October 30, 2014

Richard Armitage: Thorin Says Thank You(see tweet) + Stubblicious Has Returned + Outlander Fanvid + Poldark Location Photos(see link)

Latest tweet: 
 · Dear Pete Fran and Phil. Trailer looks incredible. Very proud to have gone on this journey with you. Love Rich @
PBS Masterpiece Theater announced today it will add more slots to it's Sun night schedule. New series for 2015 will include: Wolf Hall, Poldark & Grantchester.
REIGN series is on CW channel, Thurs 9pm EST..
Euron Greyjoy role in Game of Throne still not cast.  The Cinematic Corner blogger created this concept of RA playing both Euron & his bro Victarion
The stars of Starz channel's Outlander series.  Sam seems to have been adept at "selling it" from very beginning of his public appearances with Cait.  She, as a newbie to acting(former fashion model), didn't take long to become quite a salesperson herself..

Poldark Production:  http://www.andyrosephoto.com/Poldark/

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