November 3, 2010

10 Lines from Ep 8 + Thorin Oakenshield..Casting Call + Richard Armitage as John Bateman..:( To Where Will He Run? (see poll)

Mixing projects...Don't believe we've seen as yet this explosion following Heinz Kruger's escape...

The Hobbit - Official Casting Call and Plot Details

Posted January 04, 2010
[THORIN OAKENSHEILD] Heir to the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, Thorin Oakensheild was forced to lead his people far away from their homelands into exile in the Blue Mountains. Powerfully built and a legendary fighter, Thorin has led a tough and dangerous life and it shows on his face. He is sharp eyed and sharp tongued, proud in his bearing and un-trusting of those he does not know. But Thorin is also capable of intense loyalty, immense courage and surprising gentleness and humour. Thorin will be required to wear a wig and beard and some minor prosthetics make-up, like a nose or forehead, is possible. LEAD. AGE: EARLY 40’S to MID 50’S. ACCENT – STANDARD R.P. OR SLIGHTLY ACCENTED REGIONAL ENGLISH ACCENT.

Warning - Might contain SPOILERS for you..
Interesting excerpts from recent interview...
Richard Armitage is waiting to shoot the final scene of the ­current series of Spooks…
Sporting stubble and with his hair dishevelled, he’s tired after months of filming.

Only when the subject turns to ­tattoos does his mood lighten. ‘If I had a tattoo, it would say “Lucas woz ‘ere”,’ says the 39-year-old. … I know how important the body art is to Lucas North. His history has been etched on to his skin.

There is no more significant ­tattoo on his body than the William Blake picture Urizen. …‘As this ninth series builds to a climax, he realises that he no longer has control. ..Control of his life has pretty much gone. I suspect he always knew it would.’

And the same can be said of the actor playing him. Six-footer Richard likes to be in ..

‘I’m going to be shooting Lucas’s final scene of the series and I don’t know his fate. I may not even know if Lucas lives until long after post-production. Lucas’s future with the show — and mine, for that matter — is up in the air.’
[** with those few words, at least for me, HOPE springs eternal for a long-time luscious Lucas devotee…fingers crossed that it won’t somehow be dashed to the ground by the end of ep 8...would be happy to live suspended with expectation until RA finishes his Thorin duties in TH, if it means there‘s a possibility he'll again inhabit John/Lucas‘s body at some time in the future]

.. Surely he knows whether his character is going to survive? But he swears he doesn’t. ‘All I can say is that I hope he survives. He’s a wicked man, but I would like to play him again.’

The fan mail’s come ­pouring in. Yet ask him how he feels about being a sex symbol and he looks at you with incredulity. ‘I don’t understand it, I’m just a geek who likes DIY. Some of the mail I’ve had has been weird. When I played Guy of Gisborne, a woman crocheted a mini-version of me. There also seemed to be a lot of people taken by all that leather Guy used to wear. . .’
[**hehehe..really? ;) You know who you are out there…long live the Prince of Leather!!]

Richard’s army of fans will be relieved to know he remains ­single, although he’s developed ‘a bit of a crush’ on Spooks co-star Sophia Myles, who plays MI5 operative Beth Bailey.

‘She’s adorable,’ grins Richard, perhaps ­surprising ­himself at revealing this intriguing little tidbit.

‘We worked together at Birmingham Rep, and now she’s been to Hollywood. I admit to having a bit of a crush on her.’
[**hmmm..Exactly when did Richard suddenly become so forthright about matters of the heart? Or is this one of those situations where he made a light-hearted remark about Sophia and the reporter applied her own embellishment?]

So might Richard take things further? ‘Well, maybe we could have a glass of champagne — maybe we could have dinner together,’ he says, mumbling a little — clearly slightly coy at his revelation.

It’s not clear what ..lies ahead for Richard...

‘I feel a sense of wearing the same shoes the whole time and a strong urge to do something that doesn’t involve violence. I would like to play a more buoyant character than I have done recently.
[**Perhaps RA was sworn at that point to not mention he’d already won the role of a nasty but lovable senior dwarf - is there no rest for the master of brooding complex personalities:]

… I’m not interested in getting more money for what I do, I’m just interested in more money being put into the production.’

If Richard’s awkward with fame, he’s dismissive of fortune. Ask him what he’s splashed out on since finding high-profile work six years ago and the Leicester-born actor triumphantly says: ‘Nothing!’

