September 17, 2012

Who Has More Stunning Blue Eyes..Smeagol or(see poll) + Thorin Oakenshield Pic Plus Quote From The Hobbit Film Exec in USA Today

Actor above stars as Thorin in The Hobbit.  Here's another star of that film-Smeagol. Which one has the more stunning blue eyes;)  See Poll..

New Thorin Oakenshield photo:Considered X-large:) needs cropping..

Quote from Phillipa Boyens, The Hobbit exec, about Thorin Oakenshield..(see below link to USA Today)..
Have to take short breaks from all the flowing hair--stubble is usually my limit:)


THE kiss is still in demand as John Thornton continues to conquer the world -- one woman at a time...
Comment by Cleo prompted posting of following painting.  She says John and Margaret's *Kiss* rivals that of famous painting by Gustav Klimt, 1907/08..
As if *the kiss* wasn't hot enough..Whew!...did you ever wonder if Tolkien dwarves wear undies under their heavy looking capes,etc? ;D Evidently they do---whispering *shhhhh...take a peek at Thorin's middle earth not-so-briefs:)* and  well-toned doubt the result of running through burning forests and numerous swordfights.

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Summer said...

Totally agree with P Boyens. The book, and now the films, are centered in the stories of Bilbo & Thorin. Can't wait till Dec.!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Wow, you know how to find the good photos. That first one is a doozie :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

BTW, can't help but think Thorin looks like Thor, or perhaps Beowulf. Do you think it's intentional? Am I completely off??

Ricrar said...

Yes, Summer, we both agree with Ms Boyens that Thorin's story is at least as compelling as Bilbo's. In fact, as I read The Hobbit, Bilbo seems like the comedy relief while Thorin provided intensity to the tale. If the word intensity doesn't encapsulate RA's usual acting style, I don't know which one does.

Cleo, I'm certain Richard would be complimented by your comparison of his Thorin with Thor. Isn't the latter the Greek god of war? Thorin is certainly the warrior of the piece. He and Uhtred, in Lords of The North, have virtual love affairs with their swords.

Must admit that Thorin is lightyears ahead of the other dwarves in good looks but my reaction continues to be meh. All that hair overwhelms and IMO distracts, but if that's how Tolkien(and Jackson) envisioned them, so be it:)

Can hardly wait until we have more teacher Gary photos. RA fans have tried to coax another one out of Black Sky's producer, but his last response was a curt No. With only 2wks of filming to go, I suppose he's focused on wrapping on schedule. Doesn't have time for anymore repartee with fans.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

A love affair with his sword. Whew! Ok!!!! Can't wait to see what that looks like!

More RA-Gary teacher photos, indeed. Please.

Ordered my all region player. I can't wait to meet John Porter. Is he particularly violent and war-like (given your earlier description?). Or is he haunted and morally just? What should I look out for? What should I know about him in advance?

I agree with you on the hair. It takes away from his face. My favorite photos from the ones you've posted are the ones where his face and nose are recognizable. But, then, I care less about Thorin, per se....

Ricrar said...

John Porter is a hero but justice is sometimes delayed. Chris Ryan's tale highlights how *position* can sometimes result in injustice. Won't say anymore in order not to spoil it for you. Believe you'll enjoy seeing Porter teach terrorists they've messed with the wrong man.

Have you noticed there's a program about Cleopatra on, of all places, the Military Channel? Hubby usually enjoys their program choices, but doubt he'll look at this one. I however, having been recently made aware of her uniqueness:) did watch some of the Cleo show.

Aiming to impress:
Female remains were discovered in Roman Ruins called The Street of the Heroes, 1926. They were identified as female bones from about 51BC but remained unidentified for a century. Conclusion reached after analyzing the human remains in 2007 - that it is Cleopatra's sister - princess Arsinuae(sp?) That's how the name sounds.

BTW, direct Peter Jackson promises a new Hobbit trailer on Wed. *WooHoo!*

Ricrar said...

Sue, just realized you described the *bumps* as bee bites while I chose mosquito bites. haha Either way, it is definitely much ado about nothing(s).

This news story seems unbelievably ironic. On the day the Duke & Duchess expected to forget about the topless photo worries, the natives, where they were visiting, danced...wait for it;)..topless! Scroll almost to bottom..

cleopatraascreenplay said...

The Cleo show, is that like The Truman Show? Only in Greek and Latin? And Hebrew and Arabic, I think, if I recall... And wasn't that the sister who tried to kill Cleopatra?

