October 5, 2010

Spooks, Ep 4: Ian Wylie's Clues + Feeling Good(mostly Guy) by Elvira Sweeney

Just what we need - another Spooks tease;)  This time from Ian Wylie..

His list of Ep 4 highlights include:

1. Richard Armitage Tattoos: The Return.
[As you're well aware, no excuse - no matter how flimsy - will be ignored:^]

2. Tariq’s moment of the week involving Windows 2010.
3. Harry: “We’ve had a Code Red Border Agency Report.”
4. The chips are down for the new CIA London chief.
[Oy!...not again..we all know how well these Spooks CIA liaisons usually go--perennially troubled 'ships - history buffs know it wasn't always thus;) The word ship is very appropriate in that context...lend lease...FDR secretly endangering his political future.  If the same situation occurred today, his political party(same as Pres Obama's) would no doubt figuratively have his head served on a plate.]

5. Abseiling.
6. Ruth going undercover. “You speak Chinese?” asks a surprised Dimitri. “Mandarin and Wu. Except my Cantonese is terrible.” she replies.
7. The painting of a sailing ship.
8. Ruth and Beth’s little chat.
9. Dimitri finally seeing more action.
10. Ruth not dressed in black.
[Nice to have a color coordinated set - almost like Spooks family pix hanging in the blog:)..See RA's above...]

Hmmm, not much mention of Lucas in Ep4.  Does this mean he'll be spending quality time...emphasis on quality...with a friend? ;)
For the 78% who still miss Sir Guy - a classic video dedicated mostly to the complex knight..


Musa said...

Witty article about Spooks in The Independent. A few mentions of Lucas:

Judith Johnson said...

Didn't get to vote in the missing Sir Guy poll but you can certainly put me in the still missing him camp. Have managed to introduce two friends to N&S so apparently my relentless promotion of John T on my Fb page is justified! Have omanaged to download eps. 2 and 3 of spooks 9 and hope to watch them tonight.

Ricrar said...

Musa, in your debt again:) I've added excerpts from that interesting article in latest post.
Did you agree w/the writer that Spooks is preposterous?

Didn't his last sentence about wanting to stop watching the series, but can't seem to help himself, remind you of RA fans you've met who can't seem to understand the mesmerizing pull they feel after watching N&S. hehe

Ricrar said...

judith, you're so lucky to have friends willing to admit their attraction to RA. Mine consider themselves so darn adult that they won't even consider the possibility. haha It's fortunate I've found many like-minded RA admirers online, is it not;)

Be sure to let us know your reactions to Spooks, Eps 2&3.

Musa said...

You're welcome RicRAr! :) Just found it while searching for latest Spooks news.
Yes, he thinks the series is preposterous but still can't help watching it every week! The writer should just admit he's as addicted as the rest of us. (Maybe not as addicted to RA as we are-LOL). I agree with your comment about 24 and other similar series. Of course in the real world it takes more than one person, or five people,to save the world, and events are compressed into an hours time, and maybe the action is exaggerated, but that's why this is fiction-LOL. I think the Spooks writers are smart to follow the headlines - I would say news headlines in the past few months prove truth is still stranger than fiction. Yes, agree the writer needs to read up on real moles in the US and UK, maybe start with Donald Maclean. Still I enjoyed reading the article, I don't want Harry hurt either, or Lucas/John...

Judith Johnson said...

Managed to watch Ep. 2 last night. mostly kept looking for GoG expressions, mannerisms in Lucas character. This dual identity thing is starting to remind me of Donald Draper's secret identity on Mad Men. His new/old love interest thing sadly demonstrates one of the qualities I found most annoying about RH-writer's amnesia.

I hate being ask to believe that he was still grieving over ex-Elizabet in S7 but then quickly gets over it for the blonde in S8 who conveniently dies, now he has a long lost love in S9 but that was when he had a different name, and identity? At least Guy had the decency to grieve over Marian during S3 even if she did come back for Robin! I admire loyalty and consistancy.

Like the Beth character, loved the dorkistic photos of LN from 20 years ago, when can we see Lucas's tats again? Will try to watch e3 tonight so I can be caught up!

Ricrar said...

Musa, I've made a note under the Independent article, for commenters on the topic to find your interesting observations here;)

Judith, it appears we'll be treated to the tats in ep4. That was the only clue Ian Wylie gave (at his blog) for Lucas in the next episode.
Most crucial question ;) is whether it will be in the much awaited kitchen interaction or perhaps the morning after?

Did you notice in the ep4 preview that Maya states to her new found love that "it's going to be forever this time, John." hmmm, anyone want to wager she's probably wrong about that?...would hamper future story development IF LucJohn will appear in S10???...fingers,toes,eyes,legs,arms crossed.

Line in ep4 preview that caused a spontaneous chuckle was - "I have been a good traitor!" Not to worry, it doesn't come from John aka...