He adds: ‘I bought a car three years ago — a BMW 3 Series — but I want to go back to driving around in an old banger. The BMW is lovely, but I prefer something that’s cheap and a bit scratched. ‘It wouldn’t be Lucas North’s style, but as long as the vehicle started I’d be happy with it.’

The final episode of series nine of Spooks will be shown on BBC1 at 9pm on Monday. The DVD will be released on February 28, 2011.
[See entire interview at The Daily Mail website]

More SPOILERS: (thank you Musa)
Here's ten teasing lines of dialogue from episode 8...

► "This man was our colleague and our friend, but have no illusions, he is now our enemy."

► "You don't know what Albany is, do you?"

► "We don't really know who we're dealing with."

► "If he isn't being blackmailed anymore, and we must assume he isn't, then what the hell is he doing?"

► "Lucas or Albany, Harry - you might not be able to save them both."

► "I've killed people and I've saved people. I'm still in credit."

► "I want to speak to Lucas North."

► "Do you know how I knew it was true? Because for the first time you made sense."

► "It's my turn."

► "I'd start preparing for life after MI5."
The episode airs at 9pm on Monday 8th November 2010.
This Monday's edition of Dancing w/the Stars might very well be the last one for Bristol & Mark; therefore, wanted to include wk 5.  It was actually their worst wk marks-wise but IMO was really a fun skit.  
BTW...whispering over the back fence;) - recently needed a haircut and while there picked up the latest news about what appears to be one of the audiences fav couples -- they've been seen about town quite often together during the past few wks.  She frequently accompanies him when his band has a gig.  That harmless gossip is straight from the stylist's mouth - can't get a firmer news source that that, can you?..*grin*

One more..their team dance was the Cha-Cha and - judges gave them 8s across the board for it.  Excuse the melodrama in the lead up to the dance (not by Bristol & Mark).  Suppose acting/expressiveness of the contestants off the dancefloor is considered part of the overall production setup for the show, but in all honesty..the melodrama is definitely my least fav part of the whole thing..[Kristi Yamaguchi won an olympic gold medal in figure skating 5-8 yrs ago]

Isn't this photo a new angle for Kruger's getaway car?...
Can you see RA looking forward?...


Sue said...

I notice that in the scene above, last episode of Spooks, Richard made a roll-up (I'm presuming it's wacky baccy he's using here)for himself and the real Lucas North, but although the real Lucas smoked his, Richard/John Bateman preferred to drink his beer instead. I wonder if this is a continuity error or is Richard trying/given up smoking and didn't want to light up?

I hope the writers will leave the door open for Richard to return, Lucas/John/whoever has become an integral part of the show, like Peter Firth, for Spooks and Dimitri and Beth aren't experienced enough to fill his shoes (well they are rather large!)

That comment about "Hobbit country" was definitely deliberately planted. A clue "No?"

Judith Johnson said...

How many times is RA going to have the Christian name of John?

John Porter
John Bateman
John Thornton
John Mulligan
John Standring

Anonymous said...

@Sue, if I'm not mistaken Richard stopped smoking sometime after North&South. So I guess he just doesn't (want to) light up cigarrettes, to avoid temptation maybe? I don't smoke so I wouldn't know...
I was reminded of that on the 1st ep of S9, where Beth is the one who lights up the cigarrette so the fire alarm goes off, I don't think Lucas must have done it but I did expect him to.

(See, he's still Lucas to me unless something happens in last episode to change my mind).

OML :)

Ricrar said...

A roll-up Sue? self-made ciggie, right? Richard did the same in a scene as biker Ricky. Thought he mentioned at least a yr ago that he broke the smoking habit with training to run in marathons?

I know most of the storyline & revelations in ep7, but have yet to actually watch it...plan to do so today and will then give a more detailed opinion about John's confession. It's difficult to believe he's guilty of murder, but will need to watch in order to make a more definitive judgement. Have seen remarks that writers' did slam the door on any possibility that the former luscious Lucas is not guilty, which remains dubious to me without hearing every word exchanged between John/Luc & Harry.

judith, Isn't it sweet that Richard places so much importance on choosing those roles w/his father's name? Imagine how enchanted he must've been when first reading North & South and realizing both main characters had his parents names?

Will add more comments on ep 7 later today---I'm not looking forward to the upcoming RA drought...we'll need to find creative ways to keep our interest piqued. Any suggestions?

Ricrar said...

Hey there OML :) our posts did that passing in the ethernet thingie.

