November 17, 2010

RA Reads Excerpt From An American in Paris + Harry Potter Speaks American + Bilbo Baggins House Where Thorin Visits + New Lucas Vid: 'Lies' by ThePhylly3 + Why Can't Dwarves be Sexy, asks Hobbit Fan + The Reeve + Richard Armitage Pics


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Coventry Telegraph: Richard has recorded a eulogy to be played at Betty Pattison's memorial<

Spooks star's tribute to Coventry dance legend Betty Pattison
Nov 18 2010

SPOOKS star Richard Armitage will tomorrow lead the tributes at a service to celebrate the life of legendary Coventry drama and dance teacher Betty Pattison.

The 39-year-old actor has recorded a moving eulogy to his former mentor which will be played during the memorial service at Coventry Cathedral from 7pm.
Entire article:  Beautiful new cathedral:
[Link below to photos of the original cathedral.  Remember in Spooks 7, when the Russian mole spook related to Lucas the history of the attack during WWII on the city of Coventry? She explained that the German code had been broken, and therefore they were aware that an attack was planned. The excruciating Sophie’s choice was whether to evacuate the city and thereby alert Hitler that their code had been broken. Nothing was done and, of course, keeping the secret was crucial to the Allies ultimate victory.]Photos taken at the time of the church's destruction - this was one of many during the blitz:
Link below to richardarmitageonline with many more details...

>He began by quoting from one of his old school reports from 1986, which commended him for gaining a distinction in his Grade 5 Speech examination.

A pleasing examination report. Richard has gained confidence, and should now widen his sights by doing more acting.

He continued, "Well Miss Pat, you were right, and the reason that this tribute is being delivered in a recording is because I'm sitting in traffic on the M6 after a day of acting at Shepperton Studios, where I'm lucky enough to be filming Captain America. But I wouldn't be doing that if it hadn't been for your school report.<

More details graciously provided at
Including mention of RA reading the following excerpt from the movie 'An American in Paris' - one of his former teacher's favorite musicals..

The Hobbit fans seem to be getting with Peter Jackson's program judging from the following website

>◦The next sexy, Legolas-like break-out Tolkien-inspired character will be … Thorin Oakinshield (to be played by Richard Armitage in The Hobbit), at least according to Peter Jackson. Hey, why can’t dwarves be sexy too?<
We definitely might prefer that Jackson not include dwarf women in his new movie.  It seems Tolkien stated the women as well as men had beards:)..not very romantic.
 Fans at youtube debate the subject..

hehe..couldn't resist...

The answer to The Canterbury Tales poll is The Reeve:
>The Reeve was a slender, fiery-tempered man.
He shaved as closely as a razor can.
His hair was cropped about his ears, and shorn
Above his forehead as a priest's is worn.
His legs were very long and very lean.<
How adorable is this and how talented is the woman who built Bilbo Baggins house at Bag End(link below)
Apparently RA has more in common with The Hobbit author than was obvious at first glance---both men trained to be spies..of course the former in only a dramatic sense (as far as we know:)
Article from The Telegraph in early Sept: 
>JRR Tolkien trained as British spy

The novelist JRR Tolkien secretly trained as a Government spy in the run up to the Second World War, new documents have disclosed. <

Will there be a female dwarf or elf afterall?  If so, will she be a love interest?  Why wouldn't the actress' name have been included in the recent casting announcement.  Perhaps circumstances changed since director Jackson's comment on the subject in Dec, 2009
                                                                   J.R.R. Tolkien
Cat demonstrates the 'blitz spirit'...hilarious..(wasn't it Spooks7?..ep w/teen and his mother - Lucas asked the latter "where's your blitz spirit?" after she looked disgruntled over the conditions of their hideout)

Who knew Harry Potter could speak American? teehee:)  Daniel looks like a downsized-version of RA in this vid, doesn't he..(almost included the word hot..then decided it would be irreverent to refer to HP in that way.  Certain his girlfriend does not share the sentiment;)


Musa said...

