October 1, 2012

Richard Armitage #37 on Glamour Mag's 100 Hottest Actors

Declassified Post the London Olympics..Lucas North keeping watch..

37. Richard Armitage

Age: 41
Single? Richard Armitage is cagey about his love life but there doesn’t seem to be a lady in his life – as long as you discount his legion of female fans..
See Him Next: Richard is set to appear as the Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s much-anticipated The Hobbit, so get in there quick because Hollywood beckons.

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FROM:  RA fan maraiad donnici on Twitter..


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Love the new poll. He should definitely be top 10. I have no idea what they were thinking.

Love the "Hot and Cold" video, too. That got a chuckle. I thought he was supposed to be such a sweet guy! Doesn't seem to be in keeping with what people usually write about him. But it was definitely funny to watch with that music as the backdrop :) :)

Thanks for the new pix, Ricrar!

Ricrar said...

I didn't read the list, Cleo, other than the excerpt about RA. I've been told Richard placed right above Brad Pitt. Chris Evans isn't on it - major omission;D

Yes, judging from his interviews, I'd say RA is a nice guy. He's also a complicated person. Of course, fans only chance to see somewhat beneath the surface is in an actor's performances. He enjoys variety in roles but so far the over-riding theme for most of them has been action - from belligerent, ambitious Guy of Gisborne to steely backboned hero John Porter.

Ricrar said...

Here are some highlights from Richard's flirty gym coach Lee in Coldfeet:


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, hot! That picture at the top here is just too hot for the morning! The snowflakes just thereafter are really necessary to bring back one's focus....

Thanks for the link to Coldfeet. Cannot WAIT to see it :) RA as a bad boy. How very interesting. Yes, he does seem to have a real emotional and topical range that's pretty extraordinary.

Brad Pitt. Give me a break. Brad Pitt doesn't even come close. Sorry. Not the same universe. No offense. We all have our own taste. :)

I didn't look at the rest of the list either. What's the point?

BTW, what is "al Sofa & Carpet"? Sounds like code. Are we to decipher it? :) :) :) Is this like a John Porter exercise in performance art for fans? :)

BTW, Morning, Ricrar!