October 18, 2010

Richard Armitage: Ep 5, Spooks 9

Was it something we said?...;)


                                                                 A peeping LucJohn?...
                                                          He's in!...Please don't call the authorities;)

Clean bill of dental health...No Cavities..



Musa said...

Love the pics RicRAr. He does look gorgeous in tonight's episode. Just finished watching episode 4. The old Lucas (before John) is back. It was thrilling and a relief to see him back. (But why is he always yelling at poor sweet Tariq,when he's such a considerate boss to Dimitri and Beth? But Episode 5 previews, I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle a certain someone. "The greatest hazard of all, losing one’s self, can occur very quietly in the world, as if it were nothing at all. No other loss can occur so quietly." Harry Pearce and Kierkegaard, for Lucas?

Musa said...

OOps, meant episode 5. I think the previews for next week just got me so rattled - LOL

Ricrar said...

Did you want to kiss L/J's neck boo boo and make it all better, Musa?;)

Just returned from reading Vicky Frost's review of ep5 and a remark of her's (other than views on plotlines) which jumped from the page for me.

About to post my reaction to her 'off the cuff' but actually most revealing for RL remark.

As for LN giving a verbal lashing to Tariq - the latter has only exchanged one abuser(Ros) for the latest in S9. hehe Remember how Ros criticized Tariq's tshirts, and was in more serious ways skeptical of his presence on the grid.

Did you notice remarks following last night's ep that late RL news programs began w/a cyberattack on the UK. Uncannily, in the ep6 preview, Harry delivered a line to the effect "we've already lost the cyberspace war." Wow!! Spooks plotline are getting more spooky than ever.

Please keep the actual news story in mind when reading my reaction to an aside by ep5 reviewer Frost.

Musa said...

Oh yes, I volunteer to kiss his beautiful neck and make his neck boo boo better - Swoon.
I think he was a bit too rough on poor Tariq. Maybe we'll get some explanation about why next week. I do know what you mean about Spooks plots getting a bit too close to RL news. However, I always expect them to take liberties with reality to make a dramatic point, so maybe it doesn't bother me as much because I know they are operating in Spooks World.
The new Home Secretary makes me laugh, love when he and Harry have a scene together. There's an app for that! :)
On very much the plus side, I think RA was especially gorgeous in 9-5 didn't you think? Every time he was on screen I was close to swooning and fainting.

Ricrar said...

Yes, even though he's trying his damndest to move unto a more visually challenged career stage--mother nature refuses to cooperate in that regard;) Life can sometimes be cruel..hehe;)

There are oodles of actors willing to give their eyeteeth to fill the screen with treats for all the senses - the one who manages that rare event constantly moans it's a nuisance... Human nature..haha

The Spooks writers find plenty of current events to fit their dramatic criteria...almost everything they've imagined has already happened or could easily happen if not for vigilance behind the scenes.

There are always those skeptical of what appears to be proposed far-fetched future events...until it actually happens in RL. How many people would've believed a couple planes could topple the twin towers before it happened? We thought only a Tom Clancey novel was capable of describing such shocking tragedy prior to 9/11.

Musa said...

Yes, agree about 9/11 and also the plane hitting The Pentagon on 9/11often forgotten. I can't hear a plane now overhead without thinking about it.
I think sometimes Spooks episodes have gotten much too close to reality. Didn't they film an episode they've never aired very similar to what happened on 7/7?

Ricrar said...

Musa, discovered Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher...were John & Vaughn involved with a radical religious group in Africa?...his Blake tattoos would fit into some sort of religious connection as well.

Will post a few links w/possible clues to Harry's quote, etc.

Sue said...

I think I may have figured out the relevance of the file "Albany". It's to do with the battle of Trafalgar and "codes". Nelson was the first to use signalling to the other ships in his fleet using code. This must have something to do with Albany. Nelson used the codes and positioned his fleet so that they could signal to each other and this was important during the battle. By the way just seen episode 6 and Richard was right, an old friend returned to the fold, lovely to see him again! Won't spoil it for others, but will give the clue of "old faithful".