September 9, 2012

Richard III Archaeological Dig Results(Thank you Sue for News) + NEW Black Sky RA Photo + This, That and The Other Thing

In which RA-related novel can be found the mention of a prie-dieu?
Here Guy of Gisborne prays on one before an altar..

An actual C17 antique prie dieu (a prayer kneeler)  During this historic period in Europe this piece of furniture could be found in many bedrooms..
What might a teacher in 2012 have in common with his students?  Back to school fashion choices this year include striped hoodies?
Leather jackets still in with high school students..
And of course the ubiquitous jeans..and neck scarves(see below)

Another new Starz series started to film in So Wales..

A new show coming up on Starz: an elaborate, high-end drama BLACK SAILS which will chronicle the adventures of fabled buccaneer Captain Flint and his men as they fight for the survival of New Providence Island, the most notorious criminal haven of its day — a debauched paradise teeming with pirates, prostitutes, thieves and fortune seekers, a place defined by its enlightened ideals and stunning brutality.

RA fans reading Game of Thrones have not yet given up totally on hopes he might be cast as pirate Euron Greyjoy in Season 4:

3 mos until Thorin in The Hobbit and 4mos until Game of Thrones3:,mod=9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Like the tattoo photos and the casual denim button-up. That sun dial on the shoulder is pretty nifty. :)

How interesting on the Gwyneth Paltrow song. Less delicate than one might have exptected. It's funny, I thought of her for the part of Cleopatra's villainous mother initially, but she seemed somehow too sweet.

Re: Sue Ellen -- I think she and Cleopatra should duke it out on Dallas!! For RA's favors, of course. But of course, poor Sue Ellen would never have a chance. :) :)

Ricrar said...

Apparently I'm taken with the denim as well, Cleo, after scrolling down this page realized I'd use that same photo 3times.

I must be a glutton for punishment - just added another country song - an RA fanvid. It's Toby Keith's Time For Me to Ride - seemed to be begging to be included. We'll need more of David's Garrett's singing violin as a counterbalance:)

BTW, why did you eliminate Mark Antony from your Cleopatra screenplay? He was always my fav of that threesome.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

My Heavens!!! That is a nice video :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

A photo worthy of three presentations, certainly! The shades of blue from midnight to midnight to a casual denim really just...well, between that and the video, some of this footage is really just not fair!!

Why delete Mark Antony? I don't like him. I didn't want him in my story. When I was doing research for the story, I came across so many stories of women anti-heroines, from Guinevere to Isolde to Cleopatra to more obscure stories like Ara and Shemiram (Armenia), or Offa and Cynethryth (England). I was amazed by how much it was all the same story: a nasty, beautiful, cheating woman who destroys a kingdom or empire by betraying her beloved husband and king with another man or men (the Armenian story is slightly different but does not reflect any more kindly on her). I find it just unlikely, as a matter of empirics, that so many Queens of memory would all have the same nasty, villainous traits. It struck me more as a matter of a pattern of defaming women heroines and political leaders. So, I wanted to present Cleopatra in what I think is a more realistic light. She loved her husband. And in my story, they had a polygamous marriage at her husband's request, not hers. And she was willing to do that for him out of loyalty to him. She is a much more sensitive creature, strong, tough as nails, to be sure, but human. You see her as a mother and a lover -- as a gentle person -- as well as a woman who withstands horrible cruelty in her childhood, and who (I'll give away the ending) guts Julius's assailant, when he finally dies at 107 years old, with a butcher's knife from the kitchen, right in her courtyard for everyone to see. She is far more complicated this way, and, I think, far more real.

I actually have short stories for all of the heroines mentioned above. It irritates me, this pattern of maligning women leaders and lovers.

Plus, if RA will play the role, it will be very clear why she is so smitten and loyal to him :) :) He has so much great work that evokes that (see your own video above!).

On another topic - I do wonder how RA finds the US these days? BLACK SKY seems almost prophetic right now....

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Very nice new photo, Ricrar! Poor guy's out in the rain. How does he go from all American boy in that photo to sexy Russian or East-European looking spy to disguising himself in a kafiyah? To Guy (RH), of course. How?? Fans are in wonder.

