October 5, 2012

Richard III Rumors Have Returned(See below link) +RA Fan Tanni's Magnificent Thorin Artwork + Bond: RA - Shaken Not Stirred

Richard III rumors have returned.  Interesting website giving many details of the people involved with the Greyfriar's Dig:

Plus gorgeous animation & Music:
Have the creators of following heard of 3rd film? 

The Monet look wasn't exactly the best, but THE IMPRESSIONISTS is definitely worth your time...


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, my Heavens! So many videos, so little time! I love them all!!!!!

Let RA play Bond -- PLEASE.

License to kill...going straight for your heart. Nice. :) :)

Dearie, dearie, dearie. They are all so very nice. I used to play "Nobody Does it Better."

From Russia with Love -- I think you have proven yourself that RA must play Bond. Someone please talk sense into him (and the powers that be). Any other part is just wrong. And I mean that as a universal moral statement :) :) You definitely have the touch with the videos! Thanks, Ricrar! :) :)

Ricrar said...

Happy you're enjoying the vids and photos, Cleo. I choose the ones to post out of hundreds, if not thousands of RA fanvids; however, I do not create them. Many talented RA fans have assembled them over the years, beginning with N&S in 2004.

RA really seems to feel strongly about playing a Bond baddie rather than the lead role. Perhaps his opinion would change, if he's offered the role.

No intention to insult Daniel Craig, but IMO he no longer has that special something that has always embodied 007. Time for some new blood.

Sue said...


Don't know whether you're aware of it but over here in England we are celebrating 50 years of James Bond. The new James Bond movie is out and the theme song to it sung by British singer Adele has gone straight to number one!

Apparently writer Ian Fleming described JB as over six foot tall and dark haired etc. Richard really must get the role when Daniel Craig finally hangs up his gun!



Ricrar said...

Sue, Do you feel Richard is employing some false humility by saying he'd prefer role of a Bond baddie?

Sean Bean was very effective in that type of Bond role a few yrs back.

Ricrar said...

Visual tribute by The Wall Street Journal to 50yrs of James Bond:

Patricia J. Sohn said...

Since I know I seemed on the fence about it in my last comment, let me just say that Richard is FAR too sexy for anything but the man himself. Bond. I won't see it with the current guy. Destroys it for me.

I finally got the program so I could type out my first Hebrew poem in Hebrew. It's at the top of the page at patriciajwoods.blogspot.com. The English translation comes right thereafter. It's called "Cleopatra, the 'Black Girl'".

BTW, what did you think of the Rami and Katia screen play idea?

Ricrar said...

I think it's absolutely splendid and remarkable the way you keep churning out new creative ideas, Cleo.

There's a rumor floating around that Richard returned home to UK on Oct 2. Most fascinating is the added speculation that he met with Yorkshire's Philippa Langley in reference to her Richard III script.

Nothing confirmed, but won't it be delish if he is planning to finally move ahead with his longtime dream of an update of Richard III?

Sue said...

I must admit I'd love to be part of that dig in Leicestershire, it sounds fascinating. I've been on the odd dig before many moons ago, but this would be fab. Do you think there's any chance of RA turning up in a pair of wellies and scruffy old clothes, trowel in hand? Certainly make a change from treading the red carpet in his tuxedo. Which attire do you think our Richard would be happiest wearing? (He'd look good in either obviously!)


Referring to your comment "Most fascinating is the added speculation he met with Yorkshire's Philippa Langley in reference to her Richard III script" may be a little at odds. Philippa Langley is a University Lecturer not a writer. Perhaps you mean that Richard is in contact with Philippa regarding his and Annabel Capper's joint script?

To be honest I doubt if Richard will have enough time to visit either the dig or Philippa. Most likely he's working his socks of once again do more voiceovers or girding his loins ready for the inevitable interviews and publicity merry-go-round in relation to the release of TH. (I think that may well be Richard's least favourite part of his job as an actor. Probably much rather be knee deep in the muddy car park in Leicester).

Sue said...


Sorry re the Philippa Langley comment. I've just googled Philippa (ooh sounds painful) and found you are correct and she is in fact a screenwriter. Just think all that work Richard and Annable put into their script only for Philippa to write one which would have saved RA all that research. Which script will be the best do you think? (You're right, no contest!)

Ricrar said...

Sue, I'd say Richard would be most comfortable whooshing down a mountain(wearing skis of course:) in his fav part of the French alps.

IMO, most actors find selling a film to be the least fav part of their profession. Majority of them always look as though they'd rather be almost anywhere other than across from the show host trying to pull an interesting exchange from them. Although, as we know, they won't have that difficulty w/RA. He always seems to be prepared with informative and witty remarks about his latest project.

How do you know Richard and Annabel Capper wrote a Richard III script? Did he mention it at one time - if so, I've managed to miss it.

As for the dig, have you checked whether they accept volunteers? It tends to be grungy work, they're probably happy for as many hands as possible. Especially those with some experience. I doubt Richard would want to get dirt under his fingernails--get the impression he's fastidious w/personal grooming. I could be wrong of course, he did mention enjoying DIY work and it's not easy to avoid getting covered with dust or/and paint while on handyman duty.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thank you, Ricrar! You are very kind. I'm excited about the idea of turning the Rami and Katia story into a screen play. It keeps coming out in little bits at a time thus far, so I like the idea of developing it more. I was trying to think of a way to make it a Bond film, but, alas, couldn't figure it out...too far fetched....Bond as originally Israeli secret services? Or maybe cousin-of-Bond, the Israeli kid defects to UK to become secret agent 007, shaken, not stirred?..... (Sigh. Oh, my Heavens.) I think I'll stay away from Bond. But RA definitely should not! He should be Bond!!!!! And when he's done meeting with writers in the UK, he should meet with me (nudge, nudge). :) :) :) I'll write anything for him -- except maybe Richard III, unless it's Richard III qua King Arthur and the Roundtable, then I'm his man! :) :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Love the new poll -- but -- I think it should be Charlotte Johansson! Regal. Sexy. She could play next to RA and make a splash.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Now that I think of it, RA and Charlotte Johansson as the newest Bond team could be pretty hot on the silver screen! :) :)

Love the new videos, as always. The Gregorian chants are wonderful! I have a story about a similar Ethiopian chanting in Jerusalem. I love that genre. The Misty Mountains song reminds me a lot of that genre as well (I almost called it the "mystic mountains" -- apropos, given the cmoparison).

I especially like the last video with the sketches and photos. I wonder who did them? They are beautiful work!


Ricrar said...

Gregorian chant is so relaxing, isn't it? Then you add modern lyrics and it adds an entirely new dimension to the music.

I brought back the Gregorian Evil Game vid - have no idea who created the sketches/paintings - they're very well done. There are a couple other Gregorian vids with the same format. It's definitely more captivating than watching half a dozen monks in robes;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Yes, well, that first sketch of the opening page reminds me of me when I was young. (Ha ha). Too bad. Age is such a sorry thing.

Love the new Thorin trailer! Can't they push up the opening a little bit?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Here's a link to my travelogue about a form of chanting very much akin to Gregorian chanting that I found in my travels in Jerusalem. This is my only true story, out of all the stories I have posted on my page. I highly recommend visiting this place if you ever go!