: is he in touch with his raw masculinity sufficiently to compel him to wear jewelry. (I thought I heard a correction coming and meant no offense....) :) :)

P.S. Do you think RA saw me in Leicester? Do ya, do ya??!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, first - you can download an all-region player called LAN & view SB on your computer. Or if you're planning to order other region 2 dvds(US is region 1) many reasonably priced all region DVD players are available at That's what I did and have used it numerous times over past couple yrs for not only Richard's more obscure dvds but also for all sorts of British TV offerings. Works great.

Why would I be offended by a suggestion Porter might be in touch w/his feminine side? That RA performance was pure testosterone on a stick:) yummy! Now, Lucas's emotional collapse during Spooks 9--not exactly the right stuff when it comes to an secret service agent tasked with keeping a nation safe. That's why your "hynotism" suggestion and hubby's implanted false memories chip provide much more credible explanations. Especially following his dedicated S7&8 heroics(not just referring to the discomfort he must've suffered in those death-grip fitting jeans;)

Of course Richard saw you in Leicester and naturally has been searching all over the world for you ever since that day;D Better get thee to that movie studio in MI asap before he returns to NZ and you'll have lost a golden opportunity to renew the magic:)

cleopatraascreenplay said...


:) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

So, shall I post my address?? :) :) :)

You just let him know I'm a cream in the coffee kind of woman. For what it's worth.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

BTW, shouldn't we be calling him Raja or something? I mean, if he's going to be playing Richard the IIIrd and all.

Which reminds me, his effort to reconstruct our memories of Richard III is not dissimilar to my effort to clear the besmurched name of Cleopatra, one of the great politicians of history. Why do they only remember her for sex? Like she's the only one who had it. And like she didn't spend her day-job ruling an empire or anything, taking care of four kids as a single mom and whatnot.... I hope the Richard III project does well. I look forward to reading Sunne in Splendour...once I get through Lara Deeb's The Enchanted Modern for the umteenth time....

Here's to Richard III. I mean, Raja. I mean RA. I mean "Richard."

Ricrar said...

Fascinating that you want to restore Cleopatra's good name, Cleo. She's almost the last historic female figure IMO that deserves the attention.

I would say a strong woman who has been deliberately ridiculed by her political opponents and deserves the record corrected by a fine writer, such as yourself, would be Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher. She advocated effective economic policies but her political opponents as always used their usual rabble-rousing propaganda to besmirch her legacy.

Now, there's a strong female whose stellar record and strong character deserves to be highlighted. Her's is a very similar situation to RA's complaints about Richard III's legacy. She was deliberately painted with a black brush by the succeeding political dynasty.

Obviously Richard and you have in common the need and desire to set historic records straight.

Ricrar said...

Message to Sue,

See today's news story re Afghanistan. We thought Prince Harry would get in less trouble there than in quick access to Vegas, BUT did insane Taliban fighters have something else in mind for him?

Tragically, 2 US military personnel were killed as both Brit and US troops at the Helmand base, where PrinceH is housed, fought off terrorists who managed to pierce the permimeter. See story top of page..

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

Re: Helmand base.

Apparently Prince H is okay. So sad that two US military personnel were killed. This has all been caused by an American film (although there is some question regarding it's real origins)besmirching a Prophet. I suspect that this film may well have been produced by someone intent on creating just the type of havoc that has recently been happening in response to this. The more suspicious amongst us (okay me) might believe that some questionable people have deliberately done this to create the sort of reaction we have witnessed around the world. E.g. Protests against the film, leading to violence against various foreign embassies. A predictable response from people who do not seem to have the ability to think for themselves or question motives that may have been behind all this, but simply follow each other like sheep.