Ricrar said...

Yes, it's true women were often made scapegoats through the centuries. But all is even now - fair playing field, at least in the U.S. Of course, there's plenty of work to be done in the MidEast. I'll never understand why the women of the world don't protest the mistreatment of their sisters in many MidEastern countries.

RA seems to enjoy drastic change as he chooses each role. Victorian business man to C14 sheriff's henchman; contemporary spy to Middle Earth's bellowing dwarf Thorin. After listening to his description of John Thornton's costume and his attention to the patched knee, pocket watch etc, realized for actors it's an adult version of dress up. An important item in their professional toolbox.

Yes, the new Black Sky photo reminds me of one similar from Robin Hood 2 series. Will fetch it and post asap.

Sue said...

Love the new piccy of Richard as Gary in his new film. He does look very wet though (and no, that's not another way of saying that his character is a bit of a drip). Any wet t-shirts scenes as opposed to just wet jacket and shirt do you think? (I'm so shallow, I know, isn't it great!)

Re strong women in politics. I admire Hilary Clinton immensely and think she would have made a good strong President as opposed to her husband who will always be remembered for getting up to naughties in the Oval Office. Having said that my favourite American President was Bill Clinton, very straight forward attitude with a big dose of common sense. (You see who cares if he was a philandering husband, it didn't stop him from being a great politician!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Yes, but was he hot???

Anyone can get it on in the White House, but RA as Julius with Cleopatra and -- you have to see who I want for Russ-Rex, their second husband! Now THAT is sex in the White House, so to speak :) :)

Only, the way I have it in the story, it's all family values. Seriously. No offense intended to anyone. It's really sincerely like that, in the ancient context. I LOVE IT. :) :) :)

Another (better) story of Rami and Katia, the prequil, if you will, their love affair in Haifa:

Now, off to work. You all enjoy your day, as they say down here in the South :) :)

P.S. I love the new Guy photos. Sigh. I've gotta say, I'm a big fan of Guy, the much beleaguered hero. He was a very sensitive creature, I think! And, yes -- he was HOT!!!

Ricrar said...

Hi Sue, your Richard all wet remark reminded me of John Porter's tshirt pics. Must post a couple along w/teacher Gary and dripping wet Sir Guy.

Speaking of *naughty*, two headlines this past week reminded me of you;) First stated Prince Harry has been reassigned to Afghanistan w/his military unit. Someone must've decided he'd be in less danger there than within a few hours plane ride to Vegas. Difficult to be naughty surrounded by women in burqas rather than bikinis;)

Bill Clinton is the classic politician where things are never as they seem. He happily accepts total credit for the economy of the 1990s without once mentioning that the Republicans held both houses of Congress. He was forced to cooperate with their economic policies and had the wisdom to do so.

When it comes to men in general, give me one with some moral fiber rather than an age-old *scalawag* who can look straight into a camera and shamelessly lie through his teeth, under oath, by saying "I did not have sexual relations with that woman - Ms Lewinsky."

What the world needs now is a competent US president who has plenty of experience with reversing faltering finances. That is Mitt Romney (and his VP Paul Ryan) Give me a warm fuzzy feeling to know recent polls are saying the majority of American voters agree with me. *besides, Romney & Ryan are tall, dark, handsome hotties with brain power--perfection! Definitely my kind of men;*D

City of Gary, Indiana was the first thing that popped into my head after hearing name of RA's current character. That and a sister's divorced husband. Certain Richard will improve that connotation for me - he's already making headway with the recent handsome photo.

Ricrar said...

Enjoy your day as well Cleo.

Agreed Richard's Guy of Gisborne was hot once he realized Marian wasn't the type of female who takes orders easily. After the brutish Guy 1, his advances toward her became deliciously more nuanced in 2nd series.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, Ricrar, thank you very much! I had a very nice day, thank you. I hope you did as well!

