May 9, 2013

Richard Armitage:VOTE for Him as Best Actor(see SFX link below) + Popcorn Taxi Interview + Dwarves Go Camping(See below) + IGN Video Interview + Details of a New CW tv series about Mary Queen of Scots

Why do I get the feeling the protester walked away ripping up his poster..
Excerpt from below interview:
PT: It’s remarkable. And the female response to your character and obviously yourself, which I find fundamentally puzzling. I mean, you’re a nice looking bloke, I’m sure you can act a bit.
RA: I can string a sentence together and walk and talk without bumping into the furniture. But that’s about it.
PT: Why?
RA: You know what? You need to point the microphone into the audience. Actually, don’t do that. I don’t know. I’ve been really lucky. I’ve got a really loyal little fan base of very well-educated, well-read ladies. Well I don’t think they’re all ladies. God, you know. But they’re incredibly supportive. I often do a lot of research. I didn’t know I was doing a Q & A screening until I read it on one of the websites and they were booking tickets. I was like, ‘Oh, that’ll be nice. I better brush my hair then’. No, they’re great. They’re really supportive. I try to look after them.
Yes he does - the nice man even reads night time stories for us;D

VOTE RA as Best Actor in SFX runoff:

John Mulligan:Moving On - It played on UK afternoon tv.  Recall at the time I'd whined that the only thing we fans in the US had on tv, at that time of the day, was Sesame Street:)
Another interview from Australia, in which RA wonders what life would be like without today's energy sources, etc. hmmm, Wonder if he's ever asked himself where his career would be today without the Internet, etc?
Find context for the following in interview above:
New Interview:


Sue said...



I've found the perfect acting role for Richard!

The BBC have announced today that there is to be a remake of a 1970's series called Poldark.

I remember my mum used to love this series when I was a kid, and I've read all the novels by Winston Graham, so get that kindle fired up Richard, they're a blummin' good read.

Yep Richard would be my ideal Ross Polkark. It's set in Cornwall in the 1800's. Luvverly stuff, can't beat it.

What do you think, would this be Richard's cup of tea?


Ricrar said...

Thanks for the news Sue. Richard did say in a very recent interview, when asked what he might do next, "perhaps something more intimate..from literature." So, Poldark does seem to fit that criteria doesn't it. TV is more intimate than movies.

I also recall in an interview during The Hobbit promotions that he mentioned a wish to return to TV. One or two of the Ross Poldark books could be among the 5 he's read related to roles.

What about the BBC's new series 'Dickensian' - might there be a particular role that would be a good fit for him in that one? Description says "a drama populated by characters from Dickens classics."

The other new series 'From Here to There' really surprised me. Interesting that they'd take a chance the show might reignite old wounds. It's based on 1996 IRA bombing in Manchester. Sounds like a dark one, but will prob appeal to male audience.

Then a saga based on life of the man who created a unique zoo in 1930. Maybe that's the one targeting the young generation demographic.

Nice variety of new shows there. We're still awaiting news on a Fellowes series to be based in NYC luxury hotel during the gilded age. That sounds like my cuppa:)

Ricrar said...

Edit: Make that "open" old wounds. haha Still would give my kingdom for a comment edit feature.

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I don't think the Dickensian drama would particularly suit him. Now Ross Poldark, is a much better bet. There were 12 novels in all, so he will be burning that midnight oil (or should I say kindle).


There's a strong theme of the struggle between rich and poor. If I remember rightly he gets involved with smuggling, which was rife in 18th century Cornwall. The series was good, and very popular over here in England, but the books were even better. I haven't read all 12, but I do remember reading quite a few, but a long time ago now, when I was a bit more bookish, got out of the habit now I'm afraid.

It will also have an American interest as he returns from the American Revolutionary War, an escaped prisoner, and alas his beloved is betrothed to another, believing him to be dead (all say ahhhhhhh....). All grit to the mill for our Richard!

