January 8, 2013

Hobbit Review From The Highlander:University of California + THE HOBBIT Receives 3 Technical Oscar Noms Including Makeup & Hairstyling(see link) + "Create New Characters But Save The Old--One is Silver and the Other Gold"

Gorgeous artwork below by Anne Cain:

Excerpt: "The lead cast is impeccable, with British actor Richard Armitage (“Captain America: The First Avenger”) capturing the grimly determined countenance of Thorin Oakenshield perfectly. Armitage has made a name for himself playing solemn, brooding characters in both film and television. Martin Freeman (“Shaun of the Dead”) is spot-on as Bilbo, a hobbit who reluctantly joins the dwarves on their quest after some heavy-handed persuasion by Gandalf.

The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey received Oscar nominations in:
-- Makeup and Hairstyling
--  Production Design
--  Visual Effects

Hopefully a new character for RA might be - Euron Greyjoy(Game of Thrones)
For anyone wanting to know more details about this character, here's a long conversation between Game of Throne readers about him.  Amazing how differing their opinions can be - some find him the most fascinating character in the entire 7-book series, while others simply say "I don't like him."




Sue said...

What a mean spirited load of gits those BAFTA critics are!They wouldn't recognise a good film if it jumped up and bit 'em on the bum!

Seems that The Hobbit has only received nominations in the categories of Sound, Special Visual Effects and Make Up and Hair. (The 2013 BAFTA Awards will be presented on Sunday 10th February at London's Royal Opera House.

Obviously it's not considered to be cultured enough, unlike Les Mis or Lincoln of course.

Ricrar said...

I thought The Hobbit was considered a rite of passage for British boys, Sue. Apparently those in charge of the BAFTAs have a different frame of reference than Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Ian McKellen. The latter no doubt should take that as a compliment:D

Hollywood is totally out of touch with more than half the US population - then they wonder why their crappy films suffer at the boxoffice.

Here's an example to gauge how Richard's fame has sky rocketed since The Hobbit premieres. The last time I and another RA fan suggested RA's name to play a Game of Thrones character, Stannis Baratheon, we received either scoffing remarks or silence in return.

Yesterday we suggested him for a different GoT role, Euron Greyjoy, and immediately received 3 strong affirmative replies.Another approved but had doubts about his Hobbit schedule. There might be more expressing agreement, have not checked in past 24hrs.

Sue said...


I must admit I love the idea of Richard playing the role of Euron Greyjoy. I think he also tries to do something a little different to his last acting role. (Will Greyjoy be very different to Thorin? Certainly sees more action, in more ways than one - I'm not talking fighting here!)

To be honest the more I see of the trailers for the Les Miserables film, the more I think Richard would have been absolutely perfect for Hugh Jackman's role. (Well, he did say he wanted to see Sir Guy, shaven headed, and he has expressed in interviews that he would rather shave his head than gain 20 pounds). Apparently the critics over here are complaining about the singing voices (or should I say the lack of them) of HJ and RC in Les Mis. Now just imagine Richard and his beautiful dulcet tones and it's a no brainer! However, I feel that Richard would consider a musical a bit of a step backwards in his career, going back to the musical theatre days. He would certainly have made a better fist of it than Russel Crowe (whose voice reminds me of the sound of a cinder stuck under a door, not nice)and Hugh Jackman's voice isn't exactly a thing of beauty either! Who knows maybe RA may be offered a stage role in Les Mis one day? Wonder if he'd accept if he was?

Ricrar said...

IMO, Richard would be excellent in Jackman's Les Mis role. We're agreed about Russell Crowe. I've enjoyed him in The Gladiator and Master and Commander but all his other roles leave me meh.

As for Euron Greyjoy - he's in essence a sea-faring Guy of Gisborne. Especially has traits in common with Guy1 - a love 'em and leave 'em, wench slayer extraordinare. Remember how callous Guy1 was towards the mother of his deserted infant? Euron seduces his sister in law, just for the fun of it:D and constantly plays mindgames. Definitely a dark side character who no doubt RA would somehow manage to express at least one redemptive quality.

