October 14, 2010

Link: Capt America Cast(w/RA) on IMDb Board + Turner's Battle of Trafalgar Clue + Is Lucas North Singing to Us... + Warming Up For Ep 5

For anyone who might not yet have seen RA listed in Capt America cast:

Followed Sue's clue re Vicky Frost's blog and the discussion of the possible significance of this Turner painting (The Battle of Trafalgar) making an appearance Spooks, Ep 4. Find links below..

BTW, there's a comment at the below blog proposing that the Lucas ship tattoo might be connected to the above painting...(My reflection:  how exactly did RA convince the Spooks writers that a massive number of tatts for LN was a fine idea?? We know he felt their presence would prevent gratuitous shirtless scenes...might he have sold it as an opportunity for them to weave a few of the spy's body artwork*cough* into future plots??..
Have to ask yourself if a female MD would really not find it highly unprofessional to engage in a heated embrace in the hospital corridor while other staff members strolled by??.  Agree with Sue that the nearest broom closet would've been a far better location for a snog:) ...teehee..

Be prepared for opinions with which you might strongly disagree..;)

Synopsis - Ep 5
Spooks Ep 5/8 - Monday 18 October - 9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

www.bbc.co.uk/spooks In a move to bring peace to Palestine and Israel, the American President is en route to London to chair secret talks between peace negotiators from both countries, as the tense spy drama continues. Beth Bailey and Dimitri Levendis go undercover as Home Office liaison officers at the talks, while the rest of Section D are tasked with ensuring nothing will jeopardise the long-awaited occasion.

Preparations appear to be going smoothly until a journalist threatens to run the story. Ruth Evershed convinces her not to print it but the implications are clear: someone does not want the peace talks to go ahead. The team frantically search for the source of the leak and Tariq Masood goes to work on tracing calls made to the journalist.

Lucas North picks up the trail and makes several discoveries which indicate the culprit has only one agenda – assassination. With the murder of the US President a very real threat, Section D must find the suspect before they are faced with an international scandal of unimaginable proportions.

With time running out, Harry Pearce and his team are put under immense pressure to locate the sniper and ensure the President is not put at risk. As events unfold it becomes clear that the real threat to the President is much closer than anyone had realised.


Musa said...

So is it HMS Victory that Lucas has Tattooed on his shoulder? Nelson's ship at Trafalgar: http://ahoy.tk-jk.net/macslog/TreasureTroveuncoveredatt.html
Might be, but what does it mean?
I haven't stopped thinking about episode 4, and I still can't make sense of what they've done to Lucas/John. I want Lovely Lucas back.

Ricrar said...

Hey there Musa, accidentally stumbled upon your twitter name. Better late than never--don't know how it escaped me. Get ready to be pestered beyond belief. ;) Not really..will keep it within reason....maybe. heehee

Finally re-watched ep 4. Believe LucJohn's eyes in the last scene revealed he has not taken as severe a downward spiral as it first appeared. Ruth...(..who will be forever in my good graces for saying to the scientist "Yes, the CIA are very good." WooHoo!It's not everyday that someone on the far side of the pond acknowledges that fact*giggle*

resuming original thought -- Ruth tells L/J about Stephen Owen's arrest and he responds "a traitor is a traitor". When she walked away, his eyes did reflect furtive emotion but it didn't have the quality of cold-hearted treachery. Hopefully we'll have a clearer picture by this time Mon night whether Agent North will be turning in his badge & walking into the sunset or 6ft under in Tombstone territory...might've watched one to many westerns in my youth;)

I'd wager by ep 8 he'll either disappear w/Maya, or give himself a sobering slap - then take decisive action to reverse any negative fallout from his recent dark moments.

Did you notice during their meeting in the park, Maya told John "I've a boyfriend..a life and I don't need you." The vocal cord elevator started it's descent, and we heard from the honey-coated depth the reply "So, why are you here?" *thud*

What happened in Africa w/John & Vaughn?..ummm..still believe they might've assassinated a public figure. Don't know how the HMS Victory could fit into it. Perhaps it was a politician belonging to the Victory Party? Was he concerned an opposing group would seek revenge by killing Maya? We shall see.

p.s. Wasn't Nelson the admiral who lost an arm in battle? He had a famous mistress. Could any of that be an important clue to what happened in Africa? HA! This could go on forever, or at least until Mon:)

Musa said...

Oops - LOL - will have to check Twitter more often RicRAr!

Well, we're all having fun speculating about Lucas/John. Yes, what's with the "A traitor is a traitor" remark about the poor guy. There's so many questions there, starting with the fact he could see Stephen's password, when we all know he should just have seen **** so, is that the writers error or oversight, or does it mean something more. Since I can't get episode 4 out of my mind, I've been thinking if there's not an inside person at MI5 who is giving information to Vaughn. I mean Vaughn is clearly MI5 or 6, or was?

Yes, the "boyfriend" remark from Maya. Of course, if her boyfriend is you-know-who ...trouble ahead. Oh, YES, I do know what you mean about his voice when he said "So, why are you here?". I wouldn't have walked away after that - would have gone in search of the nearest kitchen table...LOL.

Why would Lucas/John leave his house so accessible, no alarm,no locks apparently - even if you're not a secret agent, that doesn't ring true. Also, that was clearly the front door closing when suddenly Maya appears when he's about to go after Vaughn with a knife. Or was it Vaughn who left the photo???? Why has Lucas not told Maya any truths, except for his 8 mysterious years in jail...aaargh...then her entire reaction at the hospital to Lucas/John was strange (not to mention his reaction - even if RA did a great job at showing quite an emotional range)

Yes, Nelson was the famous admiral who lost an arm in battle, and had a famous long running and very public affair with a married woman Emma Hamilton. (Nelson was also married). Great classic film about it, though a bit dated in places, acting styles, etc. by today's film standards, with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh (when they were husband and wife in real life) called "That Hamilton Woman".