As for the Manchester bombing drama, well he can certainly do the Mancunian accent. I was around when the bombing happened in Manchester. It was in central Manchester, but I remember during all the problems with the IRA, we always had to look out for any unattended bags, and things left on buses, trains, etc. Being a northerner, we just accepted things and got on with it somehow, with the view that if somethings going to happen, then it will, no point in worrying about it. It was a troubled time though, (not helped by funding from Irish American's). Not sure where they'd film it though, Manchester is a totally different place since 1996.

Ricrar said...

All this Poldark feedback is def appreciated Sue. I mentioned it yesterday on twitter, and replies flew back from many directions.

A couple thought a remake could never do the series justice. When I suggested it might introduce Graham's novels to the younger generation, the opposition softened considerably.

Then the thought was introduced to mention Richard's name to the BBC twitter account, which we did. This morning I was surprised to see that our tweet was favorited by a Brit account @mammothscreen - he seems to have something to do with the production. He provided the relevant news that the original Poldark star is indeed on twitter. I'll get that username for you, if you're interested in following him.

Other than the 2 who seemed to change their minds after first expressing concern a remake wouldn't be a good as the original, all other replies agreed that Richard would make a compelling Poldark. Hopefully it is the "literature" he referred to in a recent interview.

On the other topic, maybe they'll shoot the bombing series in a very popular filming location right now - Ireland. haha..little(very lil) dark humor there;D

Sue, you're correct that funding from 2 large American cities did keep the troubles going far longer than everyone else wanted. They are Philadelphia and Boston(huge Irish descendant populations in both those areas). Once that funding dried up it was possible to negotiate terms for peace.

After the recent Boston Marathon bombing, I doubt very much anyone in the New England region will again donate a penny to that sort of cause. Besides, it was the older generation who were raised hearing terrible stories from their parents/grdparents who continued to collect funds far beyond the time all other Irish Americans found the IRA to be purely self-serving murderers.

Anyone who reads the history of the *troubles* however must admit there was stubornness and carnage on both sides for centuries. IMO, if women on both sides had some political power at that time, they would've made certain the thick-headed men stopped the blood-shed long before that finally occurred.

Ricrar said...

Sue, an article re Poldark. It mentions actors being considered - I'm only familiar with Jonas Armstrong, Eddie Redmayne and Matt Smith. Of those three, I find Jonas more compelling/charming an actor than the others. Redmayne always seems so wimpish, fragile. Isn't Matt one of the Dr Who's? If so, don't find him handsome enough for the role.

Maybe one of them floats your boat:

Teuchter said...

I can't honestly imagine any of the three mentioned above in the role of Ross Poldark. They just don't have the right look, IMO. I think I've read most if not all of the books some years ago and always imagined him as someone tall and dark. Richard would be great in the part.

Personally, (and yes, highly unlikely) I'd love to see Georgette Heyer's "Venetia" made into a movie or mini-series with Richard as Damerel. *sigh*

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Great roles for RA, Ricrar!! Happy Saturday (I think I got the day right this time....I checked the calendar before writing! The absent-minded professor thing is really not a myth...I assure you).

I have another great role for him! (Big surprise!). I have decided that the best role for our Richard would be Russ-Rex, Sentinel of the Roman Army, and Cleopatra's second husband in my screen play! Why? I think that George Clooney would make an ideal Julius, don't you? Now, with George Clooney and Richard Armitage playing Cleopatra's two husbands in their ancient polygamous marriage with their collective children and household -- I think a whole global army of women would watch that!!!! How about you?? :) :)

BTW, I have a new dramatic reading of a new short story called, "Letters from Venus." It's at:

Cheers!! Happy weekend!!

Sue said...


I think Richard would create a far more compelling character than Matt Smith! (Who, in my humble opinion, has no sex appeal whatsoever, and that's being generous). No, I remember Ross Poldark came over as a dark and brooding character at times. I'd love to see Richard with long hair again, even if it was drawn back into a ponytail. Mind you RP does blot his copy book more than a little by 'forcing himself' upon Elizabeth,(the love of his life apparently) when he discovers she is to remarry, after being widowed, resulting in a son born at 8 months, so a bit of Lovelace comes into the storyline. (Pick the bones out of that one). I think a new series wouldn't be restricted by the old values of the 1970's (or Mary Whitehouse, thank God)and would not have to gloss over such issues. Any new series would really be able to go to town on the script. I liked the animosity between Ross and the character Warleggan, which runs through the whole of the series pretty much. The original series was very good,but pretty tame by today's standards. I believe a remake would be even better! (With the right central character of course).

