June 3, 2012

Richard Armitage: Watch PJ's New VidBlog..Richard Armitage as Thorin + Virtual CC Visit Plans: Musa as Dwarf Woman, Sue as Catwoman, Ricrar as Wonder Woman..Let the Silliness Commence:) + Thorin Quotes + Comic Con:Richard Armitage Confirms He'll Be There

Anyone else remember what had prompted the wide devilish smile above?  It was during the NZ press conference for The Hobbit.  One of the other actors made a naughty remark.  All 3 hot hunks above seemed to appreciate, and probably agreed  with, the comment.  Here's a hint--a reference was made to a particular type of material.  Expression above seems to say "I can't believe he just said that."

Screencaps from recent PJ Vblog..Thorin runs into burning forest..he's definitely hot:D
Thanks for great screencaps to richardarmitagecentral.com and


Our friend Peter Jackson just updated his Facebook page. Sounds like he will give us another production video...

Devastating news - ComicCon 2012 badges are sold out..Lol:D
Family member was a Star Trek convention goer for many yrs, therefore know it can get rather crazy with their nerdy enthusiasm.  We're up to the Thorin task at hand! As RA said "Bring it on!"  Musa is planning to wear a dwarf woman costume for our *virtual* trip to the convention, so I'll need to contemplate how hubby's fav comic book phenomenon - Wonder Woman's skimpy 2-piece costume - can be adapted for middle earth.  Suppose that won't work since, while reading Tolkien's THE HOBBIT, there didn't appear to be any females in it. Might need a Thorin-like cloak with hood.
Comic-Con 2012's Website:  http://www.comic-con.org/cci/

Listen to Lucas North on French Canal channel - something is wrong...very, very wrong:)  http://player.canalplus.fr/#/659751   Thank you to
www.richardarmitagenet.com for the link.


Musa said...

I'm so looking forward to July now!I had hoped he would be at Comic-Con, I was pretty sure PJ would be with something, but to have RA confirm it himself is a bonus!

I know from the past that the panels usually find their way to YouTube,and hopefully some RA fans will find their way there. TORN will be there, so we can be sure one of the Twitter guys will be covering it. Isn't this exciting!

Musa said...

Just looked at your link for Spooks on the French Channel! What!? Nooo!

Ricrar said...

Yes, very exhiliarating indeed after so many months of *nothing* - finally promotions are getting under way.

He's taking his swords to fight off the fanboys. *chuckles* Truth is, in his case, there will probably be more fangurls - the California contingent of fans will be there for sure. Maybe they pre-ordered tickets knowing the chances were good that Richard would appear. Afterall, Thorin might be paranoid, but he's big dwarf(if possible:) on the hobbit campus - along w/Bilbo and Gandalf.

We'd better start sewing our costumes:) No self-respecting comic-con attendee shows up without a superhero costume of some sort. Hubby told me, as a boy, his fav comic was Wonder Woman..just might adapt her 2-piece outfit to blend into middle earth. *as if that were possible*

Ricrar said...

Know what you mean, Musa, about Lucas' voice dubbed in French. Now we know what an immense difference that deep husky voice makes for the entire package. Wait until the voice bursts unto big screen shouting orders in all directions - audience will be mesmerized by the sound, then he'll finally shed all the extra hair and they'll be stunned at what they see. Should be so much fun to watch the revelations.

Sue said...


Lets face it, if Richard can put up with us lot (his loving fans that is), dealing with Comic Con fans will be a walk in the park for him!!!

Me thinks I might consider going as Cat Woman! (Watch out Richard my claws are lethal!)

Ricrar said...

haha..said as much to Musa, Sue, as far as Richard being far more in danger of being attacked by us than any fanboys:) Besides, once they see his no doubt adept translation of the Thorin role, they'll squee almost as much as us. Although hopefully for different reasons. They'll probably appreciate his swordplay and ferocious bellowing whenever dwarves and Bilbo are attacked. Well, there are a few of his female fans who might need cooling off after those scenes as well.

o.k. pencilled you in for the catwoman costume. hehe So far we have a dwarf woman, wonder woman in disguise(wearing matching blue Thorin-like cape:) and of course your mesmerizing catwoman suit. Will you be happy for those zumba lessons while slipping into the black spandex?

Must confess I'm really looking forward to the paranoid moments Richard promised in above interview. Oooh, getting all wibbly just thinking about Thorin's brooding expressions in those piercing cerulean eyes. Thank gawd there wasn't any way PJ could cover them with some hairy growth*chuckles* Spider webs maybe, but they'll be temporary.

BTW, that was quite a party you and yours threw over the wkend. Enjoyed watching the Thames flotilla Sun on BBCA. Then had a few hardy laughs reading twitter QE's comments during the festivities. One was "still reigning." haha

Must ask about Prince Phillip's current health - was he really rushed to the hospital in middle of a jubilee event?

JeannieGisborne said...

If I'd have known sooner, I wouldhave tried to get a badge as I am only a six hour journey to San Diego. Als, I will have to wait for a possible YT upload of it.

Sue said...


