November 28, 2010

Men in Leather? + New vids by bccmee & CDoart + Listen to Gaskell's Wives&Daughters Online + Richard Armitage Reads N&S Excerpt + Ted Hughes Letter + New GoT Teaser + Guy's Fall From Grace by poetic sounding liksomkjeks:) + The Hobbit Director's Christmas List(article link below)

Need they ask?? Really?...UK Telegraph misses the best example in today's pictorial 'leather' spread.

Time to recast some classic Westerns - move over Clint...

Listen as RA reads an excerpt from North and South - created by Spikesbint

Richard Armitage Reading North & South (Birthday Video) from Spikesbint on Vimeo

Why not follow the ETT twitter account in order to demonstrate strong interest in the prospects of their production of the play The Rover starring RA..

Only a few select things make me salivate with expectation (despite appearances;) - the latest HBO teaser for Game of Thrones had that effect..

Link below for article about Jackson's camera shopping list for TH - Nothing but the best will do for the best.     Christmas season has begun...

Guy's Mini-Me Thorin???
Never expected to need to incorporate the ageless admonition of "it's not about size" when we started this journey down RA Lane, did we;)

RA reading a letter Ted Hughes wrote after his wife commited suicide..uploaded by poetictouchchannel

SB vid by bccmee & Lucas and Harry by CDoart(Had to chuckle at Spooks explosions w/pleasant background piano music:)  (skeleton Lucas looks even scrawnier over time)


Musa said...

RicRAr - one of my favorite pics of Guy. Love everything about it!
OMG - Richard in 3D! Even if 4 feet tall-LOL

Judith Johnson said...

RicRAr-I concur with Musa, this S3 pic is my desktop background, I think its my fav pic of GoG. 3-D RA will be simply breathtaking

Ricrar said...

So happy you're enjoying the Guy pic, Musa & Judith.

He does cut a rather commanding presence in that publicity photo, doesn't he. I recall at the time many fans found GoG's new hairstyle offputting(hand raised in the air:) It's grown on me in the meantime.

In RL, 'cleancut' males have always caught my visual attention far quicker than long-haired bad boys. Will always find Lucas North's short style sexy, but must admit that envisioning possible Thorin looks has given me a new appreciation for
Guy3's longer locks.

Will apply a dwarfish touch to the above pic - perhaps that's the vision Peter Johnson imagined for Thorin. Once he's standing along side much shorter hobbits, we'll probably barely notice the height difference.

Ricrar said...

Anyone else see an RA facial resemblance to poet Ted Hughes in the above photo? Their family DNA must've crossed somewhere in time. Mouth, eyes, even the nose seems to be similar. Hughes letter is so very sad and Richard handles the reading w/extreme sensitivity and emotion, doesn't he.

Musa said...

I love his voice. Not only because of how deep and beautiful it is, but because of how many layers of emotions he can express just by how he says one single word. Other actors have beautiful voices, but RA's voice has the greatest range and versatility of all I think. Did he only read that excerpt of North & South, or is there an audiobook available?

LOL - I love mini Guy/Thorin.

Ricrar said...

Musa, I've never seen any explanation why the above N&S excerpt was made, or heard of an entire narration of it by Richard. It is a terrific idea - the BBC would be wise to inquire whether or not he'd be interested in doing it - perhaps during available odd moments of his time spent in NZ.

Caught the news article re RA's co-star(Bilbo) already being fitted for prosthetics, etc. Hopefully that wasn't necessary for Thorin, since he's another species--fingers & hobbit toes crossed:) Heavier stubble/short beard & longer wig would be understandable for that character.

Ricrar said...

Which role was planned for Liam Neeson in GoT? Noticed he's schedule does not permit it. He very well might regret that decision.

Interesting recent tweet from WiC
asks for speculation about Season2 casting. One was Melisandre---who might be the perfect sultry red priestess to RA's Stannis? ;) ..power of positive thinking.

Musa said...

Looked at the WiC tweet, and seems Liam Neeson was considered for Qhorin:

I can see it would fit physically - small role but powerful character.

I was thinking of Gillian Anderson for Melisandre, but should it be a younger woman (hate to say that, but thinking of Melisandre from the books).

Anonymous said...

Hi RiCrAR and Musa! As far as I know he hasn't done an audiobook for N&S (a shame really). When I saw the clip I thought Spikesbint put up that vid with different interviews of him...something like the Russians did with Harry's voice in this season of Spooks(I think I watch too much tv :P). Now I'm not sure...


Sue said...


I think, if I've got this right, the proposal scene was a good bit longer than it appeared in N&S and most of it was cut out. This must be the uncut audio version.

I like the clip of Richard as John Porter! (I'd recognise that luscious bum in a crowd anywhere! I've made a detailed study of the subject!)

By the way there's a lot of discussion over here in England about actors/celebs recording their voices on Sat Navs (Satellite Navigation Systems)in your car (and other hi-tech things). I understand an actor called Brian Blessed is about to do one (He's got one hell of a loud, booming voice!) I think we should get up a petition for Richard to record one for them don't you?

See the current celebrity voices you can download on their website:

Richard really does have a wonderfully rich and decidedly sexy voice. I know many fans liken it to Sean Bean, but as I've mentioned before SB's voice conveys the message "I am what I am, like it or lump it" attitude, where Richard's voice conveys something like "I'm a naughty little lad at heart, full of fun and mischief".

I only wish that TomTom Voices, Sat Nav, would get him to record his voice. (See link: )

They have celebs like Michael Caine, Ozzy Osbourne (could we tell what Ozzy was saying do you think?) and Robert de Niro, but oh to have a recording of RA would be devine! Or even have my computer remind me of the time with Richard's gorgeous dulcet tones! See:

Ricrar said...

Anyone else having trouble accessing Twitter today? It's really slow.

I'll take a look at Gillian, Musa. Is she known for a particular movie? Must check Geo Martin's site to see if there are any new GoT developments.

Interesting theory re the N&S excerpt, OML. Isn't RA reading consecutive sentences from Gaskell's book? I've read the novel, but it was at least 2yrs ago after first viewing the BBC adaptation.

CDoart said...

I very much enjoy your blog and feel honoured that you embedded my new video here. Thank you also for keeping updates on all the news and audio-recordings. I otherwise would have not found them and this time I would have completely overlooked the new video by bccmee on YouTube and I very much admire her works. Thank you!

Ricrar said...

Hi there CDoart, I almost missed your comment down here at one of the older posts. Just noticed it while scrolling down:)

I've really enjoyed your Lucas/Harry video, but didn't notice until yesterday that it's actually you playing the piano. Is that right?

You're very talented indeed. My older sister took piano lessons for 12yrs, so that musical sound was an important part of our early environment. In fact, in order not to compete head on w/her skill, my choice was singing lessons. Our dad would constantly coax her to play while I sang along. Doubt my voice equalled her dancing fingers on the keys, but he'd make both of us feel like musical primadonnas;)