October 2, 2012

NZ Thorin Postage Stamps($2.10):From BTS to Sheet of Stamps:D + Richard Armitage:John Thornton in North & South + Varied & Sundry..also This, That and The Other Thing

Season 15 of Dancing with the Stars has begun. This time winners from the past return for the All-Star season. One of those is Bristol Palin, the young daughter of former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.  The leftist liberal media ridicules Bristol and her mother primarily because they've not attended the same ivy league elitist universities that the majority in the Liberal media have attended.  Most so-called  "journalists" (in WashDC area) support Democrat politicians, despite the fact the latter's policies usually result in terrible economies and disastrous foreign policy results(same as the current White House regime). The national press is nothing if not pretentious, mainly because their leftist programmers have told them they are the *brilliant* Americans.  That occurs prior to sending their Democrat propaganda robots forward with the prime directive to *attempt* to destroy the political right. The latter consists mostly of sensible, grassroots citizens. Here's Bristol's cha-cha-cha for Wk 1..


Sue said...

My goodness a Thorin toy to do what I like with!

I must admit RiCrAr, when I first saw your headline I instantly thought of a certain type of toy supplied by the likes of Ann Summers! (I've got a one track mind, and it's a dirt track I'm afraid!)

Will Richard's young nephew be getting a set for Christmas 2012 do you think? I'd much prefer the real thing myself!(All 6'2.5" of him!)

Ricrar said...

Lol..Now I have to search for Ann Summers, Sue. Never heard of her before your mention. I'm assuming she promotes exotic/playful bedroom accessories.

Proving yet again that RA fans often think alike, the possiblity Richard's nephew might receive the above Hobbit set from his uncle did cross my mind as well. How old would young Mr Armitage be by now? About 10yrs old?

Many fans already have a li'l Guy action figure - Thorin can keep him company. Envisioning right now those two characters getting in disputes decided by some swordplay. Would be great if someday there's an action figure Uhtred (from Lords of the North) He's another warrior who no doubt slept with his sword. *not a code word* ;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar. Love the new photos. Guy always kills me. I also like the ones that look like he is twenty-something. You get a sense of what he must have been like then :) I am sure he must be complicated, as you say. Anyone who can play the kind of range that he does must be a really complete person, not just thin veneers.

I have a question for you. I see from another site that there are at least six episodes to the Strike Back season that RA was in. I could only find three episodes of it on CD. Do you know if the rest of that season is available?

Ricrar said...

Cleo, There are a total of 6hrs of Richard's Strike Back. As he explained, they filmed the equivalent of 3 movies - 2hrs each.

If you have only 3hrs, then I'd advise you access the amazon UK website where you can order the entire series. If you do that, you will need either an all-region player(we're region 1,UK is region 2) OR a good alternative is to download the LAN which is also an all-region players(bonus of being free of charge:)

Yes, RA has many facets to his personality. I believe his strongest trait is the focused obsession he demonstrated with pursuing his acting profession as far as possible. His persistent hard work and determination has finally rewarded him with upcoming international stardom. Will be interesting to watch where Richard's remarkable journey takes him next.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thanks for the explanation, Ricrar! You are a font of information, as always :)

I love the new video. That song is pretty cool. Reminds me of great days. When did it come out anyway ("Sex on Fire")?

I sent off some of my manuscripts to RA via his agents again today. Had to go to two different post offices to get an international return coupon (IRC). Apparently, it is not a common request in my part of the world. It made me feel ever so European :) :) :) The little coupon is ever so EU-looking :) :) :)

I hope that Richard's Remarkable Journey takes him to directing and starring in my rock opera of Tristan and Isolde, or, better yet, directing Cleopatra and playing Julius, greatest lover of all time and military genius. :) :) :) (Does he take to buttering-up?)

Ricrar said...

Cleo, Looks as though it was 2008 by the Kings of Leon:


Your rock opera of Tristan and Isolde just might spark an interest in Richard. He plays several musical instruments, and I know for a fact that he saved a fan-made tshirt listing Guy of Gisbornes upcoming concerts:)

As for "buttering-up" - RA's zodiac sign is Leo. Judging from daily tweets in reference to that sign, it would seem they are indeed vulnerable to buttering up. Go for it!;D

Whenever I've ordered one of Richard's dvds (that's only available from UK), our extremely vigilant credit card company calls to ask "have you recently made an international charge?" Good to know they're on the job 24/7.

See above for the newly released NZ The Hobbit postage stamps. From Richard's drama "Between the Sheets" to Thorin who commands his own sheet of postage stamps;D

Sue said...


I live in hope that one day we will see Richard participate in a dance show, be it in in Dancing with the Stars (in the US) or Strictly Come Dancing in the UK.(A new show of Strictly come dancing has just started over here). Maybe he will consider doing it if his career takes a bit of a dip, although I think he'd rather be in a panto than do a dance show.

