January 29, 2015

Richard Armitage:RA Recording Valentine Special at Audible(see tweet) + Game of Thrones5 Photo Teases + Will Hannibal have Scenes Similar to These from Our RArchives?

Following tweet accompanied this selfie. Is Dolarhyde's hair a reddish shade or is it simply a light effect? On right is RA's character Ian in Ultimate Force.

Great to be back in the studio with Bruce Kitovich special recording for Valentines Day
We know Francis will have a love interest - should we be concerned for her safety?
Hannibal fans are getting very imaginative with Dolarhyde artwork. This one by akamaihd.net
Back shots similar to John Porter's although not nearly as clear. In the novel Dolarhyde had a humungous red dragon tatt on his back, hence the book title.
We very well may see Francis Dolarhyde sleepless and restless immediately before his next killing spree..
Will many scenes feel as eerie as Halloween Eve? Bwhahahaha You hope so!;)

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