October 25, 2010

Spooks - Ep 6 - Another Meg Moment + Leicestershire's Finest

Can't we envision RA's mother smiling ear to ear when she reads "Leicestershire's finest" in reference to her son...ahhhhh:)
And no doubt Richard would feel nostalgically satisfied reading the excerpt as well, if he ever finds enough free time to do so...

>You require a need for speed and a certain amount of intelligence to watch this superb spy drama. Decide for yourself whether you qualify.

Or just watch the actors, like the handsomely brooding Lucas North, played by Leicestershire's finest, Richard Armitage.<

Malcolm has always received more endearing smiles(above) from LN than any other Spooks character, hasn't he..
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Air NZ offers ‘Cuddle-Class’. Does the new service’s price include the flight hostess’s necessary dousing with cold water for honeymoon couples? ;) If traveling alone, do we get to choose a cuddle partner?:)
Meanwhile Game of Thrones author Geo Martin was vacationing for a few days at Ashford Castle, Co Mayo, Irl...His latest journal post...

>Leaving Ashford  -  Oct. 24th, 2010 at 10:25 AM

And just in time! We've had a marvelous time here, but now the castle is being converted to Hogwart's and rapidly filling up with screaming children in Harry Potter cotsumes. Aieeee. Run away, run away, run far away...
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Ashford Castle was owned for many yrs by the Guinness family.  Hopefully our Mayo ancestors were not thrown out on their ears (off the land) in order for a beer dynasty to live in luxury;)  History buffs would appreciate the irony. hehe


Judith Johnson said...

who is that dying in his arms?

Musa said...

I'm still downloading Episode 6 :(
It will be interesting to see if viewing numbers go up for tonight's episode after The Hobbit announcement?

Ricrar said...

Ironically, in one scene the woman above asks Lucas if he'd mind if she called his boss and tell him about what she termed "our pitstop here in hobbit country." hehe

Her name is Daniella Ortiz & she works for the CIA--couldn't you tell by her blond hair and heavy makeup?*wink*

It seems the CIA determined MI5 security had been hacked by the Chinese & Russians. They sent her with codes that would make it possible for the 2 intelligence agencies to share the same secure system.

Lucas was tasked with guarding her - they were attacked - she was hit in the crossfire and died in his arms.

Next wk's preview shows LN in an emotional meltdown. Do they plan to keep everyone dangling about agent North's secret past until the final moments of ep 8? We know now that there's no way Richard can appear in S10. Only question is whether he's permitted to voluntarily resign(unlikely) or meets an untimely death 'for the woman he loves.'

Hoping it's not the latter because the vibes received from the Maya/Lucas love match really don't feel profound enough for the sacrifice of his life. *weep* 8..(

MsG68 said...

Mm think LN may be kidnapped by the Chinese seeing as they had a photo of him a couple of weeks back and said something like "it's good they don't know the REAL reason why we're here".... which if they did at the end of this series would give RA the time off to do The Hobbit/ Strike Back 2/ The Rover play? etc. Then he would have the option to return in Spooks 11...or Spooks The Movie 2012?(ever the optimist!!)

Anonymous said...

I'll love Lucas/John forever

Ricrar said...

MsG58, that's a very plausible theory. The writers might've written a cliffhanger S9 ending that overarches entire S10 and leaves the door open a crack for LN's possible return. The Hobbit comprises 2 movies..assuming Thorin appears in both that production should wrap late 2011-early 2012. That schedule does permit filming of Spooks11 in Spring 2012. UNLESS, SB3 is commissioned.

Is it safe to say Richard has finally hit his professional 'glory days':)

Being aware of his dedicated work ethic & perfectionism, his life's goals peg could easily get moved ahead on the gameboard of life; w/a new dream of someday holding a gold statuette awarded for film excellence. If so, God speed RA!

Ricrar said...

Anon, high five on your 'Lucas North forever!' cheer;)