I just watched another of his Hobbit interviews(Italian reporter) where Richard described riding around Wellington in his car while singing, as loud as possible, in order to develop a gravelly tone for Thorin:) Said he didn't want to disturb the neighbors, hence the musical cruise to nowhere.

Sue said...


I watched that interview, Richard looked as though he was struggling to understand the reporter's heavy Italian accent a little.

I'm assuming that Richard kept his car windows wound firmly up, although anybody watching him drive around and singing at the top of his voice must have thought he was stark raving bonkers!

I'm getting to like the sound of Euron, and I'm sure Richard would have a lot of fun playing him, although I'm sure he'd find a troubled inner soul to the character. Richard always seems to give his characters a vulnerable side for some reason, maybe it makes it easier for him to identify and reflect something from his own persona. It is rather a strange knack he has, but he pulls it off brilliantly every time.

For some unimaginable reason I loved Sir Guy in RH2, but wasn't so keen on the new more redeemed GOG in RH3. Smouldering and deadly is definitely my preference for any RA future roles and I hope he takes this into account before accepting any more offers on the horizon (I'm joking of course, I'm glad of any roles he's prepared to take on).

Ricrar said...

Sue, now we know he apparently stays in one of Welly's hotels or apartment complexes. Not usually necessary to be concerned about noise and neighbors in a single house. Wasn't it that same interview when Richard said he was tempted to stay permanently in NZ, because almost daily he rode his bike or ran along the ocean.

Reminds me of our conversation everytime we take our annual trip to a North Carolina beach. Without fail, before the week is over, our focus turns to the possibility of a vacation home in that location. Usually we quickly remind each other the 12hour drive from our year-round home would make the purchase impractical. Another important consideration is the fact properties directly on the beach cost a small fortune, therefore gazing at the ocean 24/7 - as we do from the vacation condo - would not really be possible.

Believe you'll find Euron even more intriguing after seeing what the Game of Thrones readers have to say about him. Here are 4 pages of some of the downright shocking details for the swashbuckling, sultry pirate.

Question is - would Richard manage to redeem Euron Croweye Greyjoy the same way he did in RH3? I know he'd say the writers decided which way the storyline would go, but believe we both know RA eventually seems to have a strong influence on them. Perhaps just a gentle suggestion often turns the story in a way he might prefer. Curious as a kitten to know if he has had that type of influence on the Guy or Lucas characters.

Doubt it's necessary to register in order to read these Euron pages. That's only required if you want to reply to someone.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! I haven't been on in a while, but I did manage to see the Hobbit a few times over the holidays. It was always a full house when I went, even in my small town! Do you know how RA felt his reception was in the U.S.? I don't follow the media much, sitting as I do in my little ivory tower. Is it being nominated for any Oscars? I will try to catch the BAFTA awards -- do you know if there's a way to see them from the States?

Ricrar said...

Hi Cleo, most of the reviews I've seen have been very favorable to Richard's interpretation of Thorin. In fact, a few stated that he stole the film.

The makeup artist who designed the Thorin look(IMO, prob in collaboration w/RA's possible suggestions)has been nominated for an Oscar. She was responsible for only one other dwarf's hair and makeup.

The film is nominated for an Oscar in 3 categories:
--Visual Effects(all 3 Lord of the Rings films won this category)
--Hairstyling & Makeup
--Production Design

Believe BAFTAs ceremony is usually aired on bbc America.

Didn't have a chance to wish you a Happy 2013! Hope it treats you and your daughter well.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Happy 2013 to you, Ricrar! I hope it is a lovely year for you and your family!

I looked up the Oscar nominations after asking you. The movie was such an amazing production. RA was amazing, Ian KcKellen and Martin Freeman were both amazing...the whole production was stunning, and the mind boggles to consider the tech work and directing that went into it to pull it all together. I really think it was overlooked. I think it should have been nominated in many categories, not the least Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor. Too bad they don't put me in charge! :) :) It would have been a clean sweep!

And of course RA stole the show. But I thought that was a given :)

Happy new year!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, IMO, the most deserving productions rarely win the Oscar - same is true for foreign film awards. Those in the industry have their own agenda when voting -- believe that's the reason many of the same actors/tresses win most major film roles.

