May 16, 2014

Richard Armitage:Swinging on Vine(see link) + D-Day's Underwater Secrets RA Narration(see link) + Audible Interview Video + Crucible Tweet + Climate McCarthyism - See link to Article

RA's Hamlet:A Novel on Vine:
Hamlet:A Novel writer's FB:
Wonderful RA narration of D-Day's Underwater Secrets. It brought tears to my eyes more than once, because one of my great uncles landed on Omaha Beach on that day.  He was wounded - bullet entered his cheek - a fantastic US Army mobile medical unit saved his life in the midst of the chaos.  All that remained years later was a slight indentation in his left cheek...and the memories.  Here's the link and thank you to the British RA well wisher who provided it. 

Where are They Now?..Lucy Griffiths(Marian) stars in NBC's new series 'Constantine':

The stars of Into The Storm - opening Aug 8..
Great meet&greet for yesterday. Brilliant to see in the cast and Mark Maughan as AD!

                          Climate McCarthyism: The Scandal Grows

History of witchcraft trials:

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