November 14, 2010

Clever The Hobbit Fan Trailer + The Impressionists, Ep 1 + Lovely New Vid by MhuireAine + Richard Armitage Reads Ted Hughes Poem Entitled 'Song'..vid by Polestar

What charming coincidence??(dated Nov 14)..Did an RA career choice inspire more beautiful creativity..
Sentiments to start spreading the table with the spirit of Thanksgiving
A Poem..of unknown..ahem..

...May your stuffing be tasty, may your turkey be plump
May your potatoes 'n gravy have nary a lump
May your yams be delicious
May your pies take the prize
May your Thanksgiving dinner stay off of your thighs..Amen:)
Monday night approaches yet again..could be last for Bristol & Mark..seem to have said those words a few times recently;)
Next, a very clever fan trailer entitled 'The Hobbit with Richard Armitage' by EvenstarCrystal..


Musa said...

RicRAr! Love the pic of RA at the top. The expression on his beautiful face...
Couldn't find the Westeros Twitter about Stannis and Thorin. I do remember he/she said that both have the same motivation for their actions and are seeking the kingdom or crown that has been unfairly denied them. Both perfect roles for RA!

Musa said...

Trivia Question? I was looking through IMDB at old episodes of Spooks, and cast lists, (time on my hands) and found this with photo of RA:

Season 1, Episode 4: Episode #1.4
4 June 2002

Richard Armitage... Armed Police Officer (uncredited)

I didn't know he had been in Spooks before playing Lucas?

Ricrar said...

Musa, I vaguely remember mention of RA's appearance years before he entered as a major character. Although, after ep 1, Spooks7 he mentioned during at least one interview that he'd lost track of the show - got up to speed by watching entire S5-S6 until wee hrs. He remarked that during the process he became hooked on the drama.

We should hear more this wk about the upcoming Old Vic appearance. Suppose that will need to suffice until reports start leaking during Hobbit filming. Interest in Jackson's movie is tremendous - we'll be a fraction of those keenly waiting for news.

Musa said...

Thanks for the info RicRAr, I'll have to watch Season 1 again then, see if I can spot him! How great for RA to then star in the series he appeared in earlier in his career.
Maybe the Spooks writers can look at Dallas and Newhart for ways to bring Lucas back for Season 10 (or 11 or 12). I'm thinking either the Bobby Ewing option, Elisaveta pulls back the shower curtain and we see those familiar tattoos on the man's back... or the Newhart option: Elisaveta wakes up, turns to the sleeping man besides her and say "Lucas, I just had this dream..." LOL
Yes, I hope we do get news from the Old Vic appearance. Maybe a few fans will attend and give some "eyewitness" reports.
I also hope he takes part in the CA PR that's already starting it seems.

Ricrar said...

As for CA promotions, Musa - I deliberately watched a long one today w/sound off in order to notice without distraction if there was a glimpse of Heinz no avail:(

The dumbies that be;) would double their audience size if RA's Heinz Kruger was included in trailers, wouldn't they? It takes LalaLand show biz types forever to notice a trend. Richard has been trending for quite awhile now.