Can you imagine how intently we'll all watch/listen/observe every moment of ep 8 in order to find one crumb of evidence that Luc/John is not a killer. It will be as intense as the discussion after Guy killed Marian in RH2, ep13. Many fans were convinced she somehow escaped death..looked for minute evidence hoping to prove their case..and in the end were devastated when Robin buried her ring early in RH3. Richard always manages to keep his storylines super-interesting...believe he always gives extensive ideas/input/feedback to the writers. We might be unhappy about the dark turn taken by LN, but you just know Richard has savored every angst-filled moment. He's absolutely bored by goodietwoshoes characters---needs to dig deep for emotional turmoil in order to enjoy his chosen profession. He was probably really bored by the Heinz Kruger role - at least the one dimension was all bad..doubtful there's anything redeeming about him. Better end tome or blogger will reject it;)

Ricrar said...

Just finished watching ep 7 and I am not convinced that John is a cold blooded killer. If so, he would've instantly shot Vaughn in anger as the latter made the charge. Instead, John had a look of confusion in his eyes, as if Vaughn's words had a strange, almost hypnotic hold on his former protege.

Perhaps something will be revealed in ep 8 that explains the dichotomy. Alternatively, if in the final moments John remains on the run, the writers will have at least a year to imagine reasons why John acted the way he did; and find clever ways to effect his redemption.

Richard's acting was superb throughout..very moving. Can't imagine how he could outdo his ep 7 performance on Mon, but we know if given the right material - he will manage to do it.

Musa said...

I'm not convinced he's a psycho killer either. I'm nervous about Monday, but at the same time I can hardly wait until Monday night!
I've watched the interrogation scene between Harry and Lucas/John about five times now. They are both wonderful actors and it's like watching a great tennis match.
I wonder if we'll find out about Albany and what the Chinese have to do with it all?
Can't say I'll miss Maya. I wish the writers would have spent more time on her character and given her a few more scenes with Lucas/John and Vaughn/Michael to give us a sense of the relationships involved.
What can I say, I'm still emotional about episode 7.
Like your idea RicRAr that John remains on the run and comes back in Season 11!

Ricrar said...

Has everyone received the devastating news about John Porter? :( This is more of a shock to me than the recent virtual demise of luscious Lucas.

Can't believe we won't have JP's heroic presence via SB2. Nothing gives this romantic heart a greater thrill than seeing a modern-day knight slay the evil dragons of the world. Well, perhaps a steamy RA snogging session squeaks by as the winner of that competition:) With John we had both stirring events within a few scenes of each other.

Musa, wasn't a top secret desalination program mentioned early on in connection w/Albany? non?

Anonymous said...

Hi RiCrAr!
As Lucas fan, I couldn't help but feel my heart break with each revelation (Lucas is the legend, he set the bomb and knew about it)and when Lucas said 'Lucas North is dead' my face showed complete horror and despair :(
I didn't know until now how much I invested in Lucas North and remember with more fondness S7 Lucas...
Thinking of RA I'm sure he has loved every minute of the storyline for Lucas, the scene with Peter Firth is so intense, delicious to watch! The fact that us fans have felt so many emotions for Lucas, is somewhat prove of the great job RA does as an actor.

OML :)

Enrich2 said...

Lucas North, as he has existed in more than two and a half series, as a tragic flawed hero in RA's form, is still the reality for me, far more than the new identity of mercenary John Bateman with fluid morals and a desperate passion for moody Maya!

I agree with the other posters. Richard has shown what a brilliant actor he is, especially in the interrogation scene with Harry. John can escape with Maya. I'm still hanging on to my Lucas and offering him sanctuary with me. The Spooks writers won't know where to find him "up north", lol!

Judith Johnson said...

What is the devastating news about SB2?

Enrich2 said...

@judithj1: Elaine Pyke, one of the producers on Strike Back says that Richard will only be appearing in SB2 in a limited capacity and that they will be introducing two new leads. This must be due to his commitments to The Hobbit. As really lenjoyed the character of John Porter, Ithink that signals the end of my interest in SB.

Sue said...

I think there is no doubt that Richard won't be in Spooks 10 due to being in the Hobbit, but I hope that he'll be able to come back at some point like Hermione Norris did. Being a cold blooded killer is what's needed for an MI5 agent anyway surely? I think perhaps John Bateman made a better spy than the real Lucas North would have done, but of course I'm biased. He did spend 8 years in a Russian prison surely that must count for something? Mind you if John/Lucas was supposed to be the baddie that scripwriters would now have us believe, he would have turned double agent in a flash and saved his ar*e. Personally I would have thought writers would have gone in that direction, but then again it would be too obvious.


