June 23, 2012

TORn CC Article + Has Anyone Warned Thorin Not to Pull Sword at CC? + The Messiah Poll + The Hobbit Cast Last Night in NZ + James Caviezel's 'Person of Interest' is Best TV Show

The Literal The Hobbit trailer..hilarious:

Game of Thrones is one of the other major productions, besides The Hobbit, that's expected to appear at Comic Con.  See article here:

The messiah poll:  Which looks more Christ-like?
1) RA as Guy of Gisborne..RH3

2)James Caviezel in The Passion of Christ?

[R: Ah, Hollywood. After reading the following actor's difficult journey, I'm reminded exactly why I'd ignored everything to do with it and show business in general for over 10yrs]
"Hollywood is nothing if not vengeful. Jim Caviezel, star of The Passion of Christ says that he has been blacklisted." 

                                                       I luvvv the following show.  Discovered it as the season ended and was fortunate in that CBS decided to rerun for the summer.  It's very well done--fascinating premise.  Title is 'Person of Interest.' The star definitely is one:)
For those who've never seen 'Person of Interest,' following is the trailer for the first season.  The premise is that a computer geek billionaire, with access to government files containing tremendous amounts of personal and other information on each citizen, develops a program that pinpoints someone in imminent grave danger.  The nerdy computer specialist needs someone to help him prevent the person identified from either commiting a deadly crime or becoming the victim of one.  He finds a former CIA agent whose job and quality of life disintegrated when he lost his wife.  Reese, the former CIA operative, agrees to help save innocent peoples' lives.  Each week he's handed the name of the 'person of interest.'  With  simply that sole piece of information to go on, he proceeds to discover why that person's name has popped unto their computer screen; and what it behooves him to do to prevent a tragedy. 

By the way, the star James Caviezel has played someone with the initials J.C., which are not only his initials as well, but also my hubby's.  How's that for coincidence?  Of course, the most famous J.C. of the three is Jesus Christ;) I've never seen the movie 'The Passion of Christ' and don't intend to do so, since I've never been a religious person - more philosophical than religious.  I am however married to a wonderful man in every way, who is also a Sunday churchgoer.  Generalizations never work when applied to individuals, but in my life I've definitely found the company of people of faith to be far less boring than sharing time with those who make a religion out of attacking the faithful.

Since this Caviezel tv series is appearing on a Richard Armitage blog, I'd like to state that I love all 3 of the aforementioned guys, that is Armitage, Caviezel and my very own J.C. - all for different reasons.  Of course the hubby-in-chief is definitely  my main squeeze.  There's nothing smoke and mirrors about him, which is the direct opposite of the entertainment industry.


Sue said...

Richard seems to be quite ill at ease at these kind of public occasions and I think he still believes himself to be that 14 year old lanky school kid at heart.

I'm guessing it's pretty hard work filming TH and he'll be glad to get back home to England for a bit of kip. He looks a little tired to me. Poor luv.

Looking nice and tanned though!

Musa said...

What a great day yesterday, in Hobbit Heaven. So good to see him looking so good.
I agree Sue, I hope RA has time for a holiday before the international TH PR gets in full swing.

Ricrar said...

Hey there, Sue & Musa,

I thought it was interesting how the woman, who spoke w/Richard at the charity event, described his mood - she said he didn't exactly seem shy to her but he was very still.

Methinks TH represents a turning point in his life. He's finally accomplished what must've been the driving force in his life - a starring role in a major film.

Will be wonderful to hear his comments at Comic Con on The Hobbit. Perhaps he'll be asked his career plans as well. Would be fantastic to get a handle on where he intends to go from here.

Another thought--will he continue to live in NZ or return to London as his homebase? His hobbit promotions/interviews will probably keep him travelling around the globe for next few mos. Looking forward to the continuing journey/next chapter of an actor's odyssey.

Sue said...


Personally I think Richard will return to London as his homebase. he will of course have to promote TH but that will include promoting it to us Brits when it comes out over here.

As for Richard being "very still". I've heard something similar said about him before. I think he is very self conscious and being so tall can't help. I expected him to grow out of his shyness by now to some extent. Usually when you hit forty you seem to say "to hell with it they can take me as they find me" and you cease to care what people think of you (that's what seemed to happen to me anyhow!)Perhaps he needs to be a bit more bloody minded and less caring of people's feelings or needs.

About his attire. Seems that he is still wearing his Spooks costume cast-offs. Is he just an old skinflint or is it that he just hates shopping for new clothes do you think? (A brief thought of sharing a tiny cramped changing cubicle in some department store with RA comes to mind! I'd be there purely to advise you understand! Yeah we believe you Sue, thousands wouldn't!)

Ricrar said...

Sue, remember when Richard described himself as a "people pleaser." Believe he was commenting on the Porter role and his feeling many fans would disapprove of his choice.

Yes, the black top he wore to the NZ event certainly looked like one from Lucas North's wardrobe. Not certain about the jeans, although they did appear to have the telltale agent North snug fit about them.
There's a precious video of him off set with Ros and other cast members. They appear to be getting ready to walk back on, but first Richard made certain to adjust those tight jeans. Can't remember where I saw it or would post the link - it does trigger a giggle.

