September 26, 2012

New Hobbit Tshirt Logo(Thorin Looks Fierce:) + THE HOBBIT Poster Credits + Thorin Sings Misty Mountains + Strike Back DVD(see below)

THE HOBBIT Poster Credits..

Thanks to Fabo for another painting Thorin vid. The music is very apropos..

Google introduces street view from ocean's floor?? huh? We'll know our GPS systems are compromised if we hear nothing other than *gurgle..gurgle,gurgle*
A reminder for any RA fans planning to order his Strike Back series.  Be certain it is this DVD, because he appears for only a few minutes in the second series.


Ricrar said...

Sue, you mentioned Downton Abbey is having financial problems. You may have already read this article - just in case. Recent tweet:

It gives details of the BBC's move north to your region. Might this prove to be a prob for Richard when he finally wraps The Hobbit and returns home? Suppose it won't be if he focuses strictly on making movies from now on.

The outgoing manager made what seems to be considered somewhat shocking comments about it's workplace culture. Perhaps they should get Michael Hirst or Julian Fellowes working on the script - 'BBC Downstairs and Upstairs' *chuckles*

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar. Love the new photos and the video. LOVE the new poll!!!! I am torn between Julius Caesar and Saladin. And, of course, it's hard not to like Arthur....oh, the choices!!! :) :)

Sue said...


Sorry, I didn't mean the producers of Downton Abbey were having financial problems, but Downton Abbey in the series. I'm afraid his lordship has not invested wisely it seems.

As for the BBC moving 'up North', only certain programmes are being produced from Salford Quays, but it is very exciting to have TV personalities realise that there is life north of Watford!

We've had some terrible flooding in England this past week or so. Luckily I haven't been affected here in Cheshire but Yorkshire seems to have gotten it, Leicestershire too! Hope Richard remembers to bring some wellies if he's thinking of visiting! (Do you think he prefers plain green or those fashionable festival multi coloured wellies?)I can just imagine him sporting wellington boots, no clothes just wellington boots!!!!

Ricrar said...

First before I neglect to leave this website:

Danish newsp published more Countess Kate photos. Only comment is that she must not be partaking of any of the goodies the palace cooks have to offer;D She must be convinced her hubby thinks less is more in certain areas.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, my choice for the poll was Alfred the Great. In Lords of the North, the main character Uhtred followed that monarch, although he often complained about him.

Appears many agree with your Caesar suggestion.

Ricrar said...

Sue, the mental image of our fav actor in nothing other than wellies triggers flashback to Sir Guy's "stirred" line about Marian to RH:) Polka dot blue wellies would coordinate nicely.

Good to hear you've avoided the flooding weather conditions.

Don't recall if you're a *Guy gal* - I just noticed a new book written by one of his fans in which Marian marries Guy of Gisborne. Hopefully it's well written - would hate to see such a compelling plot spoiled with less than worthy scribbling. I've always been one of those RH viewers who hoped the writers would have the courage to allow them to marry, and then naturally find some way for Marian to return to her l000 yr old love affair with RH.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Greetings, Ricrar! Well, Alfred the Great certainly seems like a worthy choice. Looks like a nice enough guy. In fact, from his statues, I know a guy who looks just like him!!! :) :)

I take it from your comment above and others about the alleged swimsuit issue that you are not a great advocate of the rail-thin versions of female beauty. Sing hallelujah, I say (being middle aged).

I have to say, I really wouldn't care what part RA plays next, in terms of the pure enjoyment of watching him act, if it weren't for the fact that I have these plays and screenplay that I want him to read! (Have you ever heard the word "nudge"?)

Strike Back is just not the same without him. Robin Hood and RA's Strike Back, however, are still just as wonderful! In terms of the courage to have Sir Guy and Marian marry -- they could have done that if they'd had the good sense to have RA play Robin Hood to begin with! I'm just sayin'!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar. I saw opening night of "Hotel Transylvania" last night. (I think I mentioned that I have an eight year old.) The lead role seemed strangely modeled on one of RA's characters. I can't figure out which. :) It was very fun. The eight year old was entranced. I can't WAIT for The Hobbit. PLEASE tell me that it's as laden with RA as the last trailer.... :) (What's it rated, btw?)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hey, Ricrar! Love the photos! I have to say, I love the old ones with the sandy brown hair and the white shirts. Somehow, that really does it for me. :)

Hope all's well! Haven't heard from you in a while :)

BTW, since we were talking Middle East politics a while ago, I thought I'd mention, I have an Act Six now to my story/play of Rami and Katia's love affair. In each act, they are different variations of the ethnic and religious possibilities available in Israel. (I write mainly on Israel, so I know the most about that.) In the earlier acts, he is usually Palestinian (either Muslim, Christian, etc.). In Act Six, he's an Israeli military intelligence officer stationed and studying in the dorms. They meet the day she arrives, just as in the versions where he's Palestinian. Only he's far more forward! It's kinda fun. It's at: I thought you might like it, given your previous comments.