Truthfully, the majority of those chosen to star in today's films are for me boring onscreen presences. When there's an entire globe of actors to choose from, why must we settle for a handful of mediocre entertainers? Of course, it's very subjective - suppose that's why there are perhaps 3 actors IMO who keep all our senses engaged while onscreen. If that's not happening, I'd simply rather settle down with one of the great books currently on my kindle.

Fantasy films are the last genre I'd choose, if not for Richard playing Thorin. Believe other than watching my fav blacksmith hammering away at his chosen profession, the aspect I appreciated most was the panoramic tour of New Zealand. Would be there in a heartbeat if it wasn't such a torturously long flight to get there.

How about the scene when Thorin literally climbed to the mountaintop and PJ's circling camera captured the majesty of both the landscape and actor. Wasn't that a stunning shot?

Ricrar said...

I just checked PBS to see what will play on Masterpiece once current Downton Abbey3 is over, and was surprised to see the preview for the show Sue mentioned a few weeks ago - Selfridge's. Don't know if it's your cuppa, Cleo, but just in case..

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! My computer is being mercilessly slow loading, but I can't wait to check it out.

Well, I had to go see the Hobbit again in order to answer your previous question about the view from the top of the mountain :). (We're in the second week of the semester here -- any excuse on a Monday night will do!) It was, indeed, beautiful. There are so many gorgeous, sweeping shots in the film. It really is a masterpiece of cinematography. And RA was even more compelling than ever :) :)

I love the fantasy genre; saw the Lord of the Rings several times, and own all of the Narnia series (recent versions). But I must say, my favorite roles for RA are international intrigue or romantic roles. But then how to account for Robin Hood, which is my all-time favorite of his? Perhaps it is that Prince of Persia look that always kills me :). Of course, my favorite part of that series is before he becomes friends with the band of thieves and is running around full of moral indignation and righteous outrage.

Selfridge’s finally came up. Looks interesting. I’d prefer RA in a role like that, of course. Not sure about the lead guy.

Ricrar said...

You've inspired me to dedicate a post to Guy 3 sometime soon. I'll need to collect a few of his best scenes - which of course is usually everyone in which he appears;D

I must be about the only long-time fan(4yrs) of Richard's who has only seen The Hobbit one time. Nevertheless, my laser focus on Thorin that afternoon could not have been more memorable.

Hubby even remarked that everytime he looked my way during The Hobbit, I was smiling. It was so satisfying to finally see RA on the bigscreen after relishing his appearances for years. It began with Guy2, became even stronger for Lucas North and bad boy John Mulligan - right up to steely backboned John Porter.

For me Guy's episode with Meg in RH3 was the most endearing. Richard and the writers finally did redeem the dark knight character after quite a journey from callous child deserter in series 1 to dying hero at the end. Looking forward asap to a Guy3 tribute.

Have you checked the Thorin artwork at different online sites? As always Richard's most recent character is inspiring a great deal of stunning creativity.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

G'afternoon, Ricrar! I can't WAIT for your new post on Guy. Be still my heart. His scenes with Meg are absolutely my favorite as well. That scene in the jail cell made me completely fall in love with him. That was it. Guy was the good guy!

I'll have to check on the Thorin art sites, although it's the real-life "willowy," as one reporter put it, look that is so endearing for me. Something akin to the Thorin look might work well as Richard III, though, don't you think? Any news on that project?

Last night when I saw the Hobbit again, I went by myself. It was quite a luxury, I must say, speaking of smiling all the way through :) :) (it sure beat the stuff of my daytime work hours!).

Any RA sightings lately? Where is he supposed to be these days, anyway? I really should follow the entertainment media more closely.

Question: what is the story on the 2-person film? (I only ask because several of my plays and short stories are 2-character stories. ...If he's looking for material!) :) :)

Ricrar said...

Happy Wednesday Cleo, Hope you don't mind that I've copied this latest comment of yours and posted it in the most recent post comment box - and also have replied to it there.

Reason is I automatically check the latest post, but it's easy to overlook comments under those down the page.

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