Re, Marian and Guy: You see, that was the part that was so preeminently unbelievable to me. That she would deny his advances?? Give me a break. Any red-blooded woman would happily submit to his authority! :) :) :)

Ricrar said...

Cleo, what was your reaction to Lucas North? Wasn't he a more cerebral man than Gisborne?

RA fans were divided about Marian. Many viscerally disliked her because they felt she manipulated their idol. Others shared my attitude that she was simply using the only options women had to survive in those days.

I did feel sorry for Guy once it became clear in 3rd series that he was suffering tortures of the damned for killing "the love of his life."

Ricrar said...

Sue, second headline I meant to ask you about was in reference to Simon Cowell.
Have you seen the news stories about his recent emotional turmoil?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I can’t really talk about Lucas North. Man alive, was he compelling.  He just killed me. I did enjoy watching his mind work, and his heart. My favorite scene in all of RA’s episodes was S8:2 where he’s moving in to his apartment and he straightens his Blake prints before greeting his neighbor from upstairs. That made him instantly real for me. It gave a real entrĂ© into his personality, not only his more business like demeanor at work. I just loved him from there on. Offering to make his elderly neighbor tea – that was so sweet!

Second favorite scene might be same episode, where he can’t sleep after just getting home from eight years in prison. You really got to feel how the experience hurt him. The tattoos didn’t hurt, either.   I also enjoy the scene in the train station where he’s trying to usher a contact through safely. There were so many great scenes in that series; my favorites were the ones that showed his personality, his moral dilemmas, and just what his moral compass was.

I felt in the end that Marian was very much a child, and Guy was a full adult wanting a real adult relationship. I think Marian was viscerally frightened of him but very much wanted his attention, like a child might. I thought Robin was the same way, by the way. They were both a bit like errant puppy dogs biting at his heels, barking, wanting his attention – see me, see me?!! I think his raw, carnal humanity was too much for her, but she wouldn’t stop tweaking him because she wanted his attention. But she ultimately had nothing to offer him.

I felt that Guy was actually a sensitive, deeper man than most of the people around him, and he was frustrated with their antics. I was, too, so I had no problem with that. He had had everything taken away from him – his parents, his lands, his home, his title. I thought that he was deeply, existentially angry. I completely understood that anger. I thought it was perfectly justified, so I didn’t mind him being somewhat brutal, particularly to Robin and Marian, who seemed like children playing cops and robbers to me, fighting against the authority of the big grown ups. Guy never really did cut out anyone’s tongue, did he, and he always stood by and allowed executions to be foiled, etc. He didn’t have to do that. I thought that was a choice reflecting that he was giving them messages far more than physically punishing them. I felt terrible for his pain at killing Marian. I was glad that he seemed to let go of his anger and guilt in the last few episodes, far more for his sake than anyone else. She was really not worthy of him. He really didn’t do anything wrong.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oops! I mean S7:2!

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I'm afraid I don't really follow all the celebrity gossip, especially to do with Simon Cowell, who I find a bit tacky anyway. Fancies himself too much for my taste, together with the fact that I find him utterly plug ugly and shallow. (Why is it that the ugliest men have the highest opinions of themselves? (Thinking of Richard - who is completely the opposite and is very modest considering he's a hunk of the highest order!)

Quick update re Richard III dig in Leicester. Apparently they have found human remains on the site of the church where it is believed he was buried. The bones have been sent for DNA testing.I await the results with baited breath! (Well maybe not!)


I agree about the comment about Bill Clinton lying through his teeth re ML, but he was manipulating the truth, in that he did not (apparently) have full sexual relations (with that woman) but another kind of dalliance (think of Paul in BTS and the revelation that he had a 'dalliance' (for want of a better description) with that young girl in a car. Well he didn't have actual sex with her did he?

To be honest I don't believe anything politicians tell me and believe they all put their own individual spin on the truth (or should that be lies?)

Our politics in England is all quite boring (or should I say all our British politicians are boring?)American politics is very different to ours though in that you have congress keeping them to heel (although we do have the House of Lords, but that's not quite the same and is being dismantled anyhow).

