October 9, 2014

Richard Armitage:Sleepwalker Director Tweets Fiery dReAmwalker Image Taken 4am(see below) + REIGN Series Fanvid + A Sleepwalker Filming Site Reverberates with Thriller Atmospherics

       Might Dr Scott White's office be located in this house overlooking LA?
Someone with an interest in the film provided information that the house is located in  "PXP Oil field Inglewood,CaAmazing 1920's house atop the Los Angeles oilfield" - However, the person was off by a few yrs. Upcoming real estate info (see link below) gives the year it was built. Then wellwisher @sharaobsessed through clever sleuthing found the relative website and interior photos.
Here are a couple views from the house, including the world famous 'Hollywood' sign directly across from the filming location.
                             The house is offered as a filming location.
Director Elliott Lester tweeted a fiery *dReAmwalker* with comment that it was taken at 4am. What a coinkydink - apparently he was also taken with the above fireplace room..
Another "burn together" moment..
Reign series has beautiful sets, gorgeous costumes and historical theme. It's on Thurs evening 9pm EST

Sleepwalker movie is described as a psychological thriller, therefore it's interesting to note the tweet reactions from two people involved with the production. The first is the star, leading man, who calmly tweeted:
It's 2.28am night shoot, 3 hours to go.
Second person didn't demonstrate quite the same peaceful coping skills with the all night shooting schedule. Their tweet:
"Yea...I'm just getting off work...mad at the world...tired as hell. LORD PLEASE DON'T LET ME MOW NO ONE DOWN ON MY DRIVE HOME, AMEN."


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