Glad someone in Twitter is interested in potentially casting Richard. I do tweet occasionally, but not very often, it's not my favourite mode of communication I'm afraid.

By the way, just heard over here that there is to be a remake of the movie Star Wars, with the original cast returning. It will be made in England, thanks to a few tax breaks, and good CGI technology know how. Maybe Richard could play a more high profile character in that, (without the risk of ending up on the cutting room floor, like his last fleeting appearance in the film).

Ricrar said...

Sue, a large number of twits..err..people on twitter have shown interest in the series remake and agree Richard would make a compelling Poldark. How could they consider anyone other than our TDH dashing favorite actor for the role?? Did have the thought that it might've been offered to him already and perhaps RA had reason to turn it down. Let's hope that's not the case.

I've watched clips from the original series on youtube and couldn't stop until I learned whether he married the domestic he had *ahem* impregnated with child.*oh my!!*;D haha Judging from those few clips I'd say she would prove to be quite a handful as his wife.

After searching for Poldark comments, was amused to see that Alistair Cooke had introduced the series when it began on US's Public Broadcasting Station in 1977. The long-time host of our Masterpiece Theatre gave the show quite an interesting and thorough intro:

Ricrar said...

Hey there Teuchter, welcome to the blog.

Good to have another advocate for Richard in the Poldark role. Wouldn't he absolutely make it his own and take us all on an exciting historic journey.

Perhaps today's remake writers will emphasize the American Revolution aspect of Poldark's life and thereby lure a larger international audience into the saga.

Getting too invested in the prospect of Richard in the role, but it's difficult not to become enthusiastic at the thought of him back in cravats;D Were they in fashion in late 1700s, Cornwall?

Ricrar said...

Hi Cleo, hope you're enjoy the wkend. It's a rainy one here but PBS is running a Downton Abbey marathon so that is helping brighten spirits.

What's your reaction to the hoped for possibility of Richard in a series remake based on Winston Graham's dozen novels?

Enjoy your latest Cleopatra adventure. Where does Mark Antony fit into it? He has always been my fav of her classic threesome.

Ricrar said...

A heads up for you Cleo.

I've just watched and enjoyed most of a 1999 film interpretation of Cleopatra. It's about to restart 10pm and can be found on the Ovation channel.

Ricrar said...

Didn't realize Richard was in that Cleopatra film--Timothy Dalton starred.

Those who kept their eyes peeled for him, said it was for a split second and they were not sure if it was him. I knew he had appeared as a Roman soldier in one adaptation, but was under the impression it was a play.

Sue said...


I must admit I didn't think much of the Timothy Dalton, Cleopatra film. Calling it rubbish would be over generous. I remember starting to watch it when it was first shown on TV (long before I discovered Richard and those lovely thighs). I was very disappointed by the film, complete crap!

I seem to remember Richard showing off those lovely legs in it, and him posting on the website, Friends Reunited, a photo of himself 'having a fag break' in costume. Unfortunately it was swiftly removed after fans discovered it (spoil sport Richard). Hope he's given up the dreaded weed since that piccy was taken.

PS: Yes, Ross Poldark does marry the servant girl, and he ends falling in love with her.

Ricrar said...

Yes Sue, we're in agreement that Richard would be wise to stay away from coffin nails aka "dreaded weed."

I was initially disappointed to hear him say, during one Hobbit interview, that he used ciggies and alcohol to rough up his voice for Thorin, then realized those words were probably simply him expressing his joyride-type sense of humor.

I had a few screencaps of RA as Roman soldier in that TD film but they must've been deleted during one of my gallery purges. Will find the source and repost a couple asap. His knees did look rather cute in the short uniform.

Will this be the week we finally get some news either about Black Sky's release date or some new project for Richard? Hope springs eternal...