June 29, 2012

New iPad THORIN Pic + Love Letter from Canada(see vid) + The Primal ScReAms + Armytage Estate,Robin Hood's Grave For Sale(see link) + Richard Armitage and Others Will Appear at Comic Con

My eye color..what's yours? See poll..

RA's fan PegZ on Twitter designed a lovely invitation for him..
The primal scReAms collection:

Robin Hood's grave for sale--located on ancient Armytage Estate:

                                 How's this for professional coincidence?

‘Hobbit’ lineup announced for Comic-Con includes Jackson, McKellen, Serkis, Armitage, Freeman, Boyens

SAN DIEGO – Warner Bros. today announced what has been suspected and rumored: the studio is bringing “The Hobbit,” to the San Diego Comic-Con in a big way. Most surprising is just how big as director Peter Jackson, producer and co-screenwriterPhilippa Boyens, actor and director Andy Serkis along with featured actors Martin FreemanIan McKellen and Richard Armitage are all expected at the Saturday, July 14 Comic-Con panel hosted by Warner Bros. The film sharing the three-hour slot with “The Hobbit,” is none other than “Hobbit” co-writer Guillermo del Toro‘s “Pacific Rim.” The director is also expected to be in attendance. TheOneRing.net’s team of 13 staffers (a lucky 13 that works nicely with the source material) will be reportingfrom the scene as much as possible, bringing the emotions, news, photos, video and quotes to the online audience.
The studio has been relatively quiet on the publicity front considering the budget and cultural size of the two films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” (celebrating its 75th anniversary in print this year) releasing a single trailer, a series of character photos and letting Peter Jackson’s own production diaries on his Facebook page function as pre-film publicity. That seems to be changing in a single moment as WB drops an atomic bomb of Middle-earth star power at the central event of the popular-culture calendar.
Guillermo Del ToroThe SDCC comes at a good time for “The Hobbit,” production, which holds a wrap party on July 7 after shooting both films in three distinct blocks. Principal photography will be over for the main actors and crew, seemingly just in time for the participants above to recover for a day or two and then to be whisked away to San Diego — almost as if it was planned from the beginning. Pickup shots are expected to follow soon after the Comic-Con wrap and it seems likely the group will leave the convention and return to Wellington, New Zealand. Jackson certainly has a movie to finish in time for its Nov. 28 world premiere in his home town.
TheOneRing.net will photograph, film, report and tweet about the panel and surrounding press opportunities as they become available. (Follow us on Twitter @TheOneRingNet and on like us on Facebook the same way. Topics #SDCC, #Hobbit and #TORn will be heavily used by our staff and our official accounts).
TheOneRing will be in two locations on the dealer’s floor and still bring coverage from the Con as much as possible. We are interested in film and book news, “Hobbit,” and “Lord of the Rings,” products, costumes (Middle-earth and not), celebrities, news and the quirky fun that is Comic-Con. Find us with Badali Jewelry at booth #530 & #532 and with Weta Workshop#3513B. We will have a variety of t-shirt designs available, purchase of which helps the not-for-profit website to attend events like Comic-Con. This year we are adding some fun button designs (very limited amounts) for $1, with a new design available each day of the convention Thursday – Sunday.
Hall H, the San Diego Convention Center’s largest auditorium, holds 6,500 and has been a tough place to get a seat the last few years. “Twilight,” fans started camping out for the panels for those films (free with convention pass) and now the hall is subject to long lines and plenty of waiting. That is likely to be the case Saturday, July 14 as Warners and other big Hollywood studios trot out their hottest properties to give them buzz, spread from the fervent fans attending the event.
James Cameron brought his “Avatar” film to Hall H a few years ago where 3D glasses were provided and where fans in attendance (including this writer) were mostly “wowed” with the footage.
Jackson and Warners may opt to do the same in 2012 for the first “Hobbit” film which is not only in 3D but was shot at 48 frames-per-second, creating a much more realistic cinematic experience that raised some controversy among a select screening audience of journalists. It is not known if Comic-Con’s technology can accommodate 48fps but it could be the first time the public is allowed to see footage from the film in that format.
Part of the international appeal of Comic-Con, July 11-15) is its full coverage in both genre and mainstream press from the likes of the New York Times and USA Today. The first film, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” is set for release in theaters Dec. 14.