Re Prince Philip - afraid he wasn't dramatically rushed into hospital, but he was admitted due to a bladder infection and had to miss the final jubilee day event. I bet he took some persuading to stay in his hospital bed. Shame about the weather, in the north of England it was dry and sunny except for the Sunday so not so bad.

As for my Cat Woman outfit. I can tell you now, I purr like a kitten when someone rubs my tummy!

Strange that Richard discribes Thorin as paranoid, a grumpy old sod maybe, but as for paranoid somehow that doesn't fit with how I assumed it would be played. Keeping us all on our toes as usual Richard, never know which direction he's going to leap in next!

I've recently been making do with the odd glimpse of Ruperty Penrys-Jones' ample buttocks in the new series of "Silk". (He gets quite a few romps in this series I can tell you). I was in fits of laughter when after a little dalliance, shall we say, in a disabled toilet, having had all his buttons ripped from his shirt and the flies on his trousers given the same treatment, he had to make an urgent phone call for his clerk to come to his aid!

After having studied the subject of bare bums in detail I've come to the conclusion that Richard's bum, being rather on the voluptuous and chunky side, is by far the most superior of all! (God this RA drought is killing me!!!Let's hope the heavens open soon and it pours down!)

Ricrar said...

Welcome to the blog Jeannie:)

We were wondering if anyone from the west coast RA fan contingent would make it to ComicCon. It seems most did not expect badges to fly off the shelf quite so quickly.

Have you seen PJ's new vidblog issued today? I'll get link and post above. Richard is visible in many scenes but he walks right past the vidblogger camera at one point - seems to be focused in chat about next scene.

I said to a Luke Evans(he's Bard) fan that it's a good thing RA has such a vocal fanbase because he's really not into pushing his face in front of camera unless it's for a role.

Ricrar said...

Hey there Sue, I'm going for link to PJ's new vidblog to post above, just in case you've not yet seen it. Will have longer reply to your comment when I return.

Ricrar said...

It's so true, Sue, that Richard's comment about Thorin being paranoid is thought provoking. His take on a new role is always unique - no doubt that's one of the reasons his performances are always dynamic.

As usual you're comments have inspired me to check out RPJ's latest series. Sounds as though you've been inspecting the available fresh produce..especially some firm peaches:)

Yes, we're all ready for those gates to open. These latest developments - The promised Hobbit presence at ComicCon and PJ's new vidblog - appear to be the first trickles of the upcoming flood of promotions for the new movie. Allelulia!

Sue said...


I find it quite intriguing that Richard always seems to create/look for flaws within his characters. Can this be subliminal thinking, are there many and varied elements of his own personality that he believes to be flawed or imperfect?

Recently heard that PJ has said that TH will be première in NZ at the end of November and officially be released on the 14th December 2012.

Ricrar said...

Yes, Sue, Nov 28 premiere for the hobbit at The Embassy theater in Wellington. Then Dec worldwide. Wouldn't we dearly luv to have Richard's schedule for interview promotions. Believe next poll will ask everyone's best guess at how early they'll begin.

As for RA's self-image being reflected in his creative flaws for characters, doesn't that attitude usually come with intelligence?

Might that be an idea for a poll asking "Is it better to be dumb and happy or intelligent and have self doubts?" Don't you think Richard would answer he prefers the latter even though it sometimes can cause personal angst. For example, his quote saying he'd never be concerned about aging if it wasn't "for doing this job."

Switching topics - Did the series Dallas play in UK years ago? Guess what--it's back. Starting this Wed JR and Bobby Ewing plus their sons come riding into our living rooms. One of the most unforgettable scenes in the original show had Bobby returning to the show standing in his shower after everyone thought he'd dies. You see, it was all his wife's dream:)

New series photo promotion has Bobby standing in his shower along with all the other members of the cast - everyone is shower ready. We really didn't need to see retirement age JR & Bobby at this point, but there they are with their very ogle worthy sons.

Ricrar said...

Sue, Just leaving this RPJ interview link here in case you somehow missed it. Holly is adorable - the situation reminds me of Richard's radio interview, when his young admirer was so embarrassed as they hugged.


Silk looks very entertaining. Hoping it will show on our PBS station soon. At this time last summer, they had White Chapel.

Musa/Fabo said...

I know my answer, better to be intelligent with self-doubt. I believe that is inevitable if you are an intelligent AND sensitive person like RA. I love him the more for it.

I'm also curious about his statement that Thorin is paranoid. Ricrar I also did not perceive Thorin as such form the book, then again the book is children's book, and we really don't know what changes, or more accurately, enhancements, have been made to his character in the script (thinking of the changes in GoT for example.)
I also agree Sue that RA looks for flaws in his characters. I think it has to be more interesting for him to do so as an actor.

Let's hope PR starts with CC and continues through the November premiere and beyond. Look forward to joining Catwoman and Wonder Woman for Comic-Con.

Ricrar said...

I agree, Musa, with your assessment of the intelligence vs sublime stupidity choice.

Almost missed your comment--must start checking for comments further down the page.

Perhaps it would be accurate to say that by the time Richard had finished analyzing his Thorin character, the latter had become paranoid. He and PJ probably collaborated on sorting the King under the Mountain's psychological profile. Can hardly wait to see the results of their joint effort.