Re: mosquito vs. bee bites. Another bene of my screen play! Check out the "cultural artifacts," re: dress. They wear no bras, and mostly chiffony tops and clingy sarongs, at least in Egypt. :) :) The men don't wear bras either, nor shirts, for the most part. Just a simple, short sarong. I really want to see this on the silver screen! It would be very nice to see some of these guys that way, RA not the least! (Of course, Rome is a little more covered, being a cooler clime....)

Oooh. Porter teaching terrorists they've messed with the wrong guy. I look forward to that, indeed. The closet militarist behind the pacifist in me will be all over that!

I don't get the Military Channel. I will try to find this program on Cleopatra of which you speak! I have to say, I think my favorite scene of my own story of Cleopatra is where she guts Julius' assailant with a butcher's knife, slowly, deliberately. I can see why the Military Channel would cover her... :) :) In my story, she's all peace and flowers and worshipping the sun until someone kills her husband. Then she just whips out a knife without apology and kills him. I love it!!!! :) :) Now, there's a female role model I can live with!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

You changed the first photo. Ricrar! Why???? :) :) :)

Ricrar said...

Which one Cleo? Latest one is John Porter - do you approve?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I can't type. Yes, I like the John Porter photo. (Much southern fanning. "I have always relied on the kindness of strangers!")

But The Kiss, Ricrar. That kiss photo from yesterday. It rivaled Klimt. And I have a copy of that one in my office. :) :) Whoever made your kiss photo from yesterday is an artist! Wah. Can we have it back?? :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

My Rami and Katia story malfunctioned. I have it back up, all together now, a single story in three "Acts," each telling the story from different directions. It starts with them as adults, then does their 20-something romance and marriage, and then comes back to them as adults. I like it! The end is much better than the beginning, of course! It's at It changes the usual characters. Instead of an Arab-Jewish romance, he's Palestinian Maronite, and she's wealthy northeastern protestant (U.S.). It adds a new dimension to the usual Arab-Israeli questions.

LOVE the new photo, Ricrar. My enthusiasm for "The Kiss," as I call it, should in no way be taken as any lack of enthusiasm for an RA shower shot. My Heavens to Betsy! (I cannot say what actually comes to mind.) Let me catch my breath! ("I do declare!")

Ricrar said...

Alright, Cleo, I'll repost the artsy kiss shot which is simply done at the website. Will post along with it, the original John Thornton/Margaret Hall kiss.

New Hobbit photos came in, but only the one above was to my liking. ;D There's one of Richard at dwarf height with super tall Gandalf and Elrond towering over him. Couldn't take it..will not post. haha

The new one above of Thorin in tree - scene is probably during the fire or after he and other dwarves were dropped off by eagles.

cleopatraascreenplay said...


Consider me conquered!!! :) :) :)

So many breathtaking photos, so little time!!!! A shower shot AND The Kiss. And "THE KISS"!! Be still my heart :) :)

You are an artist.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I do like the knee-stockings photo. It's a look. Not as hot as "The Shower" or "The Kiss." But it's a look!

Just proves that he can look sexy even in a potato sack!

:) :) :)

Sue said...


Love the new piccy of Richard as Thorin with his legs crossed. Is that Richard's padding I can see peeping from underneath his clothes? (Hope so, the idea of Richard wearing white long-johns is a real passion killer! Yes, even if Richard is inside them!Although I'm sure we could think of some ruse to tempt him out of them!)

Ricrar said...

LOL.."passion killer" indeed - altho you must admit they are nicely toned calves, Sue:)haha

Luv the way Richard seems so blissfully unaware of the camera. I suppose that becomes an occupational habit after awhile. He's enjoying the dwarves conversation, and that's the way it should be.

Why would he need padding on his thighs? Didn't we declare long ago that they were perfect just the way they are. *oh yeah*

About to check whether the new Hobbit trailer has been released. Will report back asap on that and any other RA related happenings.

Ricrar said...

Thanks for the kind words, Cleo. Happy to see you enjoying the photos as much as I have since 2009.

Sue said...


Yes, luckily for us Richard seems blissfully unaware of what he is revealing to the photographer, and us fans! Just imagine if he had forgotten to wear any knickers (if only!)

Puts me in mind of a film starring Michael Douglas where a certain actress sits down, crosses her legs and in doing so reveals all! (Quite literally!)If only Richard had done the same! I wonder if he will snaffle Thorin's padding for any upcoming publicity interviews for TH and the obligatory tight t-shirts and bulging muscles? Save him going to the gym. Imagine the disappointment however, when, after disrobing, and in anticipation of a night of passion, the lady in his life suddenly discovers that most of RA is in fact padding! (Whew what a mistake a to make!)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I am feeling guilty for objectifying the poor man by looking up his proverbial skirt, shall we say. But, yes, alas. More's the pitty. On the knickers and whatnot.