February 2, 2013

Richard III Facial Reconstruction + Davinci's Demons Trailer + Richard III Trending on Twitter Heralding the Good News:If he was granted a beyond-the-grave wish,would it be "My kingdom for an iPhone?" + Leicester Radio Host Reads RA's Message + Richard III Mania Strikes Twitter(see BBC link) + Another Richard III Article in Herald Scotland(see link) - See First in Below Post

Richard III: See today's headlines and the fact Richard III is trending on Twitter -- Skeleton found in Leicestershire car park is indeed the historic man's remains.

Richard III NEWS:

According to following tweet, at least one Twitter account is slightly uneasy with today's news;)..
Bugger. You've dug up Richard III & now Anne Boleyn will demand the same. Do you really want that? DO YOU???? 

New series 'Davinci's Demons' starts Apr 12..





Sue said...

Interesting news regarding Richard III in the Herald. I'd be a bit wary of all the hype however, remember the Charlie film? It still has to get funding in order that the film can be made, making use of Richard's rising celebrity status due to the Hobbit is a useful publicity tool. Hold your horses, Richard may well have agreed to play the role (if it ever materialises) but his agent will be making sure all the 'i's are dotted and 't's crossed before Richard signs anything.

Anyhow what about Richard's own script? He's been diligently working away at writing a Richard III drama of his own.

Apparently Richard is going to be speaking from LA about the Richard III dig on BBC Leicester tonight after 5pm (blighty time). It should be interesting to get his take on events. Of course we haven't heard what the DNA results are yet, so best not to preempt things.

So, he's in LA, wonder what the little tinker is up to now!

Ricrar said...

Hi Sue, I agree with your warning to not get too excited about all this Richard III mania, although the Thorin momentum does seem to be a fine opportunity to get it underway.

Here's a BBC article you might enjoy: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-21083005

Perhaps Richard and Ms Langley will collaborate on the script. I found it interesting that she directly stated he has accepted the role. In past interviews, he always hesitated to say whether he would. He'd jokingly mention playing Warwick instead.

IMO, the screenwriter prob describes her Richard III as the opposite of the way the Tudor propagandists and Shakespeare framed him. She says in one of the recent articles that she had RA in mind while writing her screenplay, therefore suppose we can assume the king has shed the discredited hunched back, short stature and assumed 6'2" of blue-eyed visual wonder;) If ancient propagandists could distort his image, it's certainly possible for a modern writer to reinstate his good name and presence.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow's DNA results, but I very much doubt all this fuss would've been planned if theire was a 50/50 chance it's not him.
Done any earwigging recently? haha Added that one to my vocabulary and enjoy giving it a spin now and then;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar. I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Too bad that RA's awaited interview did not happen. I wonder what he is doing in LA? Hope spring eternal for a new movie soon!!!

Love the new photos, as always. The headshot superimposed in the valentine's heart is especially endearning ;)

I finally watched Sparkhouse. I have had the DVD for a while now but hadn't seen it. What an amazing (and harrowing) story. I love his character in it. I think it is my favorite of all of his characters now. He is so sincere and real in the midst of it all.

Ricrar said...

News re Richard III looks promising. Plans are underway to properly bury the skeleton remains found in the carpark - hopefully that means scientists are convinced it is the king.

Agreed Cleo that Richard's John Standring performance was very moving and demonstrated his wide acting range. From timid farmer to bellowing king under the mountain - it's all good;D

The Richard pic superimposed on valentine cut out was one of the very first I'd made as a luv-struck fangurl back in Feb of 2010. It's been a remarkable journey since that time, and today's news gives hope our fav actor might yet fulfill his long-time wish to professionally reinstate his namesake as an honorable historic figure.

Sue said...


I watched the press conference about Richard III this morning and it was fascinating to find out what they'd come up with. There's no doubt that it is the genuine article. What a wonderful find and to think a King had been lain underneath a tatty old car park! It will apparently be properly buried in Leicester Cathedral and I'd bet my bloomers that Richard (RA) will make sure he visits his resting place (old and new). How weird can it be that Richard was born on the day Richard III met his end? Surely has to be an omen and I'd love to think Richard would eventually play the role. (Richard III was 32 when he died, but RA will have no trouble shedding 10 years off his age, he looks much younger than his age don't you think?)

It seems that Richard III was approximately 5'8", which was tall for those days, so 6'2" seems right, as that is now pretty tall these days! Of course he may have to have a slightly stooped back, but maybe the scriptwriters will give the story a bit of poetic licence and skip that element.

By the way I was watching a programme on Richard III and a theory was raised that he may well have murdered his nephews, not to become King, but to remove a bastard rogue gene, due to a little bit of naughty concerning mum and a bit of rough, in the form of an archer!(You couldn't make it up could you!)Actually it would be interesting to make a film going back before Richard III was born where the story runs along the lines of this theory, which is certainly convincing (well it convinces me anyhow!)