[R: Hollywood execs crucified Jim Caviezel for his choice of roles.  How dare he have a non-Liberal belief system - did he not realize that only *brown nosing* Liberal *espousing* actors are welcome in LaLaLand?
These same neanderthals try to impose their political beliefs on Americans through their mindless movies.  Currently many are telling US voters who should be president.  No one is supposed to notice that unemployment is today higher than it has been since the Great Depression.  In order to cut to the chase - anyone who looks to the Entertainment Industry for wisdom will find there a great wrong-headed, wasteland of incorrigible, small-minded people.]


June 23, 2012

TORn CC Article + Has Anyone Warned Thorin Not to Pull Sword at CC? + The Messiah Poll + The Hobbit Cast Last Night in NZ + James Caviezel's 'Person of Interest' is Best TV Show

The Literal The Hobbit trailer..hilarious:

Game of Thrones is one of the other major productions, besides The Hobbit, that's expected to appear at Comic Con.  See article here:

The messiah poll:  Which looks more Christ-like?
1) RA as Guy of Gisborne..RH3

2)James Caviezel in The Passion of Christ?

[R: Ah, Hollywood. After reading the following actor's difficult journey, I'm reminded exactly why I'd ignored everything to do with it and show business in general for over 10yrs]
"Hollywood is nothing if not vengeful. Jim Caviezel, star of The Passion of Christ says that he has been blacklisted." 

                                                       I luvvv the following show.  Discovered it as the season ended and was fortunate in that CBS decided to rerun for the summer.  It's very well done--fascinating premise.  Title is 'Person of Interest.' The star definitely is one:)
For those who've never seen 'Person of Interest,' following is the trailer for the first season.  The premise is that a computer geek billionaire, with access to government files containing tremendous amounts of personal and other information on each citizen, develops a program that pinpoints someone in imminent grave danger.  The nerdy computer specialist needs someone to help him prevent the person identified from either commiting a deadly crime or becoming the victim of one.  He finds a former CIA agent whose job and quality of life disintegrated when he lost his wife.  Reese, the former CIA operative, agrees to help save innocent peoples' lives.  Each week he's handed the name of the 'person of interest.'  With  simply that sole piece of information to go on, he proceeds to discover why that person's name has popped unto their computer screen; and what it behooves him to do to prevent a tragedy. 

By the way, the star James Caviezel has played someone with the initials J.C., which are not only his initials as well, but also my hubby's.  How's that for coincidence?  Of course, the most famous J.C. of the three is Jesus Christ;) I've never seen the movie 'The Passion of Christ' and don't intend to do so, since I've never been a religious person - more philosophical than religious.  I am however married to a wonderful man in every way, who is also a Sunday churchgoer.  Generalizations never work when applied to individuals, but in my life I've definitely found the company of people of faith to be far less boring than sharing time with those who make a religion out of attacking the faithful.

Since this Caviezel tv series is appearing on a Richard Armitage blog, I'd like to state that I love all 3 of the aforementioned guys, that is Armitage, Caviezel and my very own J.C. - all for different reasons.  Of course the hubby-in-chief is definitely  my main squeeze.  There's nothing smoke and mirrors about him, which is the direct opposite of the entertainment industry.

June 16, 2012

Another Tease re CC + Ian McKellen Interview(see excerpts&link) + First Anna Karenina Trailer(& Newspaper Article 4/19/2006) + Prometheus Review(JT wearing neck glowlight?) + TORn Website Provides Comic Con Details Including "Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman May Attend" + YoYo Weight Poll (see pix & poll) + Sue's British Cousin Suggestion for Dallas + "5 Brits on the Brink" + Thorin's Expected First Scene in THE HOBBIT Movie

Another "might" attend article:

The Hobbit NEWS
McKellen's last two shows are this weekend, with a performance on Saturday at Wellington's Opera House - the audience will include some of The Hobbit cast and crew, including Jackson - and then the final show in Carterton on Sunday.
McKellen expects shooting to be completed on The Hobbit by the end of next month. He says it's likely he will return next year for a small amount of additional shooting for the second part The Hobbit: There and Back Again. ...They have us going around the world doing publicity...There will be further premieres in London, New York and Berlin and Tokyo 
What if C19 John Thornton had worn one of those neck uplights we see in Ridley Scott's new film 'Prometheus'.  Think of mood lighting encircling JT's neck and reflecting upward unto all that stubble.  
Proving yet again that I find sci-fi meh, that's actually the only thing that leaves me curious about 'Prometheus' - why are they wearing, what looks like, neck glowlights?  Here's a review:

Poll photos:

See entire article below--Apr 19, 2006..Excerpt:
"His other lasting memory from the set was chatting up a beautiful young actress whom he believed to be Natalie Portman. She nodded politely as he called her Natalie over and over again, but when she stepped forward for her scene, Armitage realised she was Portman's body double, an unknown British actress by the name of Keira Knightley."

June 10, 2012

Another Clever Tribute from Tanni(see link) + New Spooks9 & Guy Pix..Thanks to http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/ + Lucy Griffiths Photo as Vampire Nora + Good News for Jorah Mormont Fans(He's actor Iain Glen in HBO's Game of Thrones)

Kudos to Tanni..
Is he in the Lucas zone?..Do Not Enter!

A Mary Baker Eddy quote from RA..

Is Sir Guy toasting the imminent wrap of The Hobbit?

Thank you to http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/ for providing above and below  Spooks9 photos that appear on French Canal tv website..

Where Are They Now?
Well, for one, Lucy Griffith (Marian to RA's Guy of Gisborne) will make her appearance as vampire Nora in True Blood. As I type, millions of Americans are watching ep 1 of the new season.  Many tweets leading up to the opening episode wore the hashtag #waitingsucks. haha Here's Lucy with her brother vampire Eric.  She explained that in this scene they are on the attack after being surprised.  
The actress also described the brother-sister relationship as a fiery one.  When might she have had experience with another *fiery* on-screen ship during her career?:)

Some good news for those of you who've enjoyed Iain Glen as Daenerys protector, Jorah, in Game of Thrones.  The actor will narrate Geo Martin's first novel entitled DYING OF THE LIGHT.  The narration is not yet available for purchase - will inform you when it is.

June 3, 2012

Richard Armitage: Watch PJ's New VidBlog..Richard Armitage as Thorin + Virtual CC Visit Plans: Musa as Dwarf Woman, Sue as Catwoman, Ricrar as Wonder Woman..Let the Silliness Commence:) + Thorin Quotes + Comic Con:Richard Armitage Confirms He'll Be There

Anyone else remember what had prompted the wide devilish smile above?  It was during the NZ press conference for The Hobbit.  One of the other actors made a naughty remark.  All 3 hot hunks above seemed to appreciate, and probably agreed  with, the comment.  Here's a hint--a reference was made to a particular type of material.  Expression above seems to say "I can't believe he just said that."

Screencaps from recent PJ Vblog..Thorin runs into burning forest..he's definitely hot:D
Thanks for great screencaps to richardarmitagecentral.com and


Our friend Peter Jackson just updated his Facebook page. Sounds like he will give us another production video...

Devastating news - ComicCon 2012 badges are sold out..Lol:D
Family member was a Star Trek convention goer for many yrs, therefore know it can get rather crazy with their nerdy enthusiasm.  We're up to the Thorin task at hand! As RA said "Bring it on!"  Musa is planning to wear a dwarf woman costume for our *virtual* trip to the convention, so I'll need to contemplate how hubby's fav comic book phenomenon - Wonder Woman's skimpy 2-piece costume - can be adapted for middle earth.  Suppose that won't work since, while reading Tolkien's THE HOBBIT, there didn't appear to be any females in it. Might need a Thorin-like cloak with hood.
Comic-Con 2012's Website:  http://www.comic-con.org/cci/

Listen to Lucas North on French Canal channel - something is wrong...very, very wrong:)  http://player.canalplus.fr/#/659751   Thank you to
www.richardarmitagenet.com for the link.