September 13, 2010

The Temper, Temper Poll + Link to Ian Wylie Remarks on Spooks9 + Trailer Tweets Galore

With whom did Lucas North get angrier in Spooks 8?...

                                                                1.  The Russian?
He calmed down long enough to give a furtive glance to make certain Sarah was unharmed..

2.  Sarah?
They did make up...temporarily..

You can definitely feel the tweet love on twitter, for the return of Lucas North. Also find link below to Ian Wylie’s remarks..

New post at Absolutely Sophia Myles, 'Spooks' - The Trailer - about 3 hours ago via WordTwit

I liked a YouTube video -- Spooks Series 9 Trailer about 2 hours ago via Google

I've favourited a YouTube video -- spooks trailer 9 minutes ago via Google

Way past my bedtime. Spooks: The Things We've Seen Together. Mild spoilers about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

Interesting quote from his latest: “With The Grid in danger of turning into the Marie Celeste..”

Explanation: famous ghost ship from late 1800s


Musa said...

Ah, I'm in Spooks heaven - or should I say Lucas North is heaven :)

Ricrar said...

oh yes, Musa..more heaven to come, but for how long? Poll results indicate Lucas will survive until at least S10. Makes me wonder if they know something we don't;)

RA's recent interview provided some assurance he'll probably appear in all 8eps of S9. He said he'd filmed it from Feb-Aug...the clues tell all;)

Listened to entire Words&Music. Would rather have heard RA(American accent) read instead Robert Frost's most famous poem; however 'the woods' are scarce in most cities, so that of course would have been completely out of context.

Thought it was a somewhat harsh passage choice--but that is the nature of a city, isn't it. It was amusingly spot on to hear him pronounce 'hot dog' AND enjoyable to hear the distinct 'r' ending in 'car'.

Had to listen to the American accent twice because the first time my ear drums refused to compute the sound. *laugh* At the conclusion, said to myself "yes, that's convincingly American." We have afterall oodles of dialects.

Musa said...

I also thought he did a very good job with his American accent,and I was also startled by it, so unexpected. He has such a beautiful and unique voice in any accent. I also thought Emilia Fox did a good job with her American accent.

Anonymous said...

Who did he get more angry at? I think you'd know my answer.

I listened today to the programme, at first I thought he sounded still british but less and then by the second passage I noticed the difference, just *my* impression anyways because I'm not even a native english speaker, never mind me.

OML :)

Anonymous said...

I just read, he did the first 2 passages with his normal accent..see? Never mind me.


Ricrar said...

OML, yes..there was only one reading by Richard w/an American accent. All the others were in his honey-coated, natural accent. I agree with the vast majority of his fans who believe expecting Richard to speak in any accent other than the original would be a crime against nature.

In fact, to me the only valid excuse for insisting an actor use an artificial accent is if portraying a historical figure. It simply would be laughable if Napoleon didn't have a slight French accent or Hitler German. Otherwise, it's realistic today to accept a plethora of world-wide sounds...that's what can be heard on urban streets in almost every corner of the globe.

Anonymous said...

Well, with the american accent, his tone didn't change much, did it?

I think if it helps him master it to use it for example to sound just less british when in an american project is great.IMO that is different from asking an actor/actress to sound american.
Now, in this globalized world, people recognize accents (unless they're very good at doing another)or at least notice when it is not that person's.
You force the viewer to focus on the accent instead of the writing, the acting.

The other day I was zapping through the tv channels and stopped at a soap opera from Venezuela, there was an actor from Argentina, the poor guy was trying very hard to neutralize his accent that sometimes I found his dialogue too stiff. I think it would have been more easy for him and me as viewer just to keep his normal (very particular) argentinian accent than change it, because it was a bit distracting.
While in other soap I caught (truly I only stay on it for a couple of mins until the commercials in other channels finish :P), I think from Telemundo were they have actor/actresses from different countries, you can distinguish the nationalities by the accents, in this case you notice it and then you keep focused on the plot not on people trying to change it.

With this oh-so-long post I tried to say that is better, IMO, for the actors just to maybe neutralize their accents not change it and speak with another one.

OML :)