Yes a roll-up is a homemade ciggie. He seems to have improved his technique since Ricky Deeming, it takes a lot of practice to make the perfect ciggie (no bulgies in the middle and thin at the ends). Not that I smoke myself, never have done, and I'm glad Richard has managed to give up the evil weed. I hate people that smell of tobacco, their clothes seem to stink of the stuff if they are heavy smokers.

Musa said...

Don't read if you mind SPOILERS (though I'm more confused now than I was before):

A few select lines from episode 8:

Sad about the SB2 news.

Ricrar said...

OML, what proof positive is there that John knew it was a bomb in the suitcase?

Granted I've only watched ep 7 once, but my first impression is that Vaughn made the accusation that John deliberately planted the bomb and killed Lucas, BUT we didn't hear that confession from John Bateman's lips...did we? In fact, he told Harry that Vaughn was the killer.

Why would we accept the latter's word over the man who, as Sophia said, put his own life in danger to save others? Perhaps there was a crucial piece of evidence that slipped under my radar??

Ricrar said...

Sue, maybe it's splitting hairs, but intelligence operatives & military who neutralize those who have either already killed innocents or are about to do it, to my sense of morality does not qualify as cold-blooded killing.

IMO, it's simply common-sense expedience to do so--and those who carry out the mission are heroic--not cold-blood killers in anyway. I realize there are a certain number of people in the world who enjoy stating 'killing of any kind is immoral' BUT to my mind their dangerous 'delicate sensibilities' are ultimately what often allow the authentic ruthless killers to slaughter innocents. Killing evil doers is not the same as slaughtering innocents, and there is not, IMHO, any moral equivalency whatsoever in the two acts.

Ricrar said...

After reading the 10 lines from Ep 8(thx Musa:) here's theory #999...

What if...John is afterall really Lucas North, but was somehow led to believe by Vaughn that he's actually John Bateman(Bourne style computer chip or other elaborate device implanted under the skin). AND Vaughn killed Bateman exactly the way Lucas explained to Harry?

Doubt we'll get all the ends neatly tied up in Ep 8...might need to wait until series11 for most of them. We shall see.

Musa said...

Oh...yes...very possible that he's Lucas North and the other guy was John Bateman! Anything is possible!
Line #7 for example - can fit your theory RicRAr, and also can be someone trying to reach the "good" person inside, the man from Season 7.
Ladies, who knows if we'll get all our questions answered. But Spooks does have a way of surprising the audience, always.

Sue said...

Oh they must be killing John Porter in SB as well as writing LN out of Spooks! What a shame! I really enjoyed Richard's portrayal of JP and found the character much more interesting and lively than Lucas North/John Bateman, who was rather robotic at times (not including the love scenes of course!). He's obviously decided to burn his boats and plump for taking part in the Hobbit films instead, a scary decision, but I don't think there was any choice really.

Judith Johnson said...

Despite the dearth of Richard except for CA until The Hobbit is released, I am very pleased and impressed that he managed to snag such a prestigious big screen role. LOTR made Viggo Mortensen a marketable name and led to his Oscar nominated role as Nikolia in Eastern Promises. As I have stated before, I feel that Nikolia's tattoed character was the genesis for Lucas North's character in MI-5. So I feel this is very serendipitious for RA and will hopefully lead to big screen roles as memorable as John Thornton and as hot and sexy as my badboy GoG.

On another note, since we are in a potential drought situation here, any word if PBS is going to air N&S? I sent in my postcards in early Sept as did a lot of other folks I imagine. Have turned two other friends into N&S junkies, so I have others who appreciate it when I mutter "No one loves me-no one cares for me but you, Mother!"

Ricrar said...

judith, I've often wondered if Richard took Hannah's words "a mother's love lasts forever - a girl's love disappears in a puff of smoke" to heart. Might explain his entrenched bachelor status for so many yrs. Of course, his intense work schedule didn't offer much available time either for developing a deep relationship.

Then again, a plethora of choices can often lead to gridlock when it comes to affairs of the heart - similar to trying to decide on one of dozens of breakfast cereals from the store shelf. *giggles*
That one has extra sugar..but, that one is honey coated..oooh Count Chocula!! haha Almost forgot - he's looking for a slightly naughty but traditional oatmeal sort of woman;)

Switching gears: As for Porter & Lucas characters apparent demise - why does it have to be final? Couldn't the writers creatively leave open the possibility for Richard's return at some point in each series?

