January 21, 2015

Richard Armitage: The Crucible Clip + Dolarhyde vs Guy + Hannibal Soundtrack & Spooks Theme + Wm Blake Tatt on Lucas & dark Dolarhyde..(.reverting quickly to sweetness & light)

Then(Guy of Gisborne) on left--Now on right..

Reallllly looking forward to new series 'Poldark' in June. The star..
Talented Hannibal fan's cartoon - We need more of the same if we don't want to avoid nightmare inducing material.  Look at this cutie serial killer holding his fav set of false teeth. Would recognize those blue eyes anywhere! Cartoonist is miss lounds @Tattle_Crime
Did the spirit of Francis Dolarhyde smuggle itself along for The Hobbit's visit to Beijing? Bwhahahaha.n.n.i.b.a.l....
Inked Dolarhyde--the novel described a large dragon tatt across his back. Do you want Hannibal writers to stay with the placement or make it the chest instead?
Here's Lucas North (Spooks series) with Blake tattoo..
All that is necessary now is for Dolarhyde to be suspected of international intrigue prompting MI5's Lucas North(magically rises from grave--granted a stretch:) to track him down.  Here's BBC's Spooks theme--it ran for 10yrs. RA in S7,8,9..

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