September 19, 2010

Excerpt Ep 1: Uploaded to YouTube by BCCMEE


Musa said...

Twitter is going wild! All of MI-5 seems to be there, and now I'm being followed by both Lucas North and John Porter! What is a girl to do - swoon.
Envy everyone in the UK who will be watching Spooks in a few hours.

Ricrar said...

Yes, Musa, Lucas & John have been...err, experimenting w/their fav 'chat up', or as we would say, 'pick-up lines' on twitter for the past couple wks.

Interesting phenomenon in that yesterday most characters were tweetless until about 8PM--UK time. Suddenly everyone arrived almost in unison. Really does make one suspicious that it's a business strategy intended to drum up additional audience members. The viewership ratings for ep 1 are no doubt crucial to the new series success.

Did you notice mention today of Spooks9 coming to PBS in Apr 2011? It's stated at one website as though it's a fact...could easily instead be wishful thinking by someone employing the power of positive thinking;) We shall see.

As for ep 1 - watch youtube. A thoughtful fan usually provides generous excerpts within a few hrs. That's legal as long as it's not the entire program.

New Dancing with Stars begins this evening as well. Fortunately the 5hr time lapse will make it possible to enjoy both shows. Patrick Swayze's co-star in Dirty Dancing is a participant this time, along with 2 other fascinating entries. Will watch those 3...the others...meh:)

Musa said...

I watched Dancing with the Stars too. Good to see Jennifer Grey dancing again.
I think there's some Viral Marketing going on with the MI-5 group on Twitter. They're pretty funny though.

Ricrar said...

Musa, was so distracted w/Spooks ep 1 that I missed Bristol & Florence's performances. What were your impressions of them? The vid will probably be uploaded to youtube within next couple days.

Agreed that Jennifer danced beautifully last night. Believe her emotional breakdown during rehearsals was 100% sincere. She told her partner that his youthful good looks & gentle care for her triggered memories of Patrick Swayze - she was overwhelmed w/remorse over his loss.

Jennifer is still a great dancer, so even if sentimental feelings are also part of the judges assessments, we can hardly blame them..can we?:)

Have you checked Need to do so;)

Ricrar said...

p.s. what's viral marketing? Hired operatives tasked with revving up additional interest in the show? According to this morning's numbers would say the strategy worked.

The main characters are well versed in nuances. Last wk, Lucas's reply to one of my first tweets to him ended with "watching you as you walk away," which made me almost collapse.*thud* teeheehee

He had over 900 followers before ep 1 aired. Won't look at latest until their hacking problem is solved.