October 3, 2010

Couple Slightly Naughty RA Pix + Reminders of Last Wk's Spooks ep + Game of Thrones Fake Snow in Tollymore..

Following pic caused heavy breathing on twitter - doubled usual anticipation for tonight's Spooks ep..
Lovely fake snow in Tollymore..poetic ring to it:)
>Fake snow in Tollymore for filming of Game of Thrones. http://twitpic.com/2uli08
about 6 hours ago via Twitpic ...Retweeted by you and 4 others<

One hour prior to next ep of Spooks & one wonders if all the Twit-Spook anticipation has broken twitter yet again:)
whale error...Sorry, Twitter is over capacity..
Twitterites were all atwitter about the following...They were nagging Twit-Lucas to remove his shirt and he was uncharacteristically slightly reticent.  They deserved this treat and, of course, you do as well...
Think I might've made a new friend among the Twit-Spooks gang.  Told their good-hearted fall guy-grid clown, Keith, that I'd cleaned his glasses -  received the following DM in reply...

>>thanks for cleaning me glasses... you Americans are alreet! *sexy smile*
Direct message sent by Keith Piles (@Keith_MI5) to you (@armitageblogger) on Oct 03, 1:47 PM.<<

Considering submitting my name to our Sec'y of State, Hillary Clinton, for diplomatic commendation.  Maybe she could use an assistant. hahaha   Keith is hilarious, isn't he?...He might really be the sexiest of the Twit-Spooks(said w/tongue in cheek)...hmmm..well, he at least deserves a poll when you consider all the abuse he's taken from his peers and the laughs provided;)

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