October 7, 2014

Richard Armitage: Details About Sleepwalker Role + See RA Tweet Below About Digital Theatre Offer

Sleepwalking research scientist, Dr Scott White, which former chaRActer might he most resemble?
In a script written by Jack Olsen, Sleepwalker, centers around Sarah (O’Reilly) who’s trying to reconstruct her life following the apparent suicide of her novelist husband. After returning to university, to finish her dissertation, Sarah experiences frequent bouts of sleepwalking. She is sent to Dr. Scott White’s (Armitage) sleep research lab for treatment. When Sarah’s life starts to alternate between her waking world and a nightmarish alternate reality, where no one recognizes that she has ever existed, she is plunged into chaos, confusion and terror. The one constant in her shifting world is Scott, the man she’s been longing for all her life. But does Sarah’s true love actually exist, or is it a figment of Sarah’s troubled imagination that derives from wishful thinking and longing? (I think I had a dream like this once…)
Dr. White character is described as handsome, open and honest (Gee, I wonder how they thought of Armitage?) He’s the senior M.D. at the sleep research center where Sarah comes for treatment. A unique relationship forms between them but the film promises such shocking twists and turns…that nobody will see them coming!

We know RA's Proctor beard was still in place as of a week ago - Will it be part of Scott White's personna?
              Ahna's character Sarah falls under the spell of Dr Scott White..
Tweet chemistry between RA and his Sleepwalker leading lady
Also, RA added to his last tweet that The Crucible digital recording will soon be available online. Oct 7 tweet:
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