November 8, 2010

New Vid: "I'm a Believer" by bccmee + Ladies of Discriminating Taste Validated Yet Again + Lines & Visuals from Ep 8 + Richard Armitage in Spooks9, Ep 8

Such a splendidly beautiful church..can anyone identify it? Rev Richard looks at home..:) [update: thx to Steph we now know the lovely church is St Paul's Cathedral]
Re the below video:  Hopefully he actually has a far better batting average than his on-screen matches to date---Is that what's driven him into a womanless hobbit hole;) 

Food for thought: lines from ep 8..
From Lucas: "they didn't need to kill him"..."I really hope that he does"..."you always underestimated yourself Ruth"..."be brave--you've done enough, like me, say yes"..."five miles outside Dakar--that's where Lucas North is"..."we love each other"..."this isn't like you Harry--committing treason for just one life"...[Visual inspired by scene in Spooks7: split second flash of Lucas AND Harry lying down side by side on a safehouse floor]
[Another visual - St Edward's Church...Was it sacrilegious for Harry to hide the top secret Albany file in that location?]
Dimitri question:  Why didn't writers have him expeditiously shoot the hooded  'running-away'  Lucas?..why did they take precious time to instead send in a team to neutralize the threat?

Do you ever peek in on ubiquitous Christmas markets all over the world?  Certain ones set the traditional scene far better than others.  Can's you almost smell the sausages & chestnuts roasting by the open fire...hehe...that is, if there are still chestnuts anywhere in the world.  Will be posting links now and then to various holiday season festivities around the globe..
                                                    Meditation...with good a holy place..

Seems like an appropriate spot to deposit today's headline...

                    >Bush: Waterboarding prevented attacks on Heathrow Airport and London... <

 Do we have Spooks writers, RA or both to thank for one last glimpse before tatts are at least temporarily retired?

Has anyone else looked at the LastBroadcast website  Hot Spot: Guys feature?[link below]  There are 188 pics but by the time I reached #36...went mehhh..not worth the time.  What was interesting to find is that 3 current spooks are mentioned on the mostly 'still wet behind the ears' list, including the hottest - though far more mature - Richard Armitage.  Doesn't that prove yet again that we're women of discriminating taste? *patting all on the back*:)  Could not find in the 36 pix perused one other actor who would ever inspire me to pay such close attention to his career.  Only other male in this world who gets that sort of attention is my adorable soulmate and long-time hubby.
Here are the results of fav spook character run-off at that site:
>To mark the end of the series, LastBroadcast asked you to vote for your favourite character of all time. The votes have been counted and we can now reveal the winner as the ever-reliable head of Section D, Sir Harry Pearce (played by the show's longest-serving cast member Peter Firth), with 26% of the votes
Top ten in order of votes received.<                                                                               
[It must be gratifying for RA to rank higher on the below list than Ros or Malcolm.  Great to see Jo included...always had hopes Lucas & Jo might've teamed up as a Spooks couple.  Wager that one would've turned out with less tragic ramifications than all the others---assuming of course that writers did not insist on the same storyline for Jo;]
FAV SPOOKS Characters:  1. Sir Harry Pearce 2. Adam Carter 3. Ruth Evershed 4. Lucas North
5. Ros Myers
6. Malcolm Wynn-Jones 7. Tom Quinn 8. Zaf Younis 9. Jo Portman 10. Zoe Reynolds<
 Ep8 cont'd: Appears to be more emotional passion/chemistry between Lucas/John & Ruth than w/Maya...

All that angst and treachery for the woman he loved who sadly didn't seem to offer nearly as much love in return..


Sue said...

After seeing the clip of tonight's last episode of Spooks I don't think I'm going to enjoy seeing Lucas/John exit the show. I'll miss him on Spooks and can only wonder how they can continue without old thunder thighs. Please bring him back from the ashes scriptwriters for series 11!!

Ricrar said...

I'm concerned for Ruth as well - hope both characters do not make a permanent exit from the show:( Doubt Harry could carry ep10 almost on his own.

I'm still betting on writers' somehow keeping a few Luc/John ends untied for future storylines enabling Richard's return. We'll shortly see...hope there's not a funereal atmosphere hanging over the RA universe within next few hrs.*assorted parts crossed for luck*

Ricrar said...

Evidently it was Harry we needed to be concerned about more than Ruth.

No mention of Lucas/John's body morgue..burial?? SO...the writers did leave the door open for his return.

Question #1: What was it about the building where the original Lucas North lived that drew Bateman to it? Had the former told the latter of something unique in the architecture. Did John/Luc simply jump to a landing of some sort and escape?

All for a lukewarm relationship, at best..c'est la vie...unto the hobbit holes of middle earth for a verrrry lonnnng hibernation period.

Musa said...

I just finished watching this very minute. I'll have to wait a while before I can watch it again I think. I can't watch it again tomorrow.
I'm not sure if...I don't know if the build up was enough for me. The killer who doesn't kill.
I watched Season 7 again this weekend. That's my Lucas. The name fits him so well, John Bateman really doesn't ring as true as Lucas North.
Yes RicRAr, on to Captain America and on to Middle-earth.

Anonymous said...

no RA, no more spooks for you Lucas/John

Steph said...

The church is St Paul's Cathedral.

Please don't hold out any hope for Lucas/John's return - that was a very high building...

Judith Johnson said...

@ MUSA-Season 7 is my Lucas also!! @ Anonymous-No RA, no Spooks, me too!
@RiCRar-yes, onto Hobbitland! Please keep your excellent blog, when is Capt. America scheduled to air?

Obviously being romantically involved with our Guy is pretty dangerous. However, we all have to go sometime, and no better way than in RA's arms IMO *_*

Ricrar said...

Thx for the St Paul's ID steph:) It was a stunning setting and Richard seemed to effectively use the Lucas-Blake spiritual connection without a word of reference.

Watched ep8 a second time - the inferred suicide was without the hint of a visual or slightest sound. No body mention of it in a mortuary..nada funeral comments. IMO, writers took pains to be certain John/Luc treated Ruth w/TLC..never entertained the thought of actually planting an effective bomb.

Vaughn's knife wound wasn't intended to be fatal. He could've easily been treated & saved, but he chose not to self-help..possibly to protect Maya?

Spooks hierarchy appear to be hoping RA will return at some point in time, and so do I. In the meantime, there are endearing actors/actresses in US spy thrillers as well - e.g. Burn Notice & White Collar - so, it's doubtful I'd even remember S10 without Richard. Although, I will be curious to learn if viewership numbers change now that he's jumped:) ship, so to speak.

Ricrar said...

ahhh, thx for your kind words judith - the blog is not going anywhere. Primary focus will always be Richard:) and the tangents he often inspires. Even the recent Dancing w/Stars posts were somewhat motivated by his interest in dancing. Wonder if Thorin will treat us to a few steps as he engages in his musical interests. Believe he plays the harp?

CA premieres in July - hopefully the producers will tease us with pre-air date photos of our fav German spy;)

Sue said...

I loved the ending, although it was a very silent one for Lucas/John, I mean faced with hurtling down from a great height I'd scream the place down and would much prefer the quick but lethal alternative of putting a gun to my head. I agree with you RiCrAr, it certainly leaves the door open for his return. I have always been a fan of Spooks however and will still watch series 10. The replacement of LN/JB by Alec White (played by actor Vincent Regan)looks highly likely, and if not, writers should certainly consider it, as he already seems to have been given an interesting backstory. Rest assured Spooks will continue to hold its own with viewers despite Richard's departure.

Richard may have been taking a leap of faith in more ways than one with his exit from the show (pretty scary). Role on the Hobbit! Not to mention his return to the stage (albeit briefly) at the Old Vic.

Ricrar said...

Yes, let's hope there will be saturation coverage of the Old Vic event--photos of performers arrivals, etc. Does anyone know how it has been handled in the past? Do most news outlets highlight the fund-raising aspect of the story?

The Strike Back news re Richard's replacements is interesting--isn't it. Very telling when an actor is replaced by 2. His parents can be very proud of RA's sterling work ethic, and fans certainly do appreciate the superior quality of the finished product.

Musa said...

Dear Judith1, we'll always have the Lucas of Season 7. So grateful for my DVD and my all region DVD player :)

I hope the CA PR machine will start gearing up soon, and feature RA. I'm sure as The Hobbit gears up we'll get more PR there, though probably not what he looks like as Thorin. I'm sad about Strike Back though.
I'll probably watch Season 10 of Spooks, but it will never be the same for me.

Ricrar said...

We have an all-region player as well Musa. My collection so far: N&S(watched at least 12Xs); The Impressionists(also viewed many times); RH1&2..didn't care for the storyline of 3 enough to buy it; sparkhouse; Cold Feet; VoD; The Golden Hour; Spooks 7&8, SB1.

Spooks9 is on pre-order. Couldn't tell DH that Richard is no longer w/the show, because it's one of his Christmas presents. I know he'll be disappointed about SB2 as well - he very much enjoyed the first series.

For me, the most moving lines on the roof between L/J & Harry were when the former said Vaughn had given him a reason to make a difference - Harry replied "wish you had met me first". Took a deep sigh when Lucas said to his former father figure "I wish you had too." :(...very touching moment, wasn't it.

Judith Johnson said...


Too bad Sir Guy didn't get that upset over the demise of Marian. Really great acting!

Ricrar said...


didn't you find Sir Guy was far more upset about Marian's death than Robin? Of course, it's refreshing when the doer of the deed feels pangs of guilt, but didn't the writers almost brush the Marian tragedy aside in their hurry to introduce RH3's storyline? Robin quickly buried his wife's ring about ep2 of the new series and then moved on with very little hesitation to Kate?

Sir Guy's dying words included "Marian..the love of my life"..*weep* We may need to have several GoG revisited posts in between upcoming Old Vic, CA & Hobbit news. Will Thorin's visual appearance remind us in any way of dark, intense & growling Guy?

Judith Johnson said...

Of course Thorin will resemble GoG as Peter Jackson already said it was Sir Guy that inspired him to envision RA as Thorin (or something like that if memory serves me correctly)!

Yeah, I thought Robin just shrugged off Marian's deathh what with Kate and the evil Isabella (great family those Gisbornes). But then I always thought that Robin was a very inconsistant lover, he did break off the engagement to go off to the Crusades and I always thought he exhibitied a lot of PTSS symptoms and was terrible husband material.

I still am in shock over Marian's death at Guy's hand but in many ways she used Guy like Robin used her. Poor silly girl but I felt cheated over her death scene and felt RA was deprived of a great scene. He did redeem himself nicely in S3 but I wanted him to become a force for justice in S4. I think you are right, we will need search for the Thorin in Guy!! I will even read the darn books *_*

Ricrar said...

PTSS...judith? Whaa zat?:)

The scene at Loxley manor when Marian comes to Guy's chambers while he's having an armor fitting - fortuitously minus a shirt - was the scene that always caused me to ask 'what if' the most about G & M.

What if Marian had not noticed Robin at the window after she touched his hand and said (with an emotional break in her voice) "Guy.."?

Of course, that's exactly the reaction writers had in mind. They took us to the most tempting, stirring edge with the G/M duo in that scene, and then returned all of us hearts-thumping female viewers to the targeted 'younger generation' demographic realities of the show.

Guy in Thorin?? hmmm, so far similarites mentioned are an aggressive, determined, sometimes snarling/growling personality. The leader of the dwarves also proves to be a loyal friend. Guy was certainly that to Marian many times, although to almost no one else in the entire series. Well, he did help Robin rescue their half-bro, but I'd the impression he was doing it more in memory of his mother than for either brother.