October 20, 2010

Ep 8 YIKES! + Historical Role for RA Suggestions + Ep 5: Coincidence & Clues...Harry's Kierkegaard Quote + Past Post of the Day: RA as a Cavalier?

As if the above photo wasn't enough to send RA fans into a panic, the following Ep 8 synopsis seals that emotional state for one and all.  SPOILER ALERT!  Do  not read the following if you'd rather not know why my recent internal prayer was "Don't Do It Harry!!!!!" :[]
From BBC website - synopsis ep 8

>Harry (Peter Firth) instructs the team to find Lucas

Section D face their toughest challenge yet when they are tasked with tracking one of their own, as the spy drama concludes. Following Lucas North's shocking revelations about his former life and double identity, Harry Pearce instructs the team to find him – at any cost.

As one of MI5's most skilled spies, Lucas is not an easy man to find. Harry enlists the help of ex-internal affairs specialist Alec White who promises to locate the fugitive, while the rest of the team struggle to understand why he would betray them.

Out on the run, Lucas is getting increasingly desperate to track down the Albany file and also to flee the country with the love of his life, Maya Lahan. It seems that he doesn't care who or what gets in his way.

Meanwhile, Harry discovers Ruth Evershed has been put in grave danger and he is forced to choose between his loyalty to MI5 and his heart. This decision culminates in an emotional showdown when he finally comes face to face with Lucas, with shocking consequences.

Lucas North is played by Richard Armitage, Harry Pearce by Peter Firth, Alec White by Vincent Regan, Maya Lahan by Laila Rouass and Ruth Evershed by Nicola Walker.<
On a lighter note, Richard was asked by a reporter if his love life is more uplifting than Lucas North's.  To paraphrase his reply, he first said his romance was with the show, and then added that he'll soon be on break, so who knows???

Is it pure coincidence?  Following find a link to a series of articles on Kierkegaard in the UK Guardian, April 2010.  Harry must have been reading the articles during the filming of Spooks 9. ;) teehee His quote: "The greatest hazard of all, losing one's self, can occur very quietly in the world, as if it were nothing at all.  No other loss can occur so quietly..an arm, a leg, a wife, all are noticed." Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher.

Mining for more clues:http://www.google.com/hws/search?client=dell-usuk&adsafe=high&safe=high&channel=us-psp&hl=en&ibd=6081115&q=+the+greatest+hazard+of+all%2C+losing+one%27s+self+kierkegaard+blake+&Submit=Search
A Game of Thrones author, GRR Martin, is currently visiting Ireland.  His latest journal post..
>A Hawking We Will Go

Oct. 20th, 2010 at 10:36 PM

Sleeping in a castle. Spent the morning hawking. Too cool.

My head is swimming with ideas for Westeros.

One of the falconers recognized me. Even cooler.

Anyone else ever sleep in a castle?  We spent one unforgettable night at Kinnity Castle in Co Offaly, Irl.  Stone walls, the rustle of fluttering wings in the rafters early the next morn, long winding staircase, narrow hallways and a dungeon bar - all added to the medieval feel of the centuries old castle and demesne.  The view from our top floor window also enhanced the journey back in time - it was of a thousand-year-old stone celtic cross.  Upon reading the history of the castle discovered the origin of the cross -  a monastery originally stood on the same ground.  Recently checked the website and sadly Kinnity Castle is currently for sale...no doubt caught up in the meltdown of the global real estate market.  It's truly a lovely location for special events - one pic shows the dining room decked out in festive finery for a wedding celebration.         
We'd enjoyed a delicious dinner in the  room below(without extraneous frills) and then adjourned to the library bar, which was cozily furnished with dark-green leather sofas and chairs. It's warmth enhanced, not only by the company of our fellow travellers, but also by a tourist's delight - a lovely peat-burning fireplace.  The dungeon bar was reserved for non-hotel-guest revellers.  That room was lighted by candles alone - on tables and along the walls. It would make a perfectly eerie setting for Halloween festivities.  I recall when we arrived at the castle's front entrance the scene was set, inside the huge wooden doors, by two inanimate, shining-armor-clad knights. 
Musa's suggestion for RA's wished for historical role - Bernardo O'Higgins, founder of Chile:

RA quote in recently published interview:  "I would love to play a character from history; sombody who's really lived, somebody I have to research to bring to life.  It would be good if it was someone who wasn't that well-known, so if I made a complete mess of it, no one would really know!"