By the way the latest storm to hit the Royal family in England is the release of some topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge, AKA Kate, printed in a French magazine. I can't help but think it's a lot of fuss about what will no doubt look little more than a couple of bee stings. I do think this is a gross invasion of someone's privacy though and I hope the Royals sue the pants off them for it!!! Any chance of seeing Richard sunbathing topless (and bottomless) perhaps. A little American skinny dipping by tricky Dicky. Well he wouldn't want any white bits would he?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Sadly, I have to agree with Sue on the anti-Islam movie. Apparently, the guy who bankrolled it had the goal of showing the Prophet Muhammad as a hapless womanizer, harmer of children, suicidal, and a number of other insulting traits. It was apparently none other than our own Terry Jones (from Gainesville, FL, where I teach) whose publicity of the movie got it noticed by some people in the Middle East, from reports I've seen. He's the same guy from Dove Church, the one who planned and then ultimately did burn a Quran. We had a whole ecumenical movement emerge here when that happened, with churches, mosques, synagogues, Hindi temples, and the like coming together to demonstrate and condemn the whole thing.

It is very sad. I hope the U.S. can continue to get the message across that we don't condone or accept this type of anti-Islamic garbage as a society, although some people are certainly still problematic about it. It's a mess in the Middle East, though. It's so sad to see people harmed by it. I think the U.S. is trying to get the message across that we don’t condone the Terry Joneses of the world by taking the guy responsible for the movie in for questioning and the like. It could get very ugly if U.S. sites keep getting bombed, though. It seems to me that it is the Terry Joneses at home and abroad who should be the object of our anger, not a regime like Obama’s, which is actually very positive toward the Muslim world. It seems like it’s always the same guy stirring up trouble on all sides.

Just my two cents.

Patricia J. Sohn said...

Ricrar --

"Obviously Richard and you have in common the need and desire to set historic records straight."

I couldn't have said it better myself. All the more reason that he should direct Cleopatra and play Julius in it! Let him know! Didn't he say he wants to direct now? Or turn to stage?

I actually did send the screenplay and a few other plays and musicals I've written to his agents, as well as an invitation to come to my university for a Gator game! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

You are very kind to call me a talented writer :):) Thank you!! My count on my main writing blog has now passed 3000. Very exciting. Thanks for the tip on the DVD-9 discs. I will try that, or if all else fails, turn to Amazon, as you suggest and as always. :) :)

Ricrar said...

that vid was placed on youtube in July and barely had any views until the White House pointed it's finger as the cause of rioting in MidEast. It's merely a distraction from the fact Pres Obama's strategy to "lead from behind" in that region is a total failure.

The world would be far better off with a strong leader such as Mitt Romney at the helm--he won't appease those who slay innocents in the name of their so-called religious cause. Nor will he send apologies for free speech which only embolden those heartless ignoramuses. Americans are as insulted and outraged with their disrespect for human life as anyone in the MidEast is with a silly, amateur video.

Romney represents our values far better than Obama, who actually sympathizes with MidEast radicals to a certain extent. Barack's father was a Muslim and in at least one of the younger Obama's books, he said he would stand with the Muslims rather than defend the democracy of Israel.

Yes, Sue, I've seen headlines about topless Kate photos. How could she believe there's total privacy anywhere on the globe, after her bro-in-law's recent dilemma.

Actually, IMO, this is another much-ado-about nothing moment..literally:) Yes, I'm referring to the fact she and Kiera Knightley (judging from scenes in A Dangerous Method) do have beautiful faces, but their female chest areas resemble mosquito bites more so than anything else. ;D haha *swat*
That last thought was formulated as recently as last evening while watching 'A Dangerous Method'...mumbled to myself "in your case, best not to go topless Kiera sweetie";)

Thanks for your condolences for the slain marines. Believe Americans are ready to withdraw all troops and allow the MidEastern madmen to annihilate each other. Tears and sympathy for the women of the MidEast who must somehow live with those unattractive male brutes.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I suppose we all get pretty charged about the Middle East. Horrible deaths right now. I, for one, am a pretty serious leftie -- Obama is not left enough for me! I prefer Pierre Bourdieu to Karl Marx as far as power goes. I agree on the letting-the-warmongers-kill-each-other argument, though, on all sides. Enough of this madness.