I think RA may have put his foot in it when talking about accepting the role, better leave it up to his agent. It's important that he hedges his bets and isn't definitely linked to this role, as it may put off producers from casting him in another role. He will be finishing TH this year though (I wonder when?) so obviously he is going to be scouting around for another job, hence the trip to LA perhaps? Further auditions maybe?

I really hope he gets an acting role back over here in England, especially on the box, I've missed him.

Ricrar said...

Another tv series would be great, Sue. In fact, believe you're remark has inspired the next poll.

As for today's good news, which do you feel Richard would prefer - a Richard III movie or TV mini-series?

I understand additional Hobbit filming begins the end of May into Aug. Hopefully his flight to LA was to sign contracts for a role in Game of Thrones;D or put the finishing touches on Black Sky. Hopeful the latter will be released sooner rather than later. Hurricane Sandy memories have faded away. Time is ripe for another disaster film with a TDH teacher named Gary. This time no doubt you, Cleo and I will strive for perfect attendance and do our best to be teacher's pets;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, I am always teacher's pet, Ricrar! I will be in perfect attendance, I assure you. I may even write an essay on it!! :) :)

As to Richard looking young enough to play Richard III, I cannot imagine any problem with that. I put my vote in for a Richard III mini-series. It would be nice to see RA dig into a kingly role for an extended period rather than only a few hours.

I hope that the producers of Black Sky don't take the storms too seriously in making decisions about letting the film run. We have hurricanes down here in the south every year, and it doesn't seem to stop anyone's disaster films. Perhaps there could be a nice humanitarian spin to it, a feel-good aspect for those who have suffered through these sorts of storms. People might actually appreciate it.

And, goodness knows, we can't do without the next RA film!!!! We want plot, personality, details!....

Ricrar said...

See the new Richard III facial reconstruction above. He seems to look well pleased with the actor who might portray him in a future film. Please Gawd!!

If he looked similar to the reconstruction, he was indeed a nice looking man and the painter for the ancient portrait was downright terrible:)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Love the reconstruction. Looks just like RA in his earlier films. (See Sparkhouse!) RA is perfect for the part! Let's hope for a series so we can watch it for a long time! :) :)

Then maybe he can do Cleopatra :) :) He gets to play 40-109 in that one, a non-ageing emperor :)

Oh, my Heavens, he has completely got the collegiate look going in that second photo. Jeans and a nice wool sportscoat? And a vest!!! Be still my heart :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. You once mentioned, months ago, that I should take a stab at writing a Richard III story (although it sounds like Richard has that all under control with his own script). I finally figured out a way I could do it, though. I could do it if written from Richard III's wife's perspective. Apparently, they had quite the loving romance, and they were treated very badly. Perhaps that might be a source of Richard III's anger -- that for which he is more renowned. Now that kind of story, I can write. You let RA know, if he's looking for writers :) :)

Sue said...


I'd love a mini-series to be made of Richard III. Apparently there is some talk of a Richard III's Will, specifying where he wished to be buried. I only just caught the tail end of the news, so I will have to see what's happening later.

I never thought about Richard putting the finishing touches to Black Sky. Probably doing a bit of voiceover work. I hope we don't lose him to foreign climbs altogether, he belongs on British TV, with the odd excursion abroad allowed now and again of course.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Happy lunch time, Ricrar! I did, in fact, recently post a very short story version of what I would do with the Richard III story :) Just for fun :) Magic and realism, as always....


Ricrar said...

Cleo Pat;D Can you give me a hint? I've so many novels/History textbooks started on my kindle that my reading time must be devoted to finishing them or it triggers pangs of conscience.

It will be interesting to see how the Anne Neville/RichardIII storyline is handled if RA's long-time wish for a new interpretation finally comes to fruition.

The skeleton in carpark news story was given generous space in our local newspaper. Hubby handed it to me after reading and said "this one has you written all over it." ;D Lol We're both history buffs, although his interest is more in the usual masculine taste for military battles. Mine pursues family histories and of course the classic love stories. From the limited reports I've read about them, it seems RichardIII and Anne's was a happy marriage. Their one child died young which no doubt proved a challenge, as it would for couples today.

If you're interested, I understand the UK special titled "The King in the Car Park" has been posted to youtube.

Ricrar said...

Who would the two of you want to play Anne Neville in an RA film or tv series?

Sue, did you finally learn where Richard III requested to be buried? Will be interesting if it isn't in Leicester, since the current plans include a formal ceremony at Leicester Cathedral beginning of next year. I wonder if Richard will attend?