Ricrar said...

Hey there Cleo,

In reference to the screenplay you want Richard to read, you could mail it to his agent and they'd forward it to him. He's really conscientious about replying although The Hobbit filming did slow things down considerably. He might be busy catching up right now considering the fact that Black Sky is a wrap.

That's the route fans take who want an autograph.

Believe the address is on sidebar of this blog. I'll check.

Ricrar said...


You can write to Richard and enclose screenplay via his agent's address:

Richard Armitage
c/o United Agents
12-26 Lexington Street

Richard often sends out signed pictures. If you would like one, ensure you enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope with a letter of request. For those who live outside the UK, you're advised to buy an International Reply Coupon (IRC) and enclose with your self-addressed envelope.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thank you so much, Ricrar! I did send it in August. I assume he is busy in general, and particularly when filming. It would be lovely if he were to read it! Did you have a chance to look at it? Feedback is always nerve-wracking but usually fun :) Maybe I will write and ask for an autograph. How sweet is that. He does seem responsive to his fans, from what I've read. Thanks again for the address!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, Have not had time as yet to read the screenplay. We're getting ready to make some major changes to the house. Not much spare time available right now. I'll get to it when time allows.

You mentioned the white puckered shirt RA is wearing in one of his smaller, earlier roles. He played skirtchaser Lee Richards in Coldfeet - a healtclub instructor. He's such a baddddd boy in that one. You can watch most of it on youtube. I'll get links for you tomorrow.

G'night..sweet dReAms:)

DEZMOND said...

I always forget that Andrew Lincoln is British :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

G'morning, Ricrar! I can certainly take RA as a "badddddd" boy, as you say. :) :) Oh, dear. You give one pause with such meandering thoughts! :) :) Can't wait for the links!

My daughter is now a fan of RA as well. She got over seeing Sir Guy as "creepy" and now sees him as the maltreated former noble who was ousted from his lands by silly-boy, Robin. I may have had something to do with that..... :) :) So, upshot, I think I will write for an autograph. My daughter would love it :) Thanks for the idea!!

Sue said...


It appears that Julian Fellowes is to write and produce a prequel to Downton Abbey which will centre around the story of the courtship between Lady and Lord Grantham, with young actors playing the characters.

Do you think Richard could get away with playing a young Hugh Bonneville? Maybe we could pretend that Hugh has shrunk a little in his old age and become a little pudgy! I think Richard would be perfect! Of course Lord Grantham only married Cora for her money, but apparently later fell in love with her after they were married. Whereas Cora fell in love with Lord Grantham at once. (Which would be understandable if the character was played by hunky Richard).


Ricrar said...

RA as young Lord Grantham sounds like perfection, Sue.
Yes, I'd say it would work.

Thx for the Julian Fellowes link.

Are you happy with the rating #37 out of 100 hot actors that Glamour Mag UK gave Richard? IMO, he should've started at #37 about 4yrs ago, which would put him in the #5 range today.

Sue said...


I think Richard's rating has slightly slipped as he seems to have been flying under the radar for the last 18 months or so because of filming TH. If he was appearing on TV regularly his rating would have been higher. Still a bit cagey over his love life then? To be honest I'd be surprised if he found time for a full on romance the amount of time he puts into his work. When he isn't filming, he's developing the character's storylines (in his mind and with scriptwriters). He seems to live the life of his character almost literally, even to the point of dreaming he's trapped and trying to escape - as with his character of John Porter.

It did occur to me that he may be a little old to play the young Earl of Grantham now. Oh dear, considered to be over the hill at 41, whatever next! (I think the producers may choose someone in their late 20's or early 30's). Although Richard does look younger than his years, in my humble opinion, when clean shave anyway.

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