October 7, 2010

Is Lucas North a Property Virgin? + Hunt for the Table?

Can we realistically call agent North a property virgin, now that's he's a homeowner?..

 Does he consider his newly acquired house to be an....
 Will Sue ever forgive him for not having green fingers, including the thumb:) OR for not removing that fake garden pond asap upon purchase?  Does she really want him to dash home in the middle of an MI5 mission to mow the lawn?  OR would she much prefer to volunteer that service in a selfless act of  loyalty to the motherland?*wink, wink*
Last, but definitely not least, is that tiny table the much publicized one we've all been waiting for?...hmm, if so, the upcoming fervently hoped for acrobatic stunt in Ep4 should really be something to behold. haha aren't they always? ;)


tyme_4_t said...

maybe the "lucky" table is at Maya's...hoping to see more in 9.4;)

Sue said...

It will certainly put a whole new slant on being "handy in the kitchen".

I would take on his gardening tasks willingly, at a very reasonable rate (payment in kind perhaps?). I would put an alert out that Lucas was to come home immediately as the lawn was above the required height. I might end up with a few grass stains on my clothes too, I prefer the great outdoors to kitchen acrobatics!

Mind you if Maya and Lucas do get it together at his home he'd better buy some blinds and shut them, did you see how close the other houses were, overlooking his garden and house?

I'm not against improvisation but I wouldn't want an audience to our antics.

Judith Johnson said...

lol Having just finished E. 3, I understand the humour of this post. Seems to me that RA has basically hijacked the series (shades of Guy)! I am still unhappy about the disappearance of LN's ex whom he obstensibly mourned over in Russian prision. Oh well, whatever!! Would so love to set-up housekeeping with our Guy anywhere, anytime!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call that a kitchen table, that doesn't look like a kitchen to me, in fact that room looks like they've placed funiture around to fill it :S.

If it results to be 'the' kitchen table, then RA must explain to me his concept of kitchen table *wink, wink*

While Sue helps him with his garden, I wouldn't mind accompanying him to buy some new forniture.


Ricrar said...

Hi Tyme:)
Didn't either RA or Laila repeat the director's comment that after not seeing ea other for 15yrs they would be so ravenous even the kitchen table would look inviting to the couple? The sense of urgency would no doubt prevent them from adjourning to Maya's residence:)

Sue, would the shed prove satisfactory for your preference of the great outdoors? You'd have privacy..add some music, bottle of wine...might be a li'l cramped for space...lucky woman!..enjoy;)

You're right, judith. Richard has a way of unintentionally hijacking everything he appears in. Capt America had better keep an even closer eye on herr Kruger than originally planned. hehe

O.K. OML, you're in charge of furniture, EXCEPT for the mattress, if you don't mind;) He'll need an extra-long king size...I have some experience with that particular purchase.*cough* Might suggest he try it out before the final decision.*thud*

Enrich2 said...

@judithj1: Hadn't Elizaveta basically moved on with her life in Spooks 7? I also understood that Lucas didn't wish to expose her to any more pressure in regards to FSB and MI-5 and shielded her by deleting her from the pool of assets they could use.

Give Lucas/John and Maya a chance! They've barely got down to any action yet, so they still have time to move the action to a neighbouring room (the kitchen?) Her house would be rather risky as she has talked of having a boyfriend!

@Sue; Unfortunately, I have hayfever so no rolling around in the grass for me, so kitchen table it would have to be *teehee* while OML and RicRAr are out buying furniture!

Sue said...

The photo of Lucas and Maya in this link shows the kitchen worktops but there was a table in the scene where he let her into his house. I hope it will be strong enough to take both their weights, perhaps it should have reinforced legs? (Richard could get his DIY handyman kit out and see to this surely?)

I would much prefer a nice fluffy carpet in front of a log fire, not likely to fall off the floor either in full lust! Did he have any scatter cushions too? Just in case!

Yes I could make do with the shed,I'd make an excuse to corner him inside and then lock the door behind me with a key, which I would then drop between my cleavage - with a look that says "retrieve it if you dare Richard!"

I hate those plain white walls, they would have to be emulsioned for a start, a nice peach colour I think (for Mr. Peaches?)Typical man, never much imagination when it comes to decoration.

Love the pale blue shirt though, hope he snaffles that from under the nose of wardrobe and takes it home!

Enrich2 said...

Lucas is probably quite a simple soul when it comes to DIY, unlike RA! He has to be ready to move at a moment's notice after inviting unsavoury people into his sanctum.
Living with two lads and a hubby, I wish my house was as minimalist and tidy as his.

@Sue: The reinforced legs on the kitchen table are a good idea, but you're quite the hidden romantic! Locked in passion with Lucas on the carpet in front of a log fire - be still my beating heart!

