September 26, 2010

Heinz Kluger Getaway: Closer Vantage Point + 'Dead Zone' by JulietD001

Dedicated to OML;)...setting the table,,,err...mood for Ep 2...a reflective moment..


VaBookworm87 said...

Sweet :D Nothing awesome like that happens around here... and I like the cars!

Ricrar said...

Welcome VABookworm,

Yeah..those 40s classic cars are worth a mint. Wonder if they were transported from the US; or possibly they're on loan(for a hefty fee) from a European museum. Vintage car collectors are as enthusiastic about their hobby as we are about RA:)

I'm about to post one of my fav Lucas North vids to get us in the mood for ep2 of Spooks. We might need resuscitation if Maya & Lucas set the table together tonight;)...pant,pant..haha.

Sue said...

Richard should be an expert on filming all these sex scenes by now what with BTS, Strike Back, (didn't he do it on an office table, by the side of some files, with Danni, now that's the kind of filing I like!)and Spooks 9 with Sarah. If he gets any more notches on his acting bed post the bed is likely to collapse (or should that be table?)By the way I hate that word sh*g don't you?

Ricrar said...

Sue, I've never been quite sure whether sh*g was as specific as fuc'g or more generalized. Judging from your hesitation to spell out the word shagging(I'd never do that for fuc*ing;) get the impression shagging specifically means 'having sexual intercourse'. Am I right? Interesting cultural & language differences.

Our references for shagging in casual conversation are 'getting it on'..'doing it'..'having sex'..'making love'(archaic;)

Of course teens believe they're tres cool by using the F word in as many ways possible.

Enrich2 said...

@Sue: Do you have a personal preference? Shag is preferable to bonk in my book. I think it's used because "having sex" seems too technical and "making love" not always descriptive of the act.

Ricrar said...

Waiting as well for Sue's answer, Enrich. Don't believe the old axiom "US & UK - two nations divided by a common language";) holds true nearly as much as it once did. There seem to be only subtle differences today. Same is true for US colloquialisms, dialects...TV is making it all far more homogenized.

Apparently we must wait until ep3 for Lucas & Maya to get it on;) Are we being teased?

Anonymous said...

Eekk! 4 minutes of 'that who shall not be named' and dear Lucas :O/:P, I hope I like Laila and Lucas relationship better. Actually I have faith, after all she is a brunette ;)

I'll be watching ep.2 today, can't wait!


Anonymous said...

PS: Thanks for dedicate me a fanvid! *huge grin*

Ricrar said...


I thought Maya & Lucas would have more screentime together in Ep 2, however the love emanating from his eyes for those brief 4min was worth waiting for;) When asked how he prepares for the yearning, smoldering scenes, Richard said(to the effect) - you gather the most positive, loving thoughts you can possibly muster towards the other character. Ooooh My! doesn't he have that acting method thoroughly mastered.

Looking forward to more of the same in Ep3. Might the tease be dragged out to ep4? The Spooks writers know how to keep us hanging on every episode, don't they? ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Spooks writers heard me (as if) when I complained about S&L rushing too soon into 'dessert', I needed time to get used to it. :P
I liked Laila and Richard's scenes, but I thought of Elizabeta when Lucas told Maya he loved her.
I really liked Elizabeta and in my mind she was (part of)the reason that kept him going those years in Russia.

In the previews for ep 3, Lucas calls Maya, maybe that meeting leads to a certain table, LOL!

Yes, his 'love look' made me melt.

OML ;)

Ricrar said...

"rushing to dessert"...hmmm, who can blame them when it's an RA character, OML? Thx for the delicious mental images. *Yum*

Did you approve of Maya slapping Lucas/John? He looked really stunned.
It's getting difficult to keep track of all the Johns, isn't it?

Maybe I should reword that last remark. In the US, the 'john' word is used in reference to men using the services of hookers/prostitutes.

p.s. John is my father's name as well...and a brother's.

Ricrar said...


Why don't you join the discussion in latest posts above? This one is sinking quickly into the basement;)

Anonymous said...

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