March 31, 2010

Richard's Zodiac Sign Revisited

Speaking of visits - remember the RH3 ep when Guy unleashed a rough around the edges lion on Robin & Co?  Not being aware at the time that he was a Leo, it didn't occur to me that RA's zodiac symbol had made a guest appearance.  Doesn't he sometimes seem to mimic Leo the Lion?...

In fact, in the one above Guy is roaring louder than the lion.


There were times in RH3 when Guy's hair resembled a lion's mane...

New RA Spooks 9 Photo

Take a deep photo followed by 'rich' headline...

SPOOKS star Richard Armitage returns for the drama's ninth series and becomes embroiled in what bosses say is a "dark secret that leads to the ultimate betrayal".

The spy hit airs on BBC1 in the autumn and is filming on location in London.

New stars include Underworld star Sophia Myles and The Tudors' Max Brown.
hmmmmm, "dark secret that leads to the ultimate betrayal".  Sounds as though it's even more sinister than the Sarah scenario.  The 'dark' secret wouldn't be the good news Ros survived, so what could it be?  Is it Lucas' betrayal?  Our hero would never really turn traitor, although he might appear to do so as part of a clever plot. They certainly know how to whet our appetites for the new series, do they not;) 
The above photo reminds me of....

March 30, 2010

Mid-week Wake up Call

Evan Update: Wk 2, Dancing the jive:
Wake up! Wake up! It's only mid-week...not yet time to sleep--despite the fact some might've been dreaming...
Uh oh, this next one doesn't look he sleeping or yikes! - how could anyone do that to...
adorable Ian of the towel??(Ultimate Force)
Oh well, no doubt everyone's awake good & proper by now:)

Lucas North's Sex Life Highlights A Basic Difference Between the Sexes...

This past wkend DH & I finally returned to Spooks 8, ep 5.  You remember the one when Harry directed Lucas to probe Sarah (as if he needed an excuse..LOL) as to her whereabouts when Samuel Walker was killed.  MI5 knew within a few feet where she was at the time thanks to Lucas' clever retrieval of the data from the CIA's London hdqtrs.  As you know, Sarah lied while answering her 'honey's' query.  The immediate thought ran through my mind "now that he knows she's lying to him, Lucas will probably make an excuse not to stay for their usual liaison session." 

Paradoxically, hubby's reaction to the same situation was to blurt out "Lucas, old boy, you might as well have one more romp in the hay." haha Obviously there's a basic difference between the sexes in this area.  Under the same circumstances females would feign a headache & go home in a dejected huff,  while the opposite sex stays the course and continues to 'liaison' as if nothing had happened.  Conclusion: ep 5 must've been written by a man.

What happened to Sarah - she seems to have disappeared;)..
there she is....drat!

Richard Armitage: John Thornton Pics & Poll

Ah, darling John Thornton and his touchingly conscientious way of conducting business and pursuing personal interests.  Have you found while watching N&S that your heart skips a quicker beat when JT's top hat, cravat and suit coat make an appearance, or perhaps you feel the temp rising whenever those pieces of apparel suddenly disappear? (see poll)

                                                             1.  With?

2.  Without?

March 29, 2010

Richard Armitage in a Movie Re-make - Choose which one...see clips below...

Paul Scofield's role as Sir Thos More in ‘A Man for all Seasons‘(he'd love sinking his acting chops into this one)

King in Camelot - he'd sing the following lovely song:

Michael Caine’s role in ‘Alfie‘(a sexy scamp)

The king in ‘The Lion in Winter’(will require much aging...Richard would relish that aspect of the role. Best example was his imaginative & hilarious portrayal of an elderly man in Pt 3 of Clarissa)

Richard Armitage: Lucas North Pics

Can't ignore the potential winner of the first Wii Game Title Runoff--he's accompanied by Dr Track of The Golden Hour who could feature in the next runoff...

March 28, 2010

Richard Armitage: Guy of Gisborne Photos & Poll

Which of the following Guys would you prefer rescue you from a tree?
                                                            1.  RH 1
2.  RH 2
3.  RH 3

March 26, 2010

Richard Armitage: Guy of Gisborne Poll Pix

All the following Guy pics are from which RH episode? (See poll) Answer will be posted here when the poll expires...

March 25, 2010

Olympic Gold Medal Winner's Latest Quest & Disco RA

Here's olympic gold-medal winner Evan Lysacek's debut on Dancing w/the Stars - the Viennese Waltz..

Be still my heart - what a thrill - dancing with the your heart out John Travolta..

An Invitation from RA to a Strike Back Premiere Party - Lucky You!! Choose Your Dress Poll

Wow, this is exciting - good for you! - which dress will you wear?...

                                                     1. Fluid hemline

                                                         2. Teal temptress

3. Sleek & sultry

Richard Armitage as Clarissa's Lovelace - Are You Listening?

If you've missed parts 1 & 2 of Clarissa and need to quickly catch up w/the storyline in order to enjoy upcoming parts 3 & 4, the following link takes you to the 1990s Sean Bean version of Samuel Richardson's saga...

Scroll to the Feb 27 post..