Ricrar said...

Whew!..is it just me or is it getting somewhat steamy in here.
hahaha..OMG! enjoying everyone's thoughts on this important topic;) Notice how easily we forget the haz mat threat to the population when there's promise of an RA love scene.

Mention of scatter cushions triggered a cherished memory. Can't give too many details other than there was a delay of our move into our newly built home due to complications with water & sewage hookups. Therefore, we were forced to stay for a few days with our parents - each of us in separate locations, but only 5mi from our dreamhome. Won't give everyone more information than they really want, other than to say it was fortunate there were at least a few throw cushions around following a workday, as we inspected the last minute details to the house. aaahhh, memories..

Can see we'll need to keep a GPS device on you from now on Enrich, to monitor your movements at every moment if agent North is around:)

What about Maya's remark in ep4 to her acrobatic lover - "it's going to be forever this time John."

Lucas's personal relationship history make me very skeptical that she's correct.

Judith Johnson said...

@Enrich 2-yes, the ex-Mrs. N had moved on and it is good that he let her go. However, Lucas is telling Maya he thought about her constantly while in Russian prision and that was the same line he used on E if memory serves me correctly.

It makes me flashback to the worst aspects of RH S.1 where GoG has a child by a servant which Guy abandoned in the forest and then the boy is conveniently forgotten. Also in RH S3, major writer amnesia as suddenly Robin and Guy have a major backstory that is never mentioned before then. Sorry, I guess I value storyline consistency way too much.

Musa said...

OK - totally off topic -another article. RA's financial life - very, very, interesting:


Sue said...

Lucas North mentioning that he was in prison to Maya, seems to have been meant to be deliberately deceptive, as though he had been sent to prison and that was the reason why he hadn't contacted her (wrong!!)Didn't mention he'd got married either!Seems that the facts have been manipulated to draw her in. He's not exactly lying, just not telling the truth. I wouldn't say they wree white lies, more great big whoppers!Naughty, naughty! Mind you it sounds like Maya isn't exactly going to be telling Lucas everything either. My, my!!What a tangled web these two do weave!

Ricrar said...

"what a tangled web" hehe...when has Agent Adorable not found himself in a complicated 'ship'?

Yes, he explained part of the reason he didn't contact her was imprisonment. Why didn't she ask about all the yrs he was not incarcerated?...or try to determine his crime?

Guess we know why, don't we?...same reason women through the ages have found themselves involved when it wasn't really very smart - she's still in love w/him. Here we go again - entering Lucas-world. A thrill ride with snippets of stirring romps in the hay interlaced w/conflict, both personal & professional. How will this one end? Will she or he manage to survive the terrifying ride?

Enrich2 said...

Aren't we jumping the gun a little and being less than fair to Lucas? As far as I can remember of the last scene which I have since watched repeatedly (I wonder why? ;)), Lucas/John hadn't had much time to explain much before her sheer physical presence drew him irresistably to her! He's left huge gaps in the story, but I didn't get the impression he wished to lie to her. He' still an MI-5 agent and can't just reveal his "legend" even to a lost love. Previous series have made a big deal about how difficult having relationships is for these agents as they are forced to be less than honest with potential lovers until they've been vetted by the agency! Lucas would be in tremendous trouble with Harry if he told everything about Lucas North to Maya, and he knows this as he arranges to meet her clandestinely.

Sue said...

I wonder how he'll explain those tattoos? I think he may well have been recruited for MI5 by Vaughn while at university, perhaps he was involved in something he shouldn't have been. If Maya knows Vaughn perhaps she's aware of the reasons surrounding his disappearance. I don't think everything is as it seems. Lucas isn't averse to bending the rules to suit him. His relationship with his Russian ex-wife and Sarah are testament to that. He didn't trust Sarah and said as much to Ros over the phone, then went back to bed and the sleeping Sarah. He's devious when he wants to be.

Ricrar said...

Maya appeared to be sincerely shocked upon seeing him for the first time in 15yrs. She momentarily touched him to make sure it wasn't a dream. That scene - including her stunned expression when leaving that room - convinced me she thought 'John' was dead until he stood in front of her at the hospital.

Anonymous said...

"Might suggest he try it out before the final decision.*thud*"

*Remembers the pic of him reclined in a white sofa -change that into a big bed- and dressed in a blue tuxedo"

OML *Melted in the floor*

Sue said...

Has Vicky Frost of the Guardian been reading our posts about Richard's preferred abode? How else would the garden shed get a mention in Lucas North's back garden?

See link below:


PS: I can't help thinking scriptwriters, who know nothing of our discussions, will be scratching their heads thinking "what's the bloody silly mare talking about, garden sheds?"