BTW, I'd be happy if all 3 shows are made - one right after the other. Would be heavenly to go from a RIII film to a Guy spinoff followed by a North and South sequel. Sweet dreams are made of this...

Sue said...


It seems that there is almost all out war as to where Richard III should be buried. York Minster (apparently he met his wife there and his son is also buried there) or should it be buried at Leicester Cathedral.

Not sure which I'd choose for him, although I can see that being buried in Yorkshire somehow seems the right thing to do. There is no even an online petition about it now! Goodness me!

Here's a link about it:


Not sure who I'd choose to play Anne Neville, I'll think on it and get back to you.

Patricia J. Sohn said...

Cleo Pat. That is too funny, Ricrar. :) :) I would be ever so more comfortable if you could call me Cleo, or Patricia. Somehow, combining the two smacks of crossing some sort of rather important line between fiction and reality. :)

Let me try for the cliff-notes version of my story of Anne and Richard. It's a very short story -- only 1696 words, so it's not burdensome, I assure you! :) But here goes:

They live on the Moors in the middle of the War of the Roses. There are references to the Moors further south, and the roses of Granada. It is a magical world, and they are the Divine Right of Kings. They are foiled in being together, but they manage to have three children (two are understood, wrongly, to be the children of Lancaster). Their son and heir does not die, but goes into hiding with the others. Their love story implies that they have known one another for all time and have come to England to rescue it from the madness of war. Anne's father, Neville, is at the center of the War of the Roses, with his own ideas about how to put England right. Anne and Richard ultimately decide to leave England to its own devices until some later date when it might be more ready for them, their justice, and the great extent of their love. It is implied that they return to warmer climes of Moors and roses.

Cliff notes version :). It's only 1696 words! I promise! :) :) Check it out ;) :)

Patricia J. Sohn said...

Sorry, Ricrar. I forgot to put in the link... hope it's ok!


It's a very sweet story :):)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Ricrar -- My vote for Anne Neville, if played next to RA: Jennifer Aniston. Strange pick, perhaps, but she has the capacity to be very matter-of-fact and down-to-earth, and also a wide emotional range that could do the part (and RA's emotional range) justice. :) :)

Ricrar said...

Extremely interesting choice Cleo. It surprised me because a few yrs ago as a new RA fan, the topic of who should be his next leading lady was always popular. I felt as you do that Jennifer would be a good match personality-wise w/Richard. She often has a funny yet poignant quality to her acting - depending on the role.

Today however I'd really enjoy seeing Lucy Griffiths(Guy's Marian) play Anne Neville. I thought the chemistry between her and Richard virtually oozed from the screen.

On my way over to your short story;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

You're so nice to look at it, Ricrar! I can't wait to hear what you think :)

Ricrar said...

Great short story Cleo.
There's no doubt which Richard you had in mind when you wrote:
"She stood a careful distance, so that she could watch his every move, take in his beautiful face, listen to his beautiful voice."

Never hurts to add a dash of spice to history and you did exactly that. Perhaps Phillipa Langley could use an assistant;D

Sue mentioned Richard was working on his own version of a RIII screenplay, wouldn't it be delish if we could peek over his shoulder as he works on it.

Did you know he had deliberately allowed one or two typos in some messages to fans because he knew they were amused by them. In at least one he added "p.s. enjoy the typos."

Ricrar said...

Where is Anne Neville buried? From all accounts I've seen - there's was a happy marriage - so wouldn't her spouse want to be buried with his soulmate and mother of his only child?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Now, Ricrar, I'm not sure it is so obvious at all! :) :) I suppose any of his Richards will do, right? :) :)

Thank you SO MUCH for reading my short story!! You are so kind with your comments as well. A little dash of spice never hurt anyone, I would agree with you there. And there does seem to be a real romance in the Richard III story just waiting to be told....

I would love to be a writing assistant on a Richard III project. That sounds like wonderful fun to me!

You are such a romantic on the issue of place of burial for King Richard III. I looked it up, and according to the Westminster Abbey website, Anne Neville is buried there. Isn't that one of the most appropriate places for a king in any case? See:


Cheers! And thank you again for reading my story!!

Sue said...


Anne Neville is buried at Westminster Abbey.

To be honest I suspect that the reasons behind all these arguments relating to where Richard III should be buried is purely commercial. Let's face it wherever he ends up being buried it will be a real tourist attraction.

It seems that when Leicester University applied for the licence to excavate the site it was specified that Richard III, if found, would have to be reburied by August 2014 and at Leicester Cathedral. Any petitions to the Queen is therefore unlikely to be successful due to this factor. Personally I think he will end up in Leicester Cathedral.

To be honest it's a wonder the skeleton survived all the bombing in WWII that took place in Leicester. The Cathedral itself certainly took a pounding.