My suggestions for the role follow.  The first mentioned is certainly very well known, while the other two have flown under the radar of many movie goers...1) Sir Laurence Olivier  2) DH Lawrence 3) Thomas Paine.
Awesome modern communications:  A tweet provides a photo of Geo Martin w/said hawk he mentioned above...
accompanied by comments of expectations the author will use details about his new found friend at some point while writing the last 3 books of his series "A Song of Fire and Ice."



Musa said...

Interesting about The Guardian articles on Kierkegaard. I thought when Harry quoted him about losing one's identity that Lucas/John lied when he said he wasn't familiar with the quote, or rather he said he had never read Kierkegaard...something like that. From RA's facial expression I think he signaled the lie, but he didn't want to have a discussion with Harry about identity!
Very interesting RicRAr, thanks for the article link.
I see there's a new interview with dear Richard: :http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/interviews.html
I love his interviews, though I wish they wouldn't ask him the same questions over and over. Something new, he says he would like to play a real life "historical" person, who had a very full life, but is not well known. So I ask my fellow fans, are there any suggestions out there as to who he should play? I'll throw out one since Chile has been in the news lately, Bernardo O'Higgins, one of the founding father's of Chile, of Irish and Spanish descent. I'm not from Chile by the way :) I would bet O'Higgins is not widely known in the English speaking world, well, in the US at least, though there's a bust of O'Higgins in London. Not technically and unknown though, but lots of drama for RA to play. Any other suggestions for RA

Ricrar said...

Interesting suggestion w/O'Higgins, Musa. I'm not familiar w/his story..will need to do some research on it.

I've already given the best historical figure for RA some thought.

Three come to mind: English writer DH Lawrence, English pamphleteer/American revolutionary Thomas Paine & Sir Laurence Olivier.

Of course, the last would be a natural for him...Richard would get to inhabit the Olivier personna during his most famous Shakespearean performances. While the turbulent love story w/his wife Vivien Leigh could transform the film into an epic romance.

In his 30s, Englishman pamphleteer, Thos Paine, wrote 'Common Sense' which helped spawn revolutionary fever in colonial America.

DH Lawrence is probably my fav of the 3. He was born in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire(short distance from RA's Leicestershire birthplace) to a teacher mother & coal miner father. Of course, one of his work's - Lady Chatterley's lover - caused such a public uproar that Lawrence felt forced to move elsewhere. He travelled the world for decades (as he wrote novels, poetry, plays) and found his final resting place in one of the US's mid-western states. IMHO, his moving story could make a spectacular film.

Ricrar said...

Yes, Musa, O'Higgins looks like a good physical match for Richard plus a very exciting life story.

I've posted links above to O'Higgins info.

Musa said...

Excellent suggestions RicRAr. I think there's certainly a great deal of potential for all,and certainly D.H. Lawrence would be a very meaty role for RA! (I've read all three versions of Lady Chatterley's lover). Thomas Paine, now people may know his name, but how many people know his life story! I think Paine fits all of Richard's criteria, and would give him lots to research, and he would love that! Olivier was my mother's favorite actor, her RA if you will. I spent lots of my growing up years watching his movies on TV because of her. In his younger days quite good looking and also a unique voice - great for RA. Oh, if only movie producers would listen to us.

Musa said...

Oh, I love the photo of GRRM with his hawk. I think he would be a fun person to travel with.

Musa said...

RicRAR - have you been on Twitter lately. I...I'm speechless...RA and "The Hobbit". OMG!

Ricrar said...

The Hobbit, Musa?..will take a look asap.

