October 17, 2010

Loin of Beef?....hmmm..Well, He is Definitely Rare,,,isn't he;) Thx for the heads up Musa;)

Quotes from RA's latest interview in a Leicestershire newspaper: "..he erupts in laughter when asked if he ever feels like a piece of meat."(reference to his fan base)  hee hee...[in fairness, we're always careful to apply tons of tenderizer:]       He continues "You can't tell people what to like, but I can control how much I let that influence me. I just leave them to it.   I'm glad to have their support but at some point, I'm going to do something they hate and they've got to accept that. "   

[might he be referring to the John Porter role??  Sort of remember some grumbling when the announcement was made...certain factions looked  down their noses for awhile at the novel's genre.  But, somehow the criticism faded away once Strike Back premiered.]   Quoting the interviewer "Armitage does indeed make an impressive figure.  The former Brockington College pupil is tall, about 6'2", muscular and boasts the dark floppy hair and features that belong in a period drama.  It might explain why, as an unknown actor, his appearance in the lavish North and South in 2004 caused an online message forum to collapse with fans breathlessly craving more details about the TDH actor."
Reporter continues..."But while Armitage may love his time on the show[Spooks] and revel in his role as the tortured Lucas North, the actor is feeling an urge to lighten up.  Richard quote: "I'm trying to find a gap next year to do a bit of restoration comedy, that would be great." Last but definitely not least is RA's sweet remark about his fan base "I talk about them as if they're one person but they're so diverse," he adds, laughing.  [Thanks for noticing, Mr A:]


Musa said...

Lovely hunk of beef :)

Ricrar said...

hehehe...following was my first thought after reading Richard burst into laughter when asked if he felt like meat -- "Hey!..we're not the ones providing all the beefcake!" haha
p.s. for which we are forever grateful..not to mention drooling like fools:)

Truthfully, his comments in reference to his fanbase are starting to remind me of a teen who finally cuts the last apron string. It takes them a couple yrs to vocally keep reinforcing their new found independence.

Upon reflection...it's a very similar situation, because teens are financially dependent on their parents until all education expenses have been paid. Who does he depend on to buy all the dvds & audiobooks which ultimately lead to an even more prominent future role?...not that we'd ever remind Mr Adorable of that chain of events. We're all depending on someone else to provide our paycheck.

I must include his sweet remark - "they're so diverse" - which proves he's really paying attention:)

Ricrar said...

p.s. Must also include my thanks for the heads up to a certain Musa;)

MsG68 said...

Lovely first pic here! Where did you get that from? And if it's yours...have you briefly met him??

Ricrar said...

Hi MsG68,
No..have never met RA. That annoying inconvenience called The Atlantic might prove to be a hindrance in that regard:)

Truth is, I'm not a 'seek & meet' sort of fan - rather one who enjoys sitting back and observing different aspects of the phenomenon.

The pic is one of many taken at a BAFTA event - many are available in the general pool at Photobucket, etc.

onemorelurker said...

I also like his remark about us being diverse, he is certainly paying attention! :P

His statement about he doing 'something we'd hate and have to accept that' sounded as directed to himself than us, because he's said in older interviews he was worried whether we would like what he chose. Although as you said RiCrAR there's been some fans who had expressed a strong opinion to some of his project, although I don't think he means anything he's done already, I'm thinking maybe is a 'warning' for something new...
On my part at least, there's (almost)nothing I'd hate, only things I might 'not enjoy as much'.

OML :)

Ricrar said...

OML, I believe Richard would enjoy nothing more than playing a cold-blooded serial killer or another role equally as challenging for an actor. He's professionally adventurous - Willing to give almost any type role a go, and definitely keen to play against the hottie image.

As for his fan base being diverse - one of my first observations was the sector who strongly advocated keeping him captive in period drama...he fought that particular 'influence' w/tooth & nail. Perhaps rifle and combat boots would be a better choice of words;)

Is LucJohn deliberately playing Vaughn & Maya along?..rather than the opposite scenario? More importantly.. is a heated tango still 'on the table' for him & Maya?? ;)

Sue said...

I too am glad he realises we are diverse. Personally I really am starting to get a little pi**ed off with being lumped into the "Armitage Army" category.

Talking of future projects I've got a suggestion. How about creating a role for him in a new historical drama? I've been watching a new series produced by BBC's rival channel, ITV1. It's called Downton Abbey and you may find a few familiar faces in it, namely Brendan Coyle (N&S fame) and also Joanna Froggit (RH3) and a few more. It's a bit hoity-toity, stiff upper lip and all that, but it's bearable. What I like is that it's not solely about the upstairs but downstairs as well, such as the servants below stairs and their interaction with the toffs. I predict it to be a hit not only over here in blighty but in America too. They've already commissioned a second series.

Now for a role with Richard in mind. What would you suggest? I wouldn't mind him as a groom (no the kind that muck out the stables not a bride groom. Ahh... stables with lots of hay to role about in!). Perhaps he catches the eye of one of the daughters or ladies of the house and a passionate relationship ensues?(No kitchen tables involved, but I wouldn't mind seeing Richard astride a fine mare - wouldn't mind seeing him ride a horse again for that matter either.) Perhaps he could rescue some beautiful lady when her horse gallops off and is out of control, manfully catching her up on his black stallion and taking the reins, saving the day. Or maybe he could be a toff that has an eye for the ladies and robs the downstairs maid of her virtue. Mind you I must admit that in Downton Abbey there was a scene in the earlier episode where one of the daughters of the house had a liason with a Turk and he, now how can I phrase this as delicately as possible, well to put it bluntly he snuffs it while he's on the job. The lady summons the maid and her mother and they have to carry the naked man, covered in only a sheet, all across the house, and back to his own bedroom. This made me chortle I can tell you. Well at least he went with a smile on his face, not many can say that! Mind you when the doctor inspected the body I wouldn't mind guessing that there were a few tell tale signs of what the dastardly fellow had been up to to cause his heart to fail like that!

Here's a link if you want to find out more about Downton Abbey:


Ricrar said...

Thx Sue, will take a look.

Richard says he's ready for something light-hearted. Perhaps he could play the black sheep of the 'accident-of-birth' hoity-toity household;) in the new show. The dashing scamp who enjoys exposing his family's pretentious hypocrisies w/sharp, cutting humor. Hopefully it wouldn't mimic his audiobook characters?? He definitely sounds ready to assume something totally diff than his roles to date.

MsG68 said...

Oh yeah, keep forgetting you're in the US.
Dur.... And no, I haven't met him either, also not a seek and meet fan, despite living near London. Not averse to going to live plays tho' if they're in town. Looking forward to The Rover next summer!
Interesting end to this weeks Spooks I thought. Some 'angsty' acting from our RA to look forward to next week...

Sue said...

I must admit that while Richard seems to be acting his socks off as Lucas/John there seems to be little emotional response from Maya. Noticed that Vaughn/Michael had lost his limp (probably finally taken that stone out of his shoe) and he must have spat out that bit of chewing gum that he used for his speech impediment. I loved the glimpse of next week's episode showing Lucas in a temper. He always reminds me of a terrible two year old stomping his feet in a temper tantrum because he can't get his own way, when he does those kind of scenes. I'm surprised Richard hasn't plunged himself head long into a deep fat fryer out of the sheer frustration of this abysmal storyline. Surely a bullet between the eyes would be more humane than forcing RA to endure this drivel? For goodness sake writers put him (and us)out of his misery!

Ricrar said...

Sue, could Michael actually be Vaughn's twin brother?

Believe last night's episode made it clear viewers are being led to more startling discoveries similar to last night's final frame. Richard did worn that Lucas would act in strange ways during much of S9. Oh boy, is that ever a true description of his journey to this point. Will it finally all start to fall in place in ep6. Believe the synopsis states he has a confrontation w/Harry. Yikes!..hope the latter isn't wearing his leather gloves. hehe

Ricrar said...

MsG68, will count on you to wait at the stage door to snap a few pics of Richard after 'The Rover'. Sincerely hope you get the chance;)

If you use the search feature above you'll find a post from months back giving the full background of The Rover and it's female writer.

Musa said...

Ah - The Rover and RA -
A trip across the pond perhaps?
Michael was a shock I tell you! What is Vaughn/Michael up to with Lucas/John? What were the writers smoking while writing Season 9 I wonder? I was going to give Maya a chance and try to like her, but now...no way!

Ricrar said...

Apparently Maya is also being played by Michael/Vaughn. Although there are probably even sharper twists to come in the last few eps. We'll need to fasten our seat belts.

The Harry-LucJ confrontation should be interesting... dum de dum dum;)