October 11, 2010

Richard Armitage Pix: Spooks Ep 4 (See Poll)

Opening scene - off to a flying..err,,,fainting start - OMG
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 following is a link to an interesting review of ep 3 with the promise of one as well for ep 4.  The writer complains that he can't even get away with forgetting to take out the trash, yet Lucas North can disappear for 8yrs, change his name and still manage to have...err,,, a 'warm' relationship with the woman he had deserted:)...hilarious stuff...Can't wait to hear his comments for the latest...


Musa said...

OMG is right! I just finished watching 9-4. What an emotional rollercoaster.
Glad to see the black sleeveless T-shirt back. I missed it - sigh.

Ricrar said...

Hi Musa *still fanning myself* finally managed to calm down after that scintillating opening scene. Yum for his sexy sleep top, tank top, undershirt??whatever the heck it's called. When we hear the word 'vest', a slvless tshirt is the last thing that comes to mind, isn't it? Maybe a sweater vest for frigid Winter days.

DH wears a black top exactly like Lucas's w/sleep shorts on hot summer nights. Need to get him black workout pants w/white stripes down the legs--then suggest they'll look great w/the top:) *faint again* hehe

Could you believe Maya's work outfit? :) When was the last time you saw a female doctor on hospital duty wearing a skirt almost up to her bum & long leather boots w/black tights? hehe Judging from that kiss, it appeared Lucas really appreciated her style:)

Next wk's preview scenes? Yikes!!
Will post a pic tomorrow. He looks as though there's major danger brewing for agent North. That's what he gets for being such a badddd li'l intelligence officer.*grin*

You just know Richard really enjoyed all the controversy, conflict of good vs evil for his character.

Whoever volunteered to buy his furniture could see that her services are really needed. It looked as though his clothes were stored on an open shelving unit? An MI5 agent probably lives out of his suitcase anyway..doesn't feel the need for a dresser or chest of drawers:) No wonder he's planning to settle down w/Maya. Why do I have the uneasy feeling that will never come to pass?;)

Musa said...

HA! Yes, the black T-shirt or whatever we call it, YUM indeed. Has he been working out more? I seem to notice some extra muscles from the last time we saw the tattoos - Double Yum! Thinking Lucas/John has less security in his house than I have in my apartment-don't you think an MI-5 agent would at least have an alarm system! Am not trusting Ms. Maya right now.What is going on with Lucas? Yes, that one scene at the end makes me nervous.
I think you're right though, I'm sure RA enjoyed all the twists and turns. He can go from being so cool, to such emotional intensity-Wow.

Sue said...

Well it seems I was right, no sign of the continuation of the table-top scene, just waking up the day after the night before! Surely the scriptwriters could have written into the opening scene a brief glimpse of those peaches as he gets out of bed in the morning, but no, he's wearing trackie bottoms! You're not saying that after spending a night making mad passionate love to Maya he still had the energy to go out jogging surely? If so he's not doing it right!

Lucas seems to have been going to the gym more for this series, like the six pack (no I don't mean six pints of lager and a packet of crisps please!)

Has Richard lost some weight in this series? I know he's lost the weight gained for Strike Back, but his thighs seem thinner (and bum)and although he's more muscular he is lighter than before. Could Richard be in training for a second series of Strike Back? Or are we going to get an eyeful of the baddie Heinz Kruger. Apparently there is a water scene at Liverpool, so you never know. Whatever the reason I like the look, just miss those thunder thighs of his!

Ricrar said...

hehe..not that you were paying all that close attention, Sue, just a furtive glance or two;) Yes, apparently you were right about the table top workout being clipped. Was it too hot or cool? Whichever, we'd have managed to appreciate it...right?

Check above for the newly posted review for ep 3. The writer grumbles that he can't get away without forgetting to take out the trash bin..let alone disappearing for 8yrs, chaning your name and then managing to renew a warm relationship with the female you'd deserted. haha..such is life for the hottest spy on the planet.

Muscle development..WooHoo! - the suggestion that Heinz might remove his clothes to slide into a wet suit, before escaping on the hydra jetski, certainly raises hopes for the film to the moon & beyond. Imagine Richard shirtless on the bigscreen...*double thud* *gasp*...need oxygen...hehe

Evidently he stayed in training for SB2 rather than letting all the hard-earned results fade away and then need to redouble efforts yet again---gives new meaning to the timeless warning - 'use it or lose it':)

Ricrar said...

As usual RA leaves me sounding like a babbling idiot. It should read "can't get away with forgetting to take out.." and "changing"..

MsG68 said...

Yes very lovely torso scene at the beginning of this episode...but is it me? Or does this new season of Spooks appear very dark...that scene for instance just silhouetted the lovely RA and we couldn't make out his face and his expressions that we all love so much...lighten up Spooks! We want to see his face!!
And another thing...that scene in the hospital just didn't sit right with me? It was kind of out of place..anyone else think the same? Maybe it's because they had cut the 'hot' kitchen scene that the shouting-down the-corridor-and-running-up-to-snog-her-at-work scene didn't feel right? Or maybe it's just me?
They need to spend more time on the Lucas-Maya relationship for us to believe it...otherwise it will go the way of the non-existent chemistry he had with Sarah. In other words more hot kitchen scenes...not cut scenes!! We all want more RA!! And more close-ups of his lovely face and subtle acting. A whole episode of long lingering lean-in moments would do us.
Love your blog RiCrAr..added to my faves along with Nats blog. Are you US based or UK?

Ricrar said...

Thanks for the kind words re the blog, MsG68:)

Your observations reminded me of 2 recent interview remarks from Richard. First was to the effect that he's tired of the makeup dept running in to fluff his hair & brush away wrinkles after he'd determined to look all scroungy, rough & tough.

Therefore, is it a coincidence that you noted darker lighting this time? Might he have convinced the director to create a drabber atmosphere for the grid? We're at odds w/our fav actor in that regard. He wants to forget about his appearance and we want to digest both the feast of his superb acting plus the eye candy that accompanies it.

Believe he's hypersensitive about aspects of normal aging - he forgets that his audience is also aging and we still find him super hot in every way, don't we? Clint Eastwood never lost all the female fans who swooned when he was 35, and the same will hold true for Richard.

His second remark that comes to mind was about his wish to do a project "all about love." Maybe that thought either prompted a suggestion from him for snogging in the hospital, or perhaps Lucas's intense desire to find a way to be with Maya, to do "what they were always meant to do" influenced his expressed goal for the future.

p.s. One of today's additions to the blog should be a huge hint where I'm located - it's 'Wyl E. Cayote & the roadrunner' :) Although that cartoon was made on the west coast & we're on the mid-atlantic coast of usa. Past couple yrs - since viewing N&S, I've spent a great deal of cyberspace time on your side of the pond;)