Today was one of those few days in life when it grabs you and smacks you hard between the eyes. Hubby was in a car accident resulting in a cracked sternum. He's unharmed otherwise. The MD explained that in order for the sternum to crack, it had to be an unusually powerful impact. He's hooked to monitors of all sort to make certain the heart is uneffected by the trauma.

His petite female surgeon impressed me as a 5' package of brilliance. Feel confident he's in very competent hands. She might decide to keep him in the hospital a 2nd day in order to make certain all complications are ruled out before sending him home.
Our son is home - he'll stay a few days.

Whenever a visit is necessary, I'm always really impressed by the efficiency & professionalism of our local hospitals. Sincerely hope nothing occurs to ever make their stellar medical svcs deteriorate. Believe that would be the ultimate result of bureaucrats in WashDC dictating emergency room procedures, etc -- really hopeful Nov 2 will assure that will not happen:)

You have me very curious about The Hobbit. Has RA been cast in it? Off I go to find out.

Sue said...

Looks like the MI5 team will find Lucas North disguised as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit! Either way it's doubtful he'll be in series 10 of Spooks! Wonder how long filming will take of The Hobbit, anyone know? Who knows it may be filmed in England, as long as this misguided government of ours doesn't cut the enticements in place that encouraged producers to film Captain America over here.

Ricrar said...

You're right Sue. See article link above - The Hobbit will be filmed in the former Harry Potter studios due to union problems in NZ.

Apparently Richard will spend most of the time shooting the film at home. He probably can't believe his good fortune.

Also saw a start date of Nov for SB2. If true, possibly both projects are possible. 10eps of SB in 4mos?? Is it doable?

Sue said...

If both SB2 and The Hobbit are being filmed in England then there is a chance of a bit of overlap, but it could be possible as you say. God he's going to be absolutely knackered! I think Richard may have liked to have filmed in Canada and New Zealand, maybe even would have got a bit of skiing in too!If they are using a British landscape perhaps a bit of CGI will be necessary, unless they use somewhere like Dartmoor.

Ricrar said...

Could I *possibly* be distracted w/thoughts of DH being discharged from hospital this afternoon. That might've caused the constant *possible* repetitions. hehe (aware readers are understanding;)

I might impose a rule on myself from now on - do not comment when otherwise distracted because all words are forever written in blood.*grin* Wonder why a comment edit feature beyond the otherwise all-powerful googler software?

Expect my driving spinmeister back where he belongs this afternoon. The left rear of our car was struck by a refrigerated truck(his door..and he of course *thank you Lord!* escaped being crushed by inches) which explains why the force of impact was greater than usual. The vehicle gave DH the thrill ride of his life as it spun several times and then stopped mid-highway, facing on-coming traffic. *Whew!* We're both well aware that we have more than average reason to give thanks this Nov. Might've used up our good fortune for yrs to come. *grateful smile to what our parents would've termed guardian angels--it's amazing how quickly at least some religious faith returns, when you've experienced such a narrow escape from unbelievable tragedy. It's difficult not to believe when it seems the powers that be seem to have spared you or a loved one from near death.)

The MD explained that a callous will form over the sternum fracture. He has been constantly using a device to encourage deep breathing despite discomfort since shallow breathing caused by pain can trigger pneumonia. He's also been on slow-drip painkiller as well, in order to prevent the threat of habitual shallow breathing.

His tiny MD spitfire(female) has not missed a beat - she's being extremely careful that complications are avoided as far as any possible trauma to the heart. Hope we can resume our walks/hikes asap, but will not push him in that regard until she gives the green light.

Share in the enthusiasm for RA's new project, although I must admit our recent RL excitement has somewhat dampened the experience. Upon reflection, believe the Thorin news did provide a stress release valve of distraction exactly when necessary.

If the Nov start date for SB2 is correct, Richard might at the moment be in the process of wrapping his Kruger role.
Sincerely hope a physician will keep tabs on his physical reaction to the upcoming high-pressure work schedule.