Ruth features prominently in ep 8 - something else to worry about...teeth chattering:)

Judith Johnson said...

Maybe its gonna be a "massacree" like the final episode of Robin Hood! 0_0 Speaking of Count Chocula, I thought RA decidely resembled the Count in those cute Halloween images that were posted last week!

As to Richard's marital status, I, of course, adore the fact that he is still single but *sadly* I don't think its for me that's he's not attached! Actually, I am not a traditional oatmeal girl at all as I eschew all carbs as much as possible and he might have to define "naughty" a little better!
He has worked hard for a long time and I do think that he is prudent to realized that constant work and travel are not conducive to intimate relationships. Also, rather cold-bloodly, if he is single, he can become emotionally involved with his screen love interests and not pull a Brad Pitt, Lawrence Oliver, or Richard Burton, etc. which destroys not only the sanctity of the marriage vows but deeply affects the lives of the people around one.

Finally, I wonder if his fine acting is just so draining that he needs to recharge privately and alone? Hope he can catch some time on the ski slopes before going off to New Zealand. I am sure that Mulubinba is thrilled that RA will be in her hemisphere for a while!

Ricrar said...

Men usually define naughty as adventurous in bed..or on ski slopes(shiver:) wherever..ready to be his responsive leading lover(as opposed to 'lady'). Prepared as well to forge new trails now & then where he least expects it. *running off for a cool shower* haha

Yes, agree that he probably needs some solitary time to unwind after being surrounded by filming crews most of the day. In fact, didn't he mention at one time that he prefers, between projects, to go days at a time unshaven & unshowered. Isn't that romantic? teehee...very much doubt he'll find any live-in female who'll agree to that plan.

When the right woman does come along she'll suggest they take the shower together - then he won't mind one bit. He might even suggest a second one to warm up after coming off the ski slopes - everything is relative:)

It's true that being unattached will have it's advantages on the international stage. All those screen lovelies at his fingertips---if Richard's not married by the time The Hobbit hits our screens, I'm predicting it won't happen for yrs to come - due to a distracting parade of fascinating leading leadies beating a path to his door.

Really hope he has new narration commitments lined up, etc - to keep our interest piqued during the upcoming drought period.

Sue said...

I agree with Judith's comments and I'm not looking forward to a RA drought after tonight either. (Last episode of Spooks). I hope they leave the door open for RA to return to the series, but then again the scriptwriters may take the opportunity of making Richard's exit into a spectacular showdown. If Lucas/John harms a hair on Ruth's chinny, chin, chin, Harry will have his guts for garters that's for sure. You don't think they may write the character of Ruth out of the series as well do you? Lucas/John does take her hostage after all. Harry will never forgive him for that.

Whilst I'm glad Richard is appearing in the Hobbit (part one and two)and will grace the large screen at last, it is going to be an awful long time until we see him on TV again, although there is Strike Back of course.

As to his marital status, well there was an American actor being interviewed on TV recently who was asked about his love life to which he replied "well girlfriends have this strange habit of wanting to see their boyfriends every now and again", adding that he was working that much he just didn't have time for any social life. Seems to me Richard may have the same problem. What are the lady Hobbits like in the film? Any potential love interests for Thorin I wonder?

By the way it's occurred to me that Duncan Millership, who I believe may still be co-representing Richard, along with United Agents, could well be responsible for RA's new film roles. He is in LA after all and so must be well placed to introduce Richard to the right people in Hollywood.

Ricrar said...

Yes, Sue, I agree w/your suggestion that the former UK agent probably helped ease the way for Richard's winning both TH & CA roles. The latter might've been considered helpful resume enhancement for The Hobbit casting announcement.

As for females in TH - they seem to be absent. Have not seen or heard mention of anything resembling a potential love interest for Thorin in the film. Perhaps the inhabitants of Middle Earth have a different modus operandi for reproduction than mere human beings. What a waste of one hot dwarf!:)

Saw a tweet today saying the actress playing Ruth has made recent moves that indicate she may have already submitted her resignation from the show??

My impression in past couple eps was that the writers had set Ruth up as an even more important major player (along with Beth & Dimitri??) in preparation for Lucas/John's upcoming disappearance.