Could get really interesting in that tiny cubicle with RA---we might need to send in Dr Track's medical emergency team. *chuckle*

Musa said...

Very spiritual polls Ricrar! I do think there's definite a resemblance between the Messiah (or images of)and Season 3 Guy. Especially in the prison scenes.

As a shy person myself I identify and feel for Richard Armitage. I think he's being true to his feelings and his personality and why want him to be a different person. I think if that is who you are, you'll always feel that way, all your life. Yes, when you're older you become a bit less concerned about the judgement of others, but a person who is shy is always sensitive to the reactions of others. I agree that as a tall young man he must have always had to stand in the back of group and now it's a habit as well as a concern for others.

I just saw a new tweet from an English guy who lives in NZ he and his wife met RA on Saturday at the Opera House, saying what a nice guy RA is, and also that his wife gave him a kiss! Jealous of that woman!

I also think he'll go back to London and maybe go back to NZ on holidays ;)

Sue said...

It seems that Richard will indeed be attending Comic Con on July 14th!



Am I right in thinking that after the wrap party on July 7th, both films (as far as the actors are concerned at least) will be finished? I thought they were supposed to be working until 2013? If so, our lovely RA will be looking to line up another gig. Now what will be in store for our favourite actor?

Knowing Richard he will probably turn up in his Thorin costume! Surely Richard you can now afford to adorn that lovely bod. in a suit made specifically for you and not one of your characters? (Just don't turn into medallion man now you're rich and famous! Yuk!)

Ricrar said...

Do either of you think there's a chance Richard will have a lovely lady on his arm after the CC panel?

When he went off to NZ, I envisioned him finally meeting the girl of his dreams. From what we've seen in PJ vidlogs, there was probably very little time for RA to pursue a cute kiwi.

Sue, your remark about medallion man reminds me of his N&S extras interview. What did you think of the cord he wore around his neck. It was 2004, maybe they were in style for men at that time. Knowing his penchant for staying in character I wouldn't be at all surprised if he shows up wearing Thorin blue coat.

Thx for the link - off I go to bring it back and post it. Hope both of you have a fun wkend.

Sue said...


I remember that piccy of Richard and his Gucci necklace. I bet it cost a bomb to buy just for something that looks like an old washer on a bit of black string. One born every minute! Although I did wonder if a fan had sent it to him as a gift.

I must admit I'm not a fan of men wearing jewellery, looks a bit puffy. (Sorry not terribly PC I know). Don't mind the watches he wears though, I could do with one of those (wouldn't mind the bloke wearing it either come to that!)

Maybe in the absence of a sex kitten on Richard's arm Annabel Capper will fill in the void (lucky beggar). I'm beginning to doubt we will ever see Richard with a lady on his arm (except for his mum perhaps).

Just heard that Tom Cruise and his 3rd wife (what a glutton for punishment that man must be!)have just announced they are to split. Mind you she is 16 years his junior and Tom is getting on a bit now, maybe she's traded him in for a younger (or taller) model. (How's RA fixed do you think as a potential suitor?) I could never see the attraction with TC myself. I remember watching Top Gun and thinking to myself "what a weedy looking thing" as he pranced around thinking he was the cat's whiskers. Not my type at all. (But then you know what my type is don't you, cos we all share the same dream man! (In our imaginations anyhow! Shame!)

Ricrar said...

Yes, that necklace in N&S extras interview gave me pause. First wondered if his nephew had strung the beads:) then decided it was probably the latest menswear fad. Guyliner also caused a few moments of puzzlement but remembered he was the dark baddie, therefore entitled to have corresponding makeup.

BTW, this forum is PC free. I don't believe in it. I value truth too much to ever bend it just because the liberal propagandists have deemed it to be the unwritten law.

Don't have hope of any sex kittens showing up on RA's arm. When he waved adieu over 18mos ago & flew to NZ, my romantic heart pictured him meeting the girl of his dreams, but apparently it hasn't materialized. The sheer joy of finally being with that special someone would've caused him to drop his privacy guard - we've not seen any candid pix other than the recent event.

Sincerely hope he does find happiness in every way in the not too distant future. He's not getting any younger, so he'd better start enjoying the fruits of his labor asap.

It's really sad that he doesn't realize the perfect woman for him is named Sue - back home continuing to dReAm:) about cornering him in all sorts of compromising positions.

We're agreed for the most part on Tom Cruise. He had such a handsome face for a long string of films that no one seemed to notice his height. It's charming though that he's so secure in his manhood it doesn't bother him to marry someone noticeably taller. Nicole Kidman towered over him as well, and neither wife had the consideration to wear flats. haha As for me, my vertical problem was always the reverse. Hubby is almost 6'4" and I'm 5'4". Have done a great deal of stretching over the yrs.*oh yeah* teehee.

Hope you are having a wonderful wkend. It's hot as he!! here in the states.