November 15, 2010

Hobbit on steroids Vid by JulietD001 + Hobbit Movie Poster Contest + Couple's First PhotoOp..Romance in the Air:Congrats to the Happy Couple! + Access Hollywood Website + Ultranumb by FairyKingdom86 + Holiday or Special Date Poll + The Hobbit News Reaches A Fav Son's Hometurf + Strike Back Speculations

It's my understanding that the character below is from Lord of the Rings - easy to see, is it not, when compared to Sir Guy's above photo why the director would be taken - with not only RA's superb acting abilities -  but also with 
his similar physical attributes as well...

The Hobbit Movie Poster Contest - thx for the link Musa:)
More hobbit details provided by  Musa's detective work..posted at twitter..
Have no idea how I'd missed this one before today - initial reaction was "it's the hobbit on steroids".  Following SB vid 'One of Us is Going Down' is by JulietD001...

Following article published at mentions Richard's place of birth.  It's located in an area identified by historians as where the coal mining industry, which fueled the Industrial Revolution, had it's origins. The exact location is nearby - Ashby de la Zouche.  Tempted to leave about 50 bookmarks here supporting that statement, but will not do so:) 
From one person whose ancestral roots also reach deep into the soil of an area once filled with hard working, warm hearted, responsible, salt of the earth coal miners, it's easy to see why Richard developed such an admirable low-key attitude towards fame -  and an avoidance of the pretentions of celebrity.  Looks like a lovely place with as much charm as the man....

Also mentioned in the article is the reason RA was unavailable to be interviewed by the reporter - he's busy filming...WooHoo!  Which leads to the question - What pray tell is the project?...Is it SB2?:) 
Holiday season will soon be here, which means for most of us that at least one new dress must be found for some special occasion.  Why don't we get a preliminary step over with, by at least zeroing in on the color.  Doesn't the TDH in the following pic look a bit like Lucas in Spooks7?..needs to be furnished w/a supply of chocolate donuts;)  Choose the dress color you would be more likely to buy(see poll)
The peace is about to be disturbed..bigtime!..Advice: do not watch/listen to following vid close to bedtime unless you want to be sleepless on twitter all night long;) It certainly conveys the mayhem of Spooks9.

Am I the only one who had not seen until now Richard and his co-star's photos on the Access Hollywood website - along with those of Michael Caine, Daniel Radcliffe, Mick Jagger etc (link below..scroll) 


      No - the romantic news is not about him (so why all the fuss you ask??..haha..that was a joke;)  It's about the official announcement of the engagement of the handsome couple below - Prince William and Kate Middleton..Congrats to All!
Most romantic of all is the ring - it is the one that was chosen by his mother - Princess Diana - as her engagement ring.  A gorgeous sapphire surrounded by diamonds.  She chose it from a jeweler's catalog.  In all honesty, if it had been me (when my prince proposed;) I'd have chosen one with historic significance among the antique rings at her disposal - perhaps there are laws against that?  We need someone who knows the rules about 'crown jewels'. (update: expressed this thought to hubby - his reply.."you've already had access to the crown jewels" which sent me ROFL..hehe..he's soooooo naughty;) 

ahem..Back to the matter at hand - Could Diana have chosen one of those historically significant rings?...perhaps that collection is considered part of the national treasury and therefore not available to anyone other than the queen??..which means Kate will someday gain access--when that day arrives few will continue to call her simply Kate - will it be Queen Kate? or Katherine? hmmm..need a  British subject to answer these crucial questions, don't we . (Update: one question answered at following website where you can watch their first photo op together as a betrothed couple..reporters asked Catherine if he did the traditional 'down on one knee' thing and Wm interjected (probably saved her from scramblling for an appropriate reply) with "that will remain a secret."  He also stated his bride-to-be is very good at flattery (remember unattached ladies;) but then added she often "takes the mickey out of me" -  so you can give and taketh away as well and still catch your prince. (they enjoy the joust;) 

>Kate’s birth name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (that’s right, with a C, not a K) which means she will become the sixth Queen Catherine of England. Three Queen Catherines were married to Henry VIII alone: Catherine of Aragon, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr. The first Catherine was Catherine of Valois, wife of Henry V and the last was Catherine of Braganza, married to King Charles II.<


Anonymous said...

When the articles says he is filming, they don't mean The Hobbit becuase that's supposed to start Feb next year, right? So...what is he filming??
Here I am sad that we'll have to wait until CA is released to have our fix of RA to find out he's filming 'something'. It is almost cruel...

OML ;)

Ricrar said...

OML, he's most likely filiming SB2. It's my understanding RA won't have enough available time to contribute as much to the new series as he did in SB1; however, he is expected to play a part in it. Perhaps they're filming Richard's part of it before he flies off to NZ in Feb.

Are your tv screens filled w/the news of Prince Wm & Kate Middleton's engagement? It was just confirmed that her ring is the one his mother(Princess Diana) had chosen as her engagement ring--gorgeous blue stone(sapphire?). Will find a pic and post it above.

They're even giving the details of the ring. It is a sapphire circled by diamonds. Someone who knows him personally said Wm often mentioned his mother's ring is one of the strongest memories he has of her. ahhh, touching..isn't it:)

Musa said...

