January 27, 2018

Richard Armitage: Big Finish RA Narration Promotion(see photo and link) + Twitter's Saucy Wenches Book Club Excitement! ;D (see link) + Vampire Chronicles Are Back! (see link) + 2 RA Fanvids + Berlin Station 2 Screencaps

The "Saucy Wenches Book Club" on Twitter are looking forward to his new 'Wanderlust' narration with gReAt anticipation. Lol
Above promo for new Richard Armitage narration of HG Wells classic--The Martian Invasion of Earth.  Scroll https://www.bigfinish.com/vortex/pdf/108
Thanks to Tanni for this vintage fanart classic from years ago..
Would RA be interested in playing a vampire?
From recent Paris Berlin Station promo visit..


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