I can't stop humming and singing the "Misty Mountains" song from TH. Richard's voice is so rich and haunting that it really sticks in your mind. Maybe they will release a download of it in time for the Christmas market. For some reason I think it would do quite well, as it seems to have some kind of festive feel to it, not sure why.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Sue, I could not agree with you more! I have read that he has also been a choreographer. And -- who knew -- I have just the thing to showcase both his voice and his dancing (which I LONG to see! Honestly, no buttering up there at all). That is: my rock opera of Tristan and Isolde, of course, which begs for a director, and staring vocalist, dancer, choreographer to play Tristan. Who better suited than Richard Armitage?

:) :)

Thank you, Ricrar!! I will continue the buttering-up, then, in hopes that it will hit its mark! It doesn't take much to be sincere about it, anyway, in his case.

Yes, I looked up the song, too, and saw that Kings of Leon came out with the song only a few years ago. Somehow it reminds me of the dorms in Haifa in the early 1990s. How funny is that. Of course, they had great disco there. I think the song that was all the rage then was "Sing Hallelujah!"

BTW, I have my first poem in Hebrew (I've written a good number in French). I don't have the Hebrew printed yet, but I have written up the translation in English on my writing site: patriciajwoods.blogspot.com. :) It's fairly political, this one. All race and gender politics all the time.

I broke down and got cable so that I can watch Game of Thrones this year. Alas. No more egghead isolation :) This way, I can watch the presidential debates live, too, and not wait for the transcripts only. Should be fun (not).

When do we get US stamps of RA? Any form will do. Really.....!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. I have been watching more of the Strike Back series post RA. They really do a great job, but I miss RA. I think I have come up with a solution! They can very easily have his death something that was faked. All we saw, after all, was blood spurt from the back of the head. The head remained remarkably intact! It was just a fake! He's not dead at all, but just being held somewhere. When will they find him?? When will they figure it out??? When will they rescue him??? Come on, guys!!!

Ricrar said...

Going to leave this shocking headline here and will be back asap:) Busy day.


Ricrar said...

Lovely mental image Sue - RA dancing what he has said is his fav - the Argentine Tango.

I'm under the impression the soundtrack for first Hobbit movie will be released in Nov. Didn't Richard mention during a comic con interview that he does sing another song other than Misty Mtns. Yes, that velvety singing voice have a mesmerizing quality to it.

I can understand why you feel it's a festive song considering Tolkien is one of your most celebrated writers.

In order to keep you up to date on the latest in our presidential campaigns, Wed was the first debate. Mitt Romney's grasp of every issue and pleasant, logical way of presenting his ideas won the evening. Even Pres Obama's most stalwart supporters had to admit he had not done his homework in preparation. There will be 2 more for the presidential candidates and one next Thurs for the VPs.

Check out the latest post which is a Bond/RA tribute - for that franchises 50th anniversary. Do you have a fav Bond film and/or actor in the role?

Ricrar said...

Cleo, RA has said he'd prefer to play a Bond baddie than 007 himself. Can you picture him as one of them?...or would you rather, like me, see Richard in the leading role?

The dorms in Haifa?? It sounds similar to a Spooks 9 plot:) Where, when, why? We're all ears.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Ricrar! How can he even think of playing anyone but Bond? Shaken, not stirred. PLEASE. Just the thought of it leaves me breathless :) He would bring such dignity to the part, and magnetism (btw, shouldn't it be "your magnetism is on fire," technically speaking?). :) :)

The dorms in Haifa. Yes. Well. You're all ears? How sweet is that. Well, some of it is hidden in my different accounts of the Haifa: Rami and Katia play, as well as my newest poem, which gives the story more flesh. I am actually considering trying to turn it into a more fleshed out screen play. It would start with an Israeli kid, a few years into the army, choosing career service in military intelligence, who falls in love with a non-Israeli, non-Jew. He's a war hero already, and all hell breaks loose when he shows up for his public service announcements with her. They try to have him killed. He has to go into hiding. They live as Palestinians. They go under cover for ... a long time. They have to separate so that they won't be found (either of them would be killed at that point). Does that sound good for a screen play? It has all the elements! Just like "Cleopatra"! Sex, rock and roll, intrigue, military, but no drugs. :) :)

But you want the true story? I'll never tell. My life is much more boring :) :)

(Tedious, one might even say.)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

BTW, added touch on the screen play idea: both the Jewish and Palestinian communities in Haifa conspire to hide the young couple from a ruthless military leader who happens to be a xenophobe. So it's not a condemnation of anyone but an overly powerful general and a few of his followers. Everyone else comes together to hide the two, while they are living as Palestinians and after (everyone knows who they are, but they manage to hide them). So, there's a feel-good side to it, too, in terms of inter-communal relations in an otherwise hot-button context. :) I always like that. :) :)