I'm afraid I do beg to differ in regards to the next American President however. I think Obama does have the morals and the right attitude needed and as the country who created the NHS I admire what he is trying to do regarding health care over there. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on that one RiCrAr.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I, for one, am just grateful that Clinton (who I think was a genius on economy) had the good graces not to give us the itemized list of what he DID do with Monica L.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

BTW, she reminds me an awful lot of Marian, strangely. Anyone?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Love the new video, Ricrar. I think Guy should not feel so guilty.

:) :)

DEZMOND said...

ooh, I have a new update on BLACK SAILS today along with a supersinful and positively leathal picture :)
Love that striped sweater of Dicky's!

Ricrar said...

Thx for all the interesting comments everyone. I've been trying to reply for awhile now but Blogger refused to accept my replies. Will start a new post and see if that helps.

Ricrar said...

Hooray, worked that time.

Hi Dez, Dicky simply isn't dignified enough for the actor who wants to play Richard III. Maybe Rich:) Did you know Richie is the name RA used for the horse he rode in Robin Hood.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, I'd always felt Guy didn't have the emotional ability to truly love Marian in an unselfish way. It was just as well, since writers decided they'd better at least stay true to the legend as far as Robin and Marian's devotion to each other. They did manage to trash it in just about every other way - including the ruthless misogyny demonstrated in S2,ep 13.

Luscious Lucas stole my heart in series 7,8 but spoiled the thrill in 9. World can't afford to lose heroes at the drop of a hat. Decided hubby's suggestion, that Russians could've implanted a chip filled with false memories, to be the best way to remember the spook who came in from the cold after 8yrs.

Lord Have Mercy On Me is one of my fav RA fanvids. There's another spiritual one called Confession - will post asap.

Ricrar said...

Suzy Q;) News reporters on both sides of the pond are predominantly Liberal and include their biases in their reports. They lead around by the nose those who don't look elsewhere for both sides of events. Americans were spun by them for decades until the event of the internet and of course the only truly fair & balanced network - SKY/FOX. That's the reason Rupert Murdoch is trashed so relentlessly by newspapers/tv media peeps. He hasn't swallowed their Liberal coolaid and truly does provide both sides of news stories.

Thanks for the feedback on Richard III dig. Please let us know the results of the DNA tests. I'm a complete nerd when it comes to historic artifacts. Revert to the 13yr old girl who told every adults who asked that she wanted to be an archaeologist. If it wasn't for severe arachnophobia would've followed that dream:) *eeeeek spiders!!*

Can't imagine how they can conduct DNA tests on centuries old bones?? I suppose they could compare the results to the same tests done on skeletons known for a fact to have been his close relatives. Perhaps the method will be explained along with results. *high five on something we've always agreed on - Richard Armitage is a fine actor* ;D and would make a splendid Richard III as long as short and ugly isn't the profile*

Sue said...


Not sure on how the testing will be done exactly but I have seen a TV clip of one of the known descendants of Richard III having his DNA taken with what looked like a cotton bud being rubbed around the inside of his mouth. Regarding the bones, I think probably something like a scraping of bones and putting it in a test tube, revealing the DNA or something similar will be done. (I suspect it will be more technical than that, but you get the general idea).

An ideal time to film the story of Richard III is it now?

The skeleton reportedly did have a deformed spine, but not as badly as portrayed by Shakespeare I suspect!

Just read on another website that Richard has appeared in the Leicester Mercury newspaper in an article about the most influential people in Leicester. Not sure Richard would agree with being dubbed 'influential' in relation to his Leicestershire roots, but I bet his mum was pleased and bought a copy to frame (Well I would do if he was my son! I would be as proud as punch).

Ricrar said...

Yes, Sue, agreed that Richard's mum must be feeling as "proud as punch" about her successful son.

Thanks for all this wonderful news both about RA and Richard III. If you don't mind, I'm going to copy your comment and place it under the latest post as well. Will also try to find link to the 'Mercury' article. You make a more competent reporter than most of those here in US;D

Latest from producer of Black Sky is that location filming has ended. They're shooting remainder of film in a studio not far from Detroit, MI.