October 28, 2010

Introduction to Director Peter Jackson + Map of the Problematique by HeathDances

Fan vid that encapsulates both the intense emotional pressure currently felt by Lucas North, and the annual spookiness of Halloween season--Map of the Problematique by HeathDances

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Post of the Day:...from last year at this time. We were asking the same question about Lucas as we are today...(scroll to Dec 5, 2009 - Spooks 8, Ep 6)
                       Had a rather nostalgic feeling upon seeing the above John Thornton pic used at dragoncrush.com for Peter Jackson's recent article w/ Thorin comments. We're gradually joining the many muggles (wrong turn?), hobbits & dwarves in middle earth...
              Looks like it was a horrifying experience...can't breath,,accck,, ;)


Can you see RA's eyes looking up at the camera?  It's Heinz Kruger in the HYDRA sub...
Oh my, hasn't our movie guy hit the bigtime with a bang.  Following is the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly mag and Richard is in both major films mentioned...
An introduction to director Peter Jackson for those who are completely new as well to his films. Definitely sounds as though he and RA have at least two things in common -- similar quirky senses of humor and eloquence…
She's hanging in there..Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas dancing the tango - the audience phone calls along w/highest scores to date kept them in the competition...(psssst,,lean closer,,,whispering in your ear..I think most females in the audience are hoping they'll become a RL couple.  They appear to be so well suited to each other...both are level-headed, unassuming and just downright nice human beings...hopeless romantic signing off...oh yes, he seems as though he'd make a great dad for her little boy...*wink*]


Musa said...

I'm feeling Hobbit/Dwarf love already :)

Ricrar said...

Musa, I've just returned from a website called dragoncrush.com. They used a JT pic as the introduction to Jackson's Thorin remarks. From cotton mill master to head dwarf - how's that for acting range?

Thought to myself at dragoncrush.com that we're going to meet some unique fantasy fans who are already inhabiting middle earth.

Having had a few C19 coal miner ancestors, the journey should feel very natural for me;) Although, upon reflection, the only small creatures they saw in their (65deg..12mos a yr) workplace were mice & rr..rr..rats eeeeek!

Musa said...

I just took a quick looks at dragoncrush.com. How cute- HA!
I think you're right, we're going to meet even more dedicated fantasy fans than the GoT group. They may grow to love our guy mostly because he's Thorin, but I think we'll get along because of our shared love for Richard.
I'm sure your ancestors didn't have wizard with them in the mines, or hobbits.

Maybe Thorin will look a bit like the pic of GoG you posted, even if he'll look like he's 4 feet tall. They're filming this in 3D. I can't imagine Richard in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ricrar said...

Great idea! We need to see a 4ft tall GoG:) Will the dwarfing process make his leather squish in the middle where it usually sleekly caresses that hot...errr, never mind,,,*wink*

Back to cooler thoughts---Coal miners WERE indeed themselves wizards at survival. If they didn't correctly perform their jobs, the roof caved in..literally...gives new meaning to the term work pressure.

Did you notice the remark about RA at dragoncrush.com. They said "you might not know him when you enter the theater but you'll definitely know him as you leave it. Sweet plus the truth, isn't it.

If Richard starts filming TH in Feb, he must today either be ready to begin shooting SB2 or almost there.
4mos for 10eps seems to be quite a time crunch.

Musa said...

Amazing about Entertainment Weekly!
Wonder if there are photos of him as Heinz Kruger in the magazine? I'll guess we'll know soon RicRAr. We'll certainly see more of him on our side of the pond - joy!