Wonder if he is filming SB2? The article about Martin Freeman in the Spanish newspaper says that he's getting the summer off to work on Sherlock. Why can't RA get the summer off to work on something too?
Great news about Prince William and Kate Middleton. We're overdue for some happy news and a wonderful romantic wedding. I wish them much happiness. has a poster contest. Hope they get several entries of RA as Thorin:

Ricrar said...

Being aware of RA's strong worth ethic as we are, perhaps he'd prefer not to take the summer off and instead asked to finish his role in SB2 early. Remember how exhausted he said he was after each day's shoot in Africa - would it even be physically possible for him to take on as large a Porter role as in SB1 plus The Hobbit filming demands?

Richard said he was so focused on the Porter role, he even dreamt about him. Imagine experiencing that much intensity about 2 roles almost simultaneously. He might start dreaming about a 4ft tall JP...haha..ooooh, the evil baddies would really cringe:)

Had the thought that Richard might consider himself lucky to be somewhere other than London this spring/summer when wedding tourism will probably cause heavier traffic - an even more bustling city in general.

Are the Olympics scheduled for the following year?..he'll be in NZ for most of that one as well -- it's almost as if RA cleverly planned to be out of town for all the commotion, isn't it:) No doubt pure coincidence.

Judith Johnson said...

Crimminies, I thought that RA had gotten engaged from your headline *whew* it's only Wills and Kate!

Anonymous said...

I had the impression RA was 'out' of SB2... At least something to look forward to.

Well, I don't have much time to watch the news but I read today at lunch in the newspaper about their wedding, also about the ring. Is so sweet that he gave her his mother ring.

OML :)

Ricrar said...

hehe Judith,

Then the filigree valentine's heart didn't help make it clear who exactly had become betrothed, did it;) That was just a shameless excuse on my part to use the valentine's sentiment at a time other than the usual one.

Can you imagine the on-line squeeing, squealing and excited uproar that will ensue when Richard finally ties the knot? Will we even know until long after the wedding day has past.

Ricrar said...


my impression about SB2 is that RA will be part of it, however not as large a role as SB1. Suppose we won't know the exact dimensions of his role until late 2011, when it airs. Won't there be 10eps this time?..if he has a small part in each one, it will still be worth watching strong, determined, man of steel John Porter;)

Anonymous said...

i believe he's busy filming Captain America.

Ricrar said...

Still CA? Thought it had wrapped?

Perhaps the Heniz Kruger role is larger than we'd expected it to be...hope so.

Anonymous said...

Still with CA? I had the impression he finished with it...

I'd rather JP is in a good part in SB2.1 than little bits through the series.

OML :)

Sue said...

Please RiCrAr no more William and Kate pics/articles the British media is on overdrive on this subject and if I hear one more word I think I'll throw up! I'm not anti-royal or anything it's just that the media seems to do some news stories to death and this is one of them.Why couldn't they just elope to Gretna Green and save the taxpayer a load of dosh and save us from all this news lush at the same time!

I think Richard will be filming SB2 (didn't it say somewhere that filming began in November?) and then he'll be filming The Hobbit in February 2011.

He will of course be appearing in one of the 24hr plays at the Old Vic. Talking of which I clicked on a link relating to the 24 hour plays company, (on the Old Vic website), and had a good chuckle at what I found there(but then I've an odd sense of humour). Take a look on the following link:

Ricrar said...

hehe..they do have a sense of humor, Sue. The descriptions I've read say those participating are under 25yrs old? but there was a news blurb about Richard appearing this yr. He'd better be there---I understand a few fans have bought tickets, and are even flying to London for the event.

Yes, the news coverage for Wm&Kate was wall to wall saturation here as well for the first 24hrs. There's still speculation about the dress designer, location for wedding, etc. Seems to be between the church recently shown in Spooks - St Pauls...or Westminster Abbey. Isn't the latter where Diana's funeral ceremony took place? Seems that might cast a sad mood on the occasion, doesn't it.

Hopefully this Queen Catherine will have better luck than her predecessors, right?;) Three for HenryVIII: Aragon, Howard, Parr.

Catherine is one of the female names for generations in my maternal ancestry. They were usually called Kit or Kitty. In fact, I've a niece nicknamed Cass--short for the longer name.

I'd say after 7-8yrs of dating, the couple can be almost certain they're compatible. Wouldn't be surprised if church bells of joy are ringing for another reason in 2012(pink or blue?:) Did you hear Wm's remark to reporters that his bride-to-be had better guard his mother's ring w/her life. He also added by making her ring the center of attention his mother didn't miss out on the day. So sweet.

How long will it take for someone to finally tie Prince Harry down in (as Sir Guy would say) holy wedlock? He seems as though he'd be far more difficult to lasso than his older brother:)

Sue said...


I'm afraid I won't be one of those fans going to the Old Vic, but I hope we get some piccies from those that see him. I think they may find the plays a little rough around the edges, hope Richard has a good time at the sharp end.

As for Prince Harry, I reckon it will have to be a sharp wench that catches him. He sounds a good laugh. Not sure I would want to wear Princess/Lady Diana's engagement ring, especially as the marriage failed so badly. Always thought that a sapphire was an odd choice of an engagement ring. I think perhaps a new start would have been in order.