What could John have done in Africa that he has to hide it from Harry and MI5. If he and Vaughn were agents then, killing someone in the "line of duty" would not be something they would need to hide from each other. Remember when Lucas says to HP, talking about Beth, that lying is their job, HP answers yes, but not from each other. Aaargh....I have a headache.

I love Lucas and I hope the writers don't turn the hero of season 7 and 8 into the villain of season 9. I know most think he will be killed at the end, but I hope he makes it to season 10.

I'm sure Ruth knows or suspects what Lucas is doing and will tell Harry. So many clues and no answers. We'll see what happens on Monday in episode 5.

Sue said...

I think Richard may have made a big mistake by telling the writers to do what they liked with the character of Lucas (don't make a habit of saying things like that Richard, you may get more than you bargained for!!!!)I think there is always a problem when scriptwriters produce a storyline that you just know is totally out of character for the fictional personality, i.e. Lucas North. I think he would be astute enough to give Vaughn the flick and not be played by Maya and Vaughn. Perhaps the chinese hit squad want to kill LN and we may be led to believe they have killed him, only to reappear in another series.This storyline seems to be flawed with inconsistencies. I remember the same thing happened in Series 3 of RH. An actor can only do so much, and if the script is crap then the performance will be too.

I've just one more thing to add "kiss me Hardy"

Ricrar said...

Perhaps Maya deliberately opened the patio door during the night to admit the person who wrote the note. Need to assume she wasn't otherwise occupied every waking moment & judging from the look in L/J's eyes..that's very doubtful:)

Was she sent to the park & house by Vaughn? Is he blackmailing her as well as LucJohn? Did she work at a topless or tapas bar, as I've been told? hahaha Why would he throw the latter in her face?

Richard seemed to want Guy to find an ounce of redemption before his last growl...why not his Lucas character as well?

Ricrar said...

Sue, maybe Lucas is not being played by Vaughn/Maya. The look in his eyes when Ruth walked away after "a traitor is.." seemed to indicate he knows exactly what he's about.

Why would the Chinese want L/J dead more so than Harry? Were they involved with whatever happened to LN & Vaughn in Africa? Does Albany hold the key to the entire S9 plot?

As for RA's remark to writers to do whatever they want with LN...wonder if once the Porter character became larger than life for him - he might've more or less lost interest in the final countdown for LN?

Ricrar said...

Another interesting fact to be considered - did Lucas know exactly who he had stopped for password assistance? An early UK socialist was Robert 'Owen'...agent adorable asked Stephen Owen. Coincidence?...hmmm..

Sue said...


I was intrigued by those machines where Lucas downloaded the Albany file.(I thought perhaps at first he was buying some condoms!) Not so long ago if operatives wanted to look at archived material (I'm thinking Ben being murdered by Connie here)they used to have to plough through dusty old paper files. Don't tell me they've scanned all those files onto computer now.

Bad writing regarding the obvious password blunder, they are always encrypted, not to mention Beth had to steal Ruth's fingerprint from a glass of wine on a bit of cellotape, to hack into her computer. Then what about the young fall guy Lucas set up. Surely he'd mention the possibility that someone had pinched his ID and password and remember his encounter with Lucas North in the corridor? Then Ruth spotted him hanging around those machines that remind me of one-armed bandits. Is it me or are the scriptwriters more OTT than usual? (and that's saying something!)If the codename Nightingale, that was the theme running through series 8, is anything to go by then it's likely that Albany has absolutely nothing to do with the plot. Why they have to introduce a theme and give it a name god only knows, as it doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever! I think there has been a vaccuum left (no not a hoover)by Hermione and Amanda, not to mention Connie (I quite liked that wise old bird), oh yes and come back Malcolm all is forgiven, Tariq is just too much of a whizz-kid and too young to know how to deal with every security issue and is beginning to look a little ridiculous, maybe Malcolm should come back to teach the new dog some old tricks!

Ricrar said...

Did Lucas/John belong to a radical socialist student group w/Vaughn? We'd need to calculate the yrs they were most likely in Africa. Political developments there at that time could help identify the activists 'beyond the pale' crime, which L/J sold his soul to conceal...or did he?

Cellotape is called Scotchtape(don't know why?) in the US. Wonder if it was invented in Scotland? I'm loving all this language trivia..probably the only one. haha

Recently saw in a ep4 fan video an emotional Lucas scene, which I apparently missed while viewing the ep. He's in a park, finishes a phone conversation..then frantically covers his face w/hands..sits on bench looking extremely dejected. Does anyone remember what caused him to act so frenzied?

Musa said...

The frenzied scene was a strange one. He had just gotten off the phone with Vaughn, right in the middle of an operation. Vaughn demanding the Albany file. Well, we'll find out more tonight, or so I hope.

Anonymous said...

That scene reminded me of Ros, when she 'lost' Baisley in S8. That is a little weird, why was he so distressed and finally give in to giving Vuaghn that file when last time he was 'cool-Lucas' when Vaughn threatened to tell Harry?

I hope this we see only the surface, Lucas has a plan and he is not a traitor.

OML :)

Ricrar said...

Starting to think the writers are toying w/us. They've set Lucas up as a turncoat up to Ep 4 - then tonight's ep 5 didn't even have one mention of Albany...only reminder was Vaughn at Maya's in the last few moments.

Suppose we'll learn more about the LN/Maya/Vaughn triangle next week. arrrrgh!...only 3 more to go and so many loose ends to tie up.