May I humbly suggest that we focus on what is really important? A common love of Richard Armitage! :) :) :)


Inquiring minds want to know!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, the most important point about the movie is that the US government doesn't have the right under the Constitution/Bill of Rights to stop a citizen from making that type of movie. That's one of the primary reasons we live in a civilized society while the crazed protesters in the MidEast apparently still live in the stone ages.

Pres Obama and Secy Clinton are using the film to deflect blame for their unwise policies in the MidEast. They appeased the radical Muslim Brotherhood and are today receiving their thanks in the form of 4 dead Americans and chaos all over the region.

It isn't just bibles that are destroyed in the MidEast, it's Christians who are massacred. No amount of moral equivalency can make a burned Quoran as evil an act as killing innocent human beings in the name of a religion.

The peace-loving people in that region need to start standing up for their rights and condemning those who've dragged their religion through the mud. We know not all those living in the MidEast agree with the radicals, but unless they stand up and be counted, they leave the impression that they indeed do condone the dark ages brutish behavior and the suppression of free speech everywhere.

BTW, next time Richard and I are in each other's company, I'll give him the link to your blog. You'd better not hold your breath in the meantime:) haha
*mores the pity*

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo, totally agreed that RA is a far more pleasant topic of conversation than the senseless, barbaric, completely intolerant atmosphere of the MidEast.

My comments about the film in no way meant to convey the impression that I believe it is the authentic reason for the current medieval-like protests there. Instead, I'm saying the film has been posted on youtube since July and it was only after the US ambassador was brutally murdered that the Obama administration identified it as the cause of unrest.

In fact, IMO they are simply trying to keep Americans from focusing on the true cause of the turmoil - the appeasement of the radical Muslim Brotherhood by the current regime in the White House.

Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler during 1930s should have taught the world the inevitable results of such a foolish attitude towards a ruthless tyrant, who is hell-bent on world domination.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! I deleted my post -- sorry! -- thought I was getting too political. I don't disagree with you on some of what you are saying.

You changed the photos this week! I like them, and especially the new "Hair" video. One of my favorite musicals :) :)

Yes, thank you, when you next see Richard Armitage, please do give him my blog address :) :) I will be working on my breathing until then! :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar. I have a new epilogue to the Rami and Katia story...more Romeo and Juliet and coexistence... :) It's told in first person, first from Katia's side of the story, then in first person from Rami's perspective. It's at:

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo,
Perfectly understand why you prefer not to get too political. I get plenty of venting my opinion opps at my political forum. With over 100 members, we manage to cover all sides of every issue.

As for Richard, latest is that Black Sky filming wraps in 2 wks time. Brit fans are speculating RA might return home after that for much needed R&R before his numerous The Hobbit promotions start prior to the premiere in NZ on Nov 28. The film opens here on Dec 14.

The only other news is coverage in USA today about the film accompanied by a handsome new photo of Thorin. Along with the new photos, one of the film's execs commented that we'll want Thorin to reclaim his kingdom. Believe she's showing definite signs as another smitten female:)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Actually, it's afternoon already. I missed my usual 6 a.m. call. WHERE ARE MY PRIORITIES??

I do like to get political sometimes, in context. I bet your political forum is very interesting.

I can't wait for the Hobbit's release. I rarely see opening nights, but I sure did with Lord of the Rings and will certainly try for the Hobbit, too.

With photos like that one you posted at the top of today's new page, I can see why the exec is showing signs of smitten-hood.

I went back to RH 2:13 last night, as you mentioned it a few times. I didn't see the misogynism. I did see RA looking very, very hot in the Middle Eastern context. (And by that, I don't mean Hamsin.)


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Wait!!! They think RA is returning to Brittania in two weeks time?? I thought you said he had been searching the world for ME since 2004!!! Did you give him my address??? :) :) :)

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