Who says M-E dwarves can't be sexy? Hey, if what it takes to be RA's female dwarf love interest is a beard, I'm willing to sacrifice myself and get a beard transplant :)

Ricrar said...

haha Musa..I sincerely hope there isn't a female dwarf w/beard. Not a pretty mental image, is it;)

Noticed the tweet re RA's tribute to his former teacher. See above for a link to photos of the horrible destruction of Coventry Cathedral during WWII. The new church is beautiful. That's where his recording will be played.

So, where might he be doing such crucial filming? If it's CA, suppose it's possible he's in LA finishing the necessary details for his Heinz Kruger role. If it's SB2, we don't really have any idea where he might be working. Didn't he say different locations were planned for filming the 2nd SB series?

Musa said...

I hope we'll get to hear the recording of the tribute to his teacher. She must have been a wonderful influence in his life, and I'm sure she was very proud of his success. He seems to be such a caring person. Maybe they will mention what he's working on, what he's filming. Yes, I remember Connie talking about Coventry in Spooks. Brings tears to my eyes to see the wartime photos.

Originally they did talk about different locations for SB2, remember they even mentioned filming in the US. Maybe still filming CA, though if he was still in the UK you would think he'd get a break to go to Coventry. I think we're all having RA withdrawal after Spooks.

Sue said...

How lovely that Richard took the time to record a eulogy for "Miss Pat" as I remember him calling her in an interview. He obviously must be busy filming otherwise I feel sure he would have attended in person.

Sue said...

Just read Richard's eulogy to Miss Pat and thought it was lovely, honest with a touch of humour, not fluffy. You often hear eulogies and sometimes wonder if they have got mixed up with someone else. Loved the bit about the six quid she owed him, trust Richard's sense of humour to break through it all!The excerpt from the American in Paris was a nice touch and very apt.

So still working on the Captain America movie, perhaps he's working on the dubbing for the film in the studios?

Musa said...

Sue, I'm with you on what you say about his eulogy to Miss Pat. Well said.
The six quid, interesting he mentioned The Hobbit and playing a role as a student. So we know now he's very familiar with the story.

Ricrar said...

Morning Sue & Musa,

Isn't the excerpt Richard read from AAinP an interesting one? Wonder if Ms Pat had mentioned that particular passage to him at some point, or perhaps included it in a school paper that he's kept all these yrs.

As for The Hobbit, didn't RA state that it was one of his fav books as a child? It really is a lovely, inspirational story for children.

Have you noticed how Richard's mention of working on CA at Shepperton Studios has caused renewed concern about SB2 on the part of fans? Although one of the CA websites did mention that CA would wrap within 3wks - perhaps then RA will don his Porter fatigues. Will he even have time for Christmas visits this yr?

p.s. We'll definitely understand if his usual holiday message to fans is one of those things that simply will not fit into Richard's highly pressurized schedule this yr, won't we?;)

Sue said...

With Richard due to start filming The Hobbit early next year we may find that John Porter spends most of his time a prisoner in Iran, or some such place, or still scarpering for his life in the desert? (Or Blackpool prom, those stag parties are killers!). I wonder if he will be killed off in SB2? I must admit I thought when they were filming SB1 that with Richard as the main character it could be tricky for scriptwriters if he ever decided to leave the show. That's the problem with having a main central character. Perhaps they will make it more like Ultimate Force where nobody takes the lead and a character can be easily written out and replaced.

Wonder what Richard's doing right now in his 24 hour play marathon? Will there be any boiler suit scenes I ask myself?

Ricrar said...


There are some details above on RA's play...must've been hilarious. He did snog someone..don't know if it was w/his stage wife or not. She had invited her sisters to their home, and then the former overweight, balding guy had his wish granted to look like Richard:) Sooooo, maybe one of the sisters stepped out of line when she took one look at her newly refurbished bro in law.

While retrieving the gettyimages via tip from Musa, noticed that Miranda Raison photos from June, 2010. She was will Rafe that her husband? Did they reunite? or might it be someone new in her life...she asked w/tongue in cheek like the cat that swallowed the canary. teehee

You know I'm still rooting for Richard & Miranda to get together..never say die matchmaker:) Of course, that won't happen if she's already entangled with someone else.

Have you checked the photos on Twitter? There's one (at the party) of RA surrounded by and holding a conversation with at least 3 lovely actresses. Three!!..other guys would be happy for one - he gets 3 all to himself. The competition is fierce, isn't it;)