October 23, 2010

Hobbit Cast by TeeVeeNZ + Composer Chosen for Game of Thrones - Stephen Warbeck

Assuming the first pic is a clue, TeeVee must be one of us. (RA is the only one I recognize other than the Susan's 'got talent' person)
Explanation of many special effects used in LOTR...
Game of Thrones composer, Stephen Warbeck, produced the Shakespeare in Love soundtrack, for which he received the Academy Award.
                     It's considered in the US to be a truism about actors that they enjoy nothing more than the chance to die on screen:)Richard must be soooooo happy at the prospect.  All those who've read the book already know...


Musa said...

Thank you so much for the TeeVee video. I was wondering what some of the other actors look like, and no question whoever made the video is one of us. The only two actors I know aside from RA are Aidan Turner (Aidan with an "A") because I'm a fan of Being Human, and Bilbo himself, Martin Freeman.
Great news about the GoT composer. I loved Shakespeare in Love.

Ricrar said...

It seems RA devotees are currently being joined by numerous fans afflicted with Hobbit fever.

We'll need to remove our hobbit hats for the next 24hrs Musa:) Time to don our black topcoats w/collars turned up for a spooky ep indeed with Lucas & Harry. *gasp*

The synopsis for ep6 stated Lucas continues to strive to get his hands on the Albany file. Didn't he already give Albany to Vaughn in the pub? non?

Musa said...

Oui...? I also thought he gave the Albany file to Vaughn. Now if Lucas/John really didn't give Michael/Vaughn Albany,what does that MEAN! Aaaargh!

I'll be at work tomorrow just thinking about getting home and watching Spooks!

Musa said...

New article announcing RA as Thorin written by a jealous male apparently :)
From RAnet:

Ricrar said...

Agree the Sunday Express blurb is really strangely worded, isn't it.

Is the writer definitely known to be male? If so, perhaps the female in his life squeals whenever she sees Richard. Ha! Or might it be a female who's trying to grab RA's attention by being controversial? Never can be sure what's going through the mind of someone who has been given the power of the pen. A number of them misuse that privilege.

If female, she could be one of those few who consider drooling over an actor to be only for simple-minded women. haha She took pains to sound removed from those of us who are willing to shout truth from the mountaintops(appropriate for the hobbit;) that Richard Armitage is hotter than he%l!!...oh yes,,AND a superb actor! If that's the case, her chosen remrks sound rather silly, don't they? Can't even be certain what she means in a couple sentences??

Sue said...

I've just been watching the evening news on Sky here in England and there was an interview with Andy Serkis, a British actor who will also be in The Hobbit (and was in the Lord of the Rings). He was being interviewed at the film premiere in London of "Burke and Hare" (which actually looks hilarious and I'm dying to see - but then I've got a kind of weird sense of humour!). He says that he thinks the problems over filming in New Zealand have been resolved. (Apparently the big-wigs have been holding talks over in New Zealand today). So it looks like Richard will be making his way to New Zealand to film. (Drat - I was hoping they would decide to film in England. I must admit if I was an investor I'd think it was a bit risky to go ahead in NZ. I mean what if the actor's union decide on strike action half way through filming?). Hope Thorin has jet black hair and beard, not grey, he might clash with Gandalf otherwise (wouldn't want that would we?